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Default The Blue Machine- A 540 converted into my dream machine..

Here is the official introduction of my MM540...

It is a 1980 model MM540 4x4. After I bought it, I have gone throught some modification which are as follows..

Some changes in the face can be well seen here (includes plastic surgery of nose, lowered front grill, lowered bonnet etc)...



The door are now plain (no linings etc)...


The meter and steering wheel of the Jeep. Notice the AC switch holes, the AC is yet to be fitted.


The rims which are reading 'Made in Taiwan', Rim Size - 15 x 8.5 Inch, tyre size 31/10.5 R 15. Free locking hubs (is it the right word) from MM550. I could not find the similar wheel with the PCD of Jeep/Gypsy, so had to change the PCD plate. PCD changed with quality work and accurate measurement, so no worries.


The original hinges on the bonnet were removed and beneath the hinges of TATA MOBILE's were fitted.


See here what is under the hood... XD3B engine which deliveres 62 BHP power.. Notice the bonnet spring lock of Bolero.


Power Steering Unit.. This is of a Japenese brand KOYO which is OEM in some Toyoto vehicles (not sure if in any of the indian model). What so ever but I still call it a Jugaad.


Top view of Jugaad Power Steering unit... It is working fablous.


The Deshboard. it is infect looking good. But since we had to use aprox 3 inch wide aluminum's strip on the top of the deshboard and than to hide it, I had to have the ragzine (spelling??) pested on it, the overall finish is not very good. I had to put huge efforts to make the feel/finish better.


The fully foldable front seat, so the rear pessenger can enter inside (a secret here :: The rear pessengers hate entering and exiting from here, my wife also prefere to jump from the sides to get out). You can also notice the bad finish in the sides of the Deshboard.. Sshhhh, the work is still on.


The three levers of gears and the racing type pads for all the padels.


Hand break lever from Armada grand and the other two small lids from Santro to open the fuel tab.


Wide exhaust pipe and the reverse gear light...


Talked about everything but not of the tail lights, not possible!!... Yes guys, I have had them bought from US (only $30) and they came by express courier (add $128). One set was already lost since my US friend sent me by cheap postal service. I had to pay for both the set (allas, my heard earned money..)


I wish to have bigger radiator of MM550 (as the machine is having quick heating in desert), LSD at front and rear both, AC (already bought the one from Armada Grand but confussed where to put the AC condensser), A winch (being honest, just for the cosmetic purpose, as you don't actually need it in the desert side I think), A snorkel and a good set of tyres.

Some of you might not like the cosmetic work (they think, better to spend money in some good things), but I have grown up dreaming about designing the cars, so it was a must for me. So I guess I now have a Bold and Beautiful Machines.

I will be coming up with many questions (sometime stupid ones), please keep on helping me. You are the only one with whom I discuss Jeeping/off roading as it is very uncommon in western Rajasthan. (becoming very senti now....)

PS :: My Jeep is not just a show off machine, I abuse it a lot on off roads all alone and have broken many parts which were not strong enought, like - the foundation of the power steering, the front grill, the rear door (daala), the three folded rear seat etc.

Special Thanks to :: Vinod Nookala (always encouraging me and guiding me), Uday Bhan Singh Sahib (suggesting XDB3 engine and some other technical stuff, also for being so supportive), GTO (to provide this plateform and to suggest ebay for the CJ tail light, :-) it was a small advice which worked) and all other member of Team-BHP who supported me/guided me/taught me technical stuff.


Note from Team-BHP Support : Please note that it is now imperative for you to upload pictures directly to the Team-BHP Server. Click here (Uploading photographs directly to Team-BHP) to view our simple help article on uploading pictures.

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Wow, the kings rath is really cool. Seems its a big "khadambam" of all countries and vehicle models
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Thats an INCREDIBLE amount of effort, vision and persistence right there, Hats off DesertKing, for taking the efforts. The Jeep looks great and to anyone who has/is working on restoring a Jeep, this Jeep is a symbol of inspiration! Liked the lowered bonnet and grill and I have to say, most of the workmanship is commendable.
Also, small things like fuel cap opener show that you dare to dream and then go for it!
Hope the remaining work goes on smoothly and the Jeep is everything that you wanted it to be. All the best!
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I really like your work, especially the bonnet work and those side fenders.
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Originally Posted by prmd_cochin View Post
I really like your work, especially the bonnet work and those side fenders.
Thanks to appreciate the bonnet work. Yes, I did spend a lot of time with the denter and have it done under my supervision.

The side fenders were bought from Delhi. I bought them for Rs. 2000. In transportation the rear pair was lost , so I had a buy a new set. I lost so many things in this projects .
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Originally Posted by DesertKing View Post

Power Steering Unit.. This is of a Japenese brand KOYO which is OEM in some Toyoto vehicles (not sure if in any of the indian model).
Nice Jeep.. Never heard of TOYOTO Brand of vehicles though.. cheers:

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the rims remind me of tavera rims
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Wow Great work DK!! Really loved your Taillamps. What rims are those??
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Hey DK,

Is the 4X4 working?
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Its a really great job.
You removed the hinges of wind sheild. So that area could have been reduced.

How bout back like this. just a suggestion though.
Do you like hella, etc up front.?

Name:  back.jpg
Views: 5391
Size:  70.5 KB

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ni jeep Mr Kind. i like the over all color and also the fact that you have the 4x4 so how much did it hit you back with?
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hey Desert King
Your jeep is surely the king of the desert. I can just imagine the kind of effort, time and money that must have gone into such a project. Very good work, but the thing is something like this is its never complete. Its always something that keeps us going and thats the fun of it. Its not just a car, jeep, mode of transport. ITS A DREAM COME TRUE...

So keep it up and do let know the costs of the total project from the starting.
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Dear desertking - commendable effort from you. Congratulations. Please PM me for any further assistance that you may need. I will guide you in totality. By the way, your vehicle cannot be 1980 model. The first MM540s were made in Kandivli in 1985.

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
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your ride looks awesome. Great work done on this front. I am picking the flavours from each of you for an 4x4. I am also an impulsive buyer, so need to watch out! Good Jeep!Great Passion!
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How is the power steering treating you? is it fully functional?
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