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Musa 27th April 2014 22:39

Boeing builds a 4x4 for US Navy - The Boeing Phantom Badger
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Boeing has made a "Jeep" for the US Army. Yes, the same Boeing which makes planes! :uncontrol

Read more here:

Vital Stats
Boeing Phantom Badger

Payload capacity: 3,356lbs
Towing capacity: 4,000lbs
Dimensions: 60in wide x 180in long
Engine: 3-litre turbocharged V6, multi-fuel capable (diesel or JP-8)
Drivetrain: Four-wheel drive with all-wheel steering
Fuel consumption: 21mpg
Cruising range: Approx 450mi

And a CIVILIAN VERSION is available:

“Absolutely, yes,” says John Chicoli, Boeing’s Phantom Badger program manager. “It is a commercial vehicle, and Boeing will gladly have a discussion with anyone is interested in purchasing Phantom Badgers for their collection or personal use.” For now, however, Badger pricing remains classified.

Grandpa jeep would be proud.

From Boeing:


The U.S. Navy last month certified that the Boeing Phantom Badger combat support vehicle can be transported inside a V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. That is another step toward providing warfighters with more options to deploy the versatile vehicle.

The tests included form-fit checks, pressure tests and structural evaluations exceeding four G-forces.

Ten Phantom Badgers fit in a C-17 transport aircraft and two fit in a C-130 aircraft or CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Phantom Badger has completed more than 5,000 miles of rugged terrain durability testing and successful airdrop tests from a C-17.

Developed by Boeing Phantom Works, Phantom Badger supports a wide range of missions not possible with existing combat support vehicles. Its rear section is modular and can be quickly changed for missions including reconnaissance, combat search and rescue, casualty transport, direct action with weapons mounts or explosive ordnance disposal. This combination of modularity, transportability and proven all-terrain performance provides increased mission flexibility and enhanced survivability.

GTO 28th April 2014 11:31

Re: Boeing builds a 4x4 for US Navy - The Boeing Phantom Badger
Thread moved to the 4x4 Section. Thanks for sharing!

desertfox 28th April 2014 13:39

Re: Boeing builds a 4x4 for US Navy - The Boeing Phantom Badger
Looks like a mean machine wonder how it actually performs off road.

tatsago 28th April 2014 15:42

I suppose Boeing had to develop this specifically for the Osprey tilt rotor aircraft. A regular HUMMV would have been too wide and too heavy to fit inside.

The specs do look interesting especially the 4 wheel steering. Of course we do have to wait and watch to get some idea of the capabilities.

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AJITHAAA 2nd September 2015 12:28

The JEEP has indeed come a full circle...
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Although the newer avatar is called the Phantom Badger. Boeing has brought back the original Jeep concept and ready for deployment, and the specs are incredible.

Links to the story:

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