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Default Silent, But Violent

Hi Guys,

This is the story of my M&M CJ3B and beginning of my JEEPing & OTR experience.

It all started in 2004, when I went to "Border Thottam" to get the exhaust of my Hyundai Santro welded.

I came across lot of second hand JEEPs lying around, I was familiar with what comprised of a 4WD system, so I went around searching for some vehicles.

I had made up my mind to buy a 4WD JEEP and go out for off-road trips.

One of the JEEP dealers, told me for under 50K there was a JEEP available and described a CJ3B aka WILLYS JEEP, but would be available in a few weeks.

It took 5 weeks for the JEEP to come from Tambaram AFS. The next five weeks were spent searching the internet, CJ3B Page for details of the CJ3B.

Finally on 24/09/2004 85B34905L became TN07AX2566, she was the AFS Tambaram’s Parade Commander’s JEEP with full- Chrome fittings and accessories, but without the swing-arm and tailgate & Spare Wheel. I even managed to get the complete scissor top frames, also white upholstery.(Seats with Headrest, steering cover, Gear Lever covers

I took delivery on 30th Sept 2004, filled up engine oil, connected the battery, connected the petrol line to a 5lts Plastic Can, put the windscreen down, put on my Ray-Bans, and drove it to show her off to my friends.

Still remember the drive along “Beach Road” to the Airtel Building. 3 Gears, tremendous acceleration and a very choppy suspension……………………….Oh it was wind in my hair all the way.

In November 2004, I managed to get a Tail-Gate and swing arm from another ex-airforce JEEP for Rs400.
End November I had the Tail-Gate & Spare tyre mounted.

In Feb 2005 I got the seats upholstered to Dark-Blue, and went for the FIRST JEEPTHRILLS meet on 5th March 2005.

Next weekend Mr.S.Srivardhan (DUSSEY) invited us for the Vintage Car Rally. The JEEPs stole the show, we took all the kids for a spin over some broken ground (OTR was still a dream then).

To be contd.
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Silent, But Violent-vcr-cj5cj3b.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-vcr-cj5cj3b4willysmb.jpg  

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What you have is the last of the surviving SWB CJ3B jeeps. Does it have the original Jeep Hurrincane Petrol engine. The condition of the Jeep looks quite good, is it original ( as bought ) or you have done some restoration work over the last five years.
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Default PART-2 2005 OTR Scene

The JEEP Fever had started, so OTR was natural progression for us, the JEEPs were waiting for that I guess.

The first OTR was held on 01-05-05 and 4 JEEPs decided to check out some 4WD action along the Mud-Banks of the Buckingham Canal.

The next OTR was on 29-05-05 to Kalpakkam, I suffered my First OTR calamity, the transfer case had shaken loose and I disconnected the front propeller shaft and drove back to Chennai. and in June 2005 we discovered the Kelambakkam Quarry.

In August we had the first major JEEPTHRILLS event, held at Yelagiri, TN. 11 JEEPs were present and we got to share our JEEPing experience with Suresh Stephen & Mr.Uday Bhan Singh.

2005, was Kelambakkam time, every month we were there checking out 3 of the 5 quarries.

It was finally time to rebuild the CJ3B and the Hurricane Engine.

All pics are from 2005, the vehicle was running the F4-134 and in original Air-Force Blue-Grey.

To be Contd.
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Silent, But Violent-05.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-010505-02.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-17july-041.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-17july-043.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-17july-083.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-y18-arka.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-y27.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-y31.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-y12to14aug-107.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-y12to14aug-120-rajdeep-arka.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-y12to14aug-128.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-11sept-026.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-11sept-069.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-11sept-108.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-diwali10.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-diwali18.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-diwali21.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-diwali28.jpg  

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Im waiting to get my hands on a Jeep soon, nice pictures. I like the colour of your jeep, has a very nostalgic fell to it.
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Excellent machine you got there! How is the engine after you rebuilt it and how easy or tough was to get hold of the parts? Very few people retain the original engine and jump on the diesel bandwagon at first instance.
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hey arka,
I fall in love with your blue jeep every time i see it:-) You have got a nice piece and blue suits it so well. Your jeep is now a power house. It feels just like a smooth petrol car.
Pen down your experience here, would be useful to hurricane petrol fans

p.s - u looked so different in 2004..seriously!:-)))
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Nice Jeep there ARKA

Originally Posted by vinod_nookala View Post
p.s - u looked so different in 2004..seriously!:-)))
Arka looked like a modern Daaku with that scarf around neck and glasses.

