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Originally Posted by desertfox View Post
The one we used for Landcruisers - King of the Road, King Offroad.
Interesting, i'd imagine that would be more like :

"King off the road."

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We got caps from Toyota during one of the off road promotional events - Landcruiser - King of the road.

King offroad is of course an established fact.

Who is Mr. Cariappa - founder of jeep Thrills , a short intro or link would help. I am a member of Jeep Thrills, in fact that is where I found out about Team BHP, but it is extremely difficult to post pictures etc. there.

Being based in Delhi, we use a Yahoo group - North India Offroad club to run our events, and also enlist them on Team BHP, having a regular php forum for NIOC of course would make life much easier. We are working on it.
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Anjan Mr Cariappa is a very unassuming gentle chap residing in Chennai who came up with the idea of a club devoted to jeeps and offroading. The women dig him because he is very sensitive and he drives a jeep. Best of both worlds, I overheard one say.

Fantastic jeep he has. Rightly called the S.T.U.D!
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Default seyit

Originally Posted by Tusker4x4 View Post
Hey Guys,

A couple of Quotes in praise of Offroading and Jeeps.

Pls Add to it.

1. "Offroading gives a better high than Single Malt"

2. "Jeeps ar like women the more you strip them better they Look"

3. "Its better to have a Hangover of Offroading than Liquor"


One can feel himself entirely free in Yukon-Canada, in Alaska-US,in Kamchatka-Russia,and in a Jeep-Around the Wold.
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Let there be no roads to where we travel
Let the terrain be Sand, Rock n Gravel
May we have all the mud to our hearts' desire
Let our jeeps keep our a** on fire
Let there be water to wade and mountaint to clim'
Lets get back with Jeeps fulla dirt n grime
Let the torque curve be smooth and the traction be true
Let us Jeeps really thrill and may the fours be with you!!
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Herei is one "Never leave your Jeep with your wife-ALONE
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the best 4x4 x far!

i got few down there in my signature
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well my contribution,

When I Die, Bury me in my JEEP. 'Cause it's never been in a hole it couldn't get out of!
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*Men* are back?? They've been around, at least since WWII!!
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What about this?

Name:  untitled.bmp
Views: 8481
Size:  364.6 KB
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Jeep(er)s do it Anywhere

Jeep(er)s do it on all fours
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"Real Jeeps are built, not bought"
ThERe ENDS the show.
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"When in doubt, throttle out!"

"Oh, it was a tree that I hit?"

"If it aint dirty it aint a JEEP, it's just a Chrysler."

"dents and scratches aren't damage, they're badges of honor!!"

"It's ok my jeep has a snorkel"....."yeah, maybe, but we don't"

"My Jeep won a war; your Honda cut my grass"
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Give a man a built Jeep and he wheels till it breaks,
Teach a man to build a Jeep and he wheels for life.

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Here are my favourites...

"Don't be jealous - not everyone can have a Jeep"
"Pavement sucks"

"I've got my top off, now take yours off!"

"Wanna Get Dirty?
Get in to Jeep!!!"


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