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Same is happening in my Maruti 800 and my battery is as old as my car i.e. 4 yrs. Workshop guy told me to replace the battery.
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Cougar, I had the same problem, I changed the whole wiring but the problem still didnt go. Its earthing some where, also the accessories is the main problem. Disconnect all accessories and check if everything is ok. Drive for couple of days. then connect each accessories including central locking .... and eliminate one by one.
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Guesswork will not do.
The best way to find out is go step by step.
Step 1:
Take a multimeter, and connect it to battery terminals with car on. See charging voltage at idle with headlights etc., on if its above 12.9 volts and goes to 13.5-14V when revving, you are good from alternator angle
Step 2 :
Get battery density test done from battery wallah, this will tell you state of batter
Step 3:
For your sake wish 1 or 2 fail, because this is the most irritating and time consuming thing. Tracing all electronic systems one by one. For example autocop, stereo etc., for defect.
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Instead of speculating on what could have happened, please dial 3271 1111 from your landline for Bat Mobile and get the battery and your alternator professionally checked free of cost and then decide accordingly. This service is free from Exide even if your battery is not an Exide.
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Originally Posted by COUGAR View Post
yeah its either that or "drag queen"! a gypsy is too "male" to be referred to as she aint it?

I doubt that it is an alternator problem 'cos the last time this happened (4 months back), i had got the battery recharged externally and have taken it on numerous drives (400kms+ each time) and obviously the battery is getting recharged?

The battery is as old as the car: ie around 3 years old.
there is your answer! get a new battery dude!
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^^^ Three years is not a good life for a battery. Battries can last much longer (Exides may not ) Buying a new battery before ascertaining beyond doubt that it is a battery related problem will be a big waste of money. Also beware of battery shops that will have a vested interest in declaring your battery weak... and most of them will also give you that 3 year battery life song...
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Look at ebay and you can find solar power tickle charges too.

If the battery was low to start with then just a 20km drive may not be sufficient to get it charged up, especially if done in evening/night with light on.

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