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It is indeed a powerhouse . Saw that last weekend.
Nice write up Arka ( Am surprised that you have the patience to write so much )

Who is in the first Orange Shirt in the first set of pics ?
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Default Part 3 – the Rebuild

Over the years I learned quite a bit about the INDIAN ARMY CJ3B and recorded the variations and upgrades and their essential features, some cosmetic some mechanical.

Military Features.
1)Brush Guard/Insect Screen
2)5ltr Oil Can Holder behind LHS/RHS front fender.
3)Pick Axe Holder – Edge Head on Left Fender, Handle Above Firewall (front of Windscreen),
4)Shovel/Spade Bracket RHS Foot Well, with Strap on the Body.
5)Blackout Lights – Front Radiator Grille, Rear Chassis, under chassis facing rear differential, Hella Rotary Light Switch.
6)Petrol Tank – Dip Stick with 40 L calibration.
7)Rifle holder on Driver Side.
8)Map Reading Light on Dashboard.
9)Charging Socket on Dashboard.
10)4 grab handles.
11)2 D-Rings on front bumper to secure on pallets.

The First Three were essential differentiating features on all Indian Army CJ3B’s right from WILLYS CJ3B to the M&M CJ3B-4. They were unique to Indian Army JEEPs, still are.

Rajdeep Datta-Roy has been the source for pictures and measurements and styling of the Military Canvas Top, with Tubular Scissor Top.

My vehicle had a rusting problem in the tool-box area, which was finally addressed 2 months back.

Indian Military JEEPs - Mahindra Military Jeeps on The CJ3B Page

To be contd.
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Originally Posted by ex670c View Post
Over the years I learned quite a bit about the INDIAN ARMY CJ3B and recorded the variations and upgrades and their essential features, some cosmetic some mechanical.
understatement. if all this started in 2004 - you have learnt quite a lot in 5 years. appreciate that spirit
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Those are Jaw dropping snaps.
You have not driven silently but violently.
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Arka, Great start. I see this threat as "yet another Jeeping exercise". Kudos to the Silent, But Violent story.

Keep it coming..
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Default Part 4 - Diesel Engine Conversion

After buying my JEEP, I wanted to modernize it, get a diesel engine, bull-Bars, roll-cage, winch, alloy wheels, broad tyres etc. It was my father who suggested I use the vehicle as it is and “maintain its character”

I did just that, in 2005, 19 December, my younger brother decided to get actively involved in OTRs, and announced his presence with a 1996MM540XD. By that time I had enough of the CJ3B, and we decided to exchange vehicles (he is a Merchant Mariner ).

So before TPC2006 the CJ3B was garaged and the MM540XD rebuild was on in earnest. By that time the Con-rod and main bearings of the F4-134 were worn out, you can make out by the fluttering noise while accelerating.

We decided to put the good ol’ B275 into the CJ3B, the conversion was done in two days to get the JEEP ready for TPC2006. With 7.00X16 (30” tyres) and 5.38:1 diff-ratio the CJ3B could barely do 50kmph.
It chugged along the Palar Riverbed, and bugged the hell out of both of us because of it slow speed off-road.

The Engine Mounts for the B275 are same as that of the petrol engine, only the bell-housing and starter motor were changed

To be contd.
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Silent, But Violent-img_6751.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-img_6764.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-jeep-074.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-jeep-078.jpg  

Silent, But Violent-jeep-079.jpg  

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Ah, the Arka autobiography. This is going to be a great story.
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Dear EX 670, that is a damned good looking Jeep yours.Plaease refer the CJ3B as "HE"instead of she!
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