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Default My Heart says JEEP, Mind says GYPSY!

the question is "to be or not to be"!

my heart is stuck on JEEP, because its classic, because its heritage, because its nostalgia, because its a cult, because its a JEEP!

my mind says GYPSY, because its petrol engine (less maintaince than diesel jeep, less noise than diesel), comes from trusted brand of Maruti, full back up service, fully functional offroader, easy maintaince, no need to built it from scrap, less visits to the workshop unlike jeep, etc

MM JEEP (Beast) says follow your heart!

MG413 (Beauty) says follow your mind!

the Beauty and the Beast are confusing me!
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Go for Gypsy Parm
diesel is for tractors

sorry coudnt resist
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Go for a diesel, petrol engines are for Maruti 800s.
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Pram, I passed through the same dilemma and chose the Gypsy.

Yes the Jeep has a cult but Offroading or 4x4 cult also has its calling and the Gypsy fits right in.
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Originally Posted by bigman View Post
Go for a diesel, petrol engines are for Maruti 800s.
but our man thinks other way round

AFAIK this has been discussed a lot of times.
and both of these machines are quite capable off the road.
one thing gypsy scores is on its free revving nature,and loses on low end grunt,vice-versa for the jeep.

so think over your requirements and then decide.

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Each of them have their own characteristics. Both are equally good off roaders. A jeep or a gypsy done up sensibly will be a great vehicle to own as well as give you a good time off road.

It is not true that Diesel engines are more noisy or maintenance prone and Petrol engines are great. Also the service of both the vehicles are a pain if the mechanic does not understand your needs and off roading!

Ofcourse a Jeep is more wallet friendly than a gypsy when it comes to a full tank!!

And the gypsy is more rev friendly than a Diesel Jeep!
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you can get diesel anywhere as compared to petrol.

And if you take good care of a jeep and pend to make it reliable,it will be reliable.

it will be the way you want it,thats the way it is.

And read in some other thread that Mahindra is coming up with something so try to get more info in that also.
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Dear Parm,
A thread that i was planning to start from a couple of months.
You've said it all buddy. I am in exactly the same state of mind now.
If you are looking at buying one of these from the showroom, it is worth waiting for a couple of months. There are some rumours in the air that mahindra would be launching something new.
Another few reasons for confusion:
If in case we realize that soft top is not practical all the time, it is easy to switch a Gypsy from soft top to hard top and vice versa quite easily.
Another one, i am not sure how possible it is to take a Jeep on a long drive.
Hope, this thread helps us resolve our confusion.

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My only reservation about the Gypsy is that being petrol, it is more expensive to operate than diesel jeeps. So if you don't mind the added fuel bills, I think it makes a great off-road vehicle.
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Parm, that is a valid point you have raised.

My simple answer is that if you really want to do some very tuff off roading and need a lot of articulation that MM5x0 is the best bet... if you are the one who like speed drives on off roads like rally drivers than Gypsy is the best one.

Mr. Khan Sulatan may not be agree with me but he would be agree that one should hear his heart voice or else there are a lot more vehicle in the que....

(sorry, this time Parm has initiated this debate).

Both the vehicles are excellent and can defeate each other in different tarrain. You have to decide yourself only.

Offroading is I guess allways related to heart rather than mind (it is a task of crazy guys). so it is upto you, if you want to be a decent off roader or a crazy one... choice is yours.
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Kushagr : Pram, I passed through the same dilemma and chose the Gypsy.
Anything available still ? Looking out for one for a friend, here in BLR.
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Default Jeep or a Gypsy

i was in this classic situation long time back- head said Gypsy, heart said Jeep, head +heart said MM540- went for it
  • Love spending time in garages= old jeep!
  • No time, only week end drive= Gypsy!
  • Grunt= jeep
  • Refinement=Gypsy
  • Only vehicle @home=Gypsy
  • Second vehicle= Jeep
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Consider another thing.

With a Gypsy you will be able to drive over to a Service Center and get repairs or modifications done.

With out of production Mahindra's you will struggle to get a right garage. But then they are so simple to work on that you really can do with most of the garages.

But factory support Gypsy wins.
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I was in the same situation , when i decided to listen to my heart and buy a Fiat Plaio 1.9 diesel and all i have done is regreting the decision. At that time if i would have bought a zen or esteem i would have saved a huge amount of money.
Always and always listen to the mind as it looks on pros and cons , and believe Gypsy would serve you good while going offroads and the service , no need to tell would be amazing .
Decide now, just to feed your heart are you ready to spend money now and again and again and again(by that i mean maintenance) ot invest in Gypsi for once and for all.
Gypsi is what i would suggest although you are the decider so think and go with it.
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Spitfire has made some strong points in favour of a Gypsy. Army disposal MM550's are easy enough to buy but getting them restored is a complete pain in the behind. From my MM550 rebuild nothing is ever done to a deadline and simple engine rebuilds take weeks. XD3P spares are readily available but other parts can take weeks to acquire. Took 6 weeks to get a new screen and still waiting for other bits and pieces.

If you want an easy life then opt for a working Gypsy. If you like rebuilds and sitting at workshops to oversee things then get a Jeep.

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