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Default Bought Gypsy 410w Need To Know More...

Hey there guys and gals, i just bought myself a gypsy here in dhaka this week. its a 95 model mg410w which is not in very good shape as of now, it had to be towed to my house as the previous owner had started an overhaul which he couldnt complete. i have already started work on it, changing most major engine components initially i will try and use this engine and if it lacks in power (which i bet the torque makes up for)and redoing the suspension, brakes and body. is a switch with a 1.3 esteem carb engine worthwhile? have already got myself all lights and lenses and also front and rear bumpers new from kolkata, this car is a hardtop but i will be using the top only in monsoons otherwise it will be soft top with rollbars. the car is fitted with a lovato cng kit which i might just keep and use when i dont off road. i am looking for the wheel trim, the chrome rim embellishers which i couldnt find in kolkata. i need to know what more to look into and what its drawbacks are.
i also bought a used recaro seat for it!! have only started the engine work now, will report with pics asap.
i will be using the 4wd often in the tea gardens, how good is it offroad? currently using landrover defender 99 model, tdi, pajero intercooler turbo and nissan patrols for the terrain. this gypsy has been my all time fav since i was a kid playing with lil gypsy models made by Centy toys in india!!
will post pics and resto details soon.
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Congrats on your buy. In a way its good to buy in that condition if you have the patience to work on it. That way you can build it to your spec. If you are using the stock engine I suggest you do up the exhaust ( not for sound but that will happen) and air filter. Simple mods, but adds quite a bit of pep to the lil engine. That model comes with a semi headers so go for a two inch exhaust all the way with a good mufler( you dont want to loose the back pressure).

If you are upgrading the engine, see if you can find a viable 1.6 (old vitara or escudo if available) kinda engine. 1.3 is good enough but 1.6 is the sweetest. But all depends on how anbitious you are with it.

Its will be quite capable for what you do. But invest on good tyres if anything,before beating up your drive train and engine with bad tyres( if its not already). With good shoes it wont fall short of torque in most places and you can take it a lil further with some good skills

and.. did you say you have a defender! thats too cool.

Besides my 2 paise, have a blast and be safe.
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Oh, so we have a 'Gypsy Restoration' project here. Great.
You know what, if it were a MM vehicle, our esteemed Behram bhai would have 'guided you in totality'. Am sure he will be able to guide you here also.

But before that you need to decide a few things for yourself (you did mention 4x4 and driving in tea estates & also the fact that gypsy is your favourite vehicle)
  • If you want 4x4 ONLY for tea estates, then the stock engine that you have + some basic replacement of worn out parts would do with good set of tyres.
  • If you want to build this as a project for 'serious' off-roading, rock climbing, mud chomping (I assume lots in Dhaka) etc, then sky is the limit
    • Get better engine -- as mentioned by Motocoorg
    • Get LSD/Lockers/Diff-Lock for rear diff
    • Get better tyres -- M/T
    • Chop of the rear
    • Get SOA
    • ....
Look around this 4x4 section and I am sure you will find tons of info on how to go about it.

and yes, congrats on your MG410. Really pleased to hear that even in Dhaka someone is buying a Gypsy.

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yes thanks for your inputs! i would love to pour my heart into making the gypsy a stunning practical off roader which i also can use in the city, the vitara engine is a great idea and i will def look into it. i am sure there are plenty available but most will be automatic! whatever i do i must have the 4x4 working as i am a serious fan of mud!! let me post a pic of my pajero for you guys to start off and then some of the defender wading through a paddy field. the defender is an awesome machine but not the underpowered 2.5 na diesel. mine is a 300 turbo intercooler diesel the best and the last being 99 model...

also pic of new toy i just got!! range rover classic V8 with 43000kms on it.

mud pictures later!
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