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Default re: Need Help in Identifying this Jeep? EDIT : It's a fake Classic

Originally Posted by DHABHAR.BEHRAM View Post
Dear Trammway - hello after a long time.

What do you expect a mountain goat to do when confronted with a terrain it excels in?

The end result - not even a Classic with 4.88:1 can match the old CJ340 with 5.38:1. If you have the XD3P in the old 340, then it will be the ultimate mountain goat that you can have but the cooling system will need to be upgraded.

I have only two pictures of MH01P2540 which I am uploading. That's me standing with the door open. This picture was taken in Rajasthan in 1997. It was the olny vehicle to cross all dunes thrown at it. The second picture was taken in Goa in 1998 where it decimated every obstacle in sight. I purposely passed through the water so the TV crews could take pictures.

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
When I was moving to US I thought I'm moving to the Jeep nation to have more fun, but the scenario here India is far more better for pocket friendly offroad expeditions.

Thanks for the explanation, I'm still confused or didn't see if I have the answer to my question.

Actually I wanted to compare the power loss in Classic due to 4.88 diff ratio could be compensated with XD3P engine to reach the same performance?

I'm sure the CJ340 with 5.38 is the ultimate again not everyone could have a vehicle shipped or towed to offroad location, hence still assuming to keep the 4.88 in tact and adding even an OD ratio for road travel and XD3P with 4.88 on low ratio for offroad terrains. Do you think this will be best?
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