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Default Got My 4wd ( MM540 )

I got hooked the first time I went out. Courtesy GTO, Extreme, V16, Steiger. OTR is addictive. Ask anyone who has been out even once. So the Mumbai OTR recce basically did it for me:

Then the Shahapur Mahindra Great Escape 2009 sunk me completely

After discussions with GTO, Steiger and Ferdi, allowing for a budget in these trying times, I finally settled on trying to find a 80 series LC or Disco or Pajero or Bolero 4WD

Have been scoping a GWagon unsuccessfully for a while (owner dilly dallying). Finally gave up 2 weeks ago

Love the Classic and it would have been great to have one, but I was very clear that the 4WD had to be practical too. If not a daily driver then atleast comfortably seating 4 to 6 pax

The the classic was out

Then last week got wind of some Jeeps in Pune including some Army disposal jeeps and such

Went to Pune with Steiger last weekend. Our contact had this MM540 with hard top and took us to this place in Pune pretty close to Camp (I am sure Pune guys know this place) where there were quite a few garages restoring and selling various types of Jeeps. There was an unregistered 540 in appaling shape for 1.30lacs
There was also a cosmetically restored MM540 with the ugliest mags I have ever seen for 3.50lacs

We high tailed it from there in 10 minutes.

After dilly dallying for a bit I made an offer for a 540 in decent. Guy was hardly willing to budge on the price I feel was 20k more than reasonable

Finally yesterday, we drove down to Pune, paid cash and picked up this:
Name:  Delivery1.jpg
Views: 4968
Size:  20.5 KB

All original with Roplas hardtop

The vehicle was originally with Mahindra&Mahindra at Chandrapur. One more owner after that whom I bought it from

All it needs is a Govt of India Udertaking stencil on its Roplas HT and its good to go anywhere
Name:  Delivery2.jpg
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Size:  20.9 KB

Name:  Delivery3.jpg
Views: 4905
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Name:  Delivery4.jpg
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Name:  Delivery5.jpg
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Name:  Delivery7.jpg
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We were seriously wondering whether it would make it all the way to Mumbai without breaking down, so Steiger had come prepared with all the necessary tools and tackle to handle such and eventuality:
Name:  Enroute1.jpg
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Size:  16.0 KB

Luckily everything went perfect, the weather was fabulous, the scenery lush and the mm puffed it back in with low water temperature and good oil pressure:
Name:  Enroute2.jpg
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Size:  10.1 KB

This morning it was off to Parel. Ferdi is going to start work in a day or 2.Here are Ferdi and Steiger. Owners of fabulous Classics, total gear heads and over and above all great guys:
Name:  IMAGE_112.jpg
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Size:  76.7 KB

This going to be 1 lengthy restoration job. As you all can see from the snaps there is a bunch of work to be done. I am an absolute green horn when it comes to Jeeps and all the advise and support will be greatly valued and appreciated

The first phase will be pretty much only mechanical restoration work and there is a lot of it:

Name:  IMAGE_107.jpg
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Size:  65.6 KB

Name:  IMAGE_108.jpg
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Size:  69.9 KBName:  IMAGE_109.jpg
Views: 4678
Size:  77.7 KBName:  IMAGE_110.jpg
Views: 4623
Size:  73.2 KBName:  IMAGE_113.jpg
Views: 4569
Size:  81.2 KBName:  IMAGE_114.jpg
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Size:  68.3 KBName:  IMAGE_115.jpg
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Size:  42.0 KBName:  IMAGE_116.jpg
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Size:  54.3 KB

I intend this to be a catalogue and restoration document for my MM, so i dont know if mods will move this thread elsewhere or have it renamed

Over the next 3 weeks we plan to get the body off and do all the essential mechanical jobs

I would like to keep this baby as stock as possible. Will post pics when we get the body off

Look forward to all your comments, suggestions and moral supprt

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Congrats. The 4x4 bug is so dangerous

Wish you many many happy OTRs!!!
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Congos on the new ride! Man.. quite some work to get it restored.. there are many jeepers creepers in here who can help with their sound knowledge!!

Again, congos and enjoy your new ride!
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hearty congrats on becoming an official JEEPER!patience is name of the game when it comes to restoring a jeep.ALWAYS use genuine MM spares and avoid cutting corners. they might be on the expensive side but they come with warranty and peace of mind!do post photos of the restoration as you go along!
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Congrats buddy on the purchase!!!
So how much did you finally paid for it?

Also with regards to the restoration I'd say if you were able to drive it from Pune to Mumbai without any issues just do whatever is the bare essential and then if any issues crop up tackle them at that time!!!

You see, if you have read my threads with my 1st 4x4 (MM550) I went for the whole hog and though mechanically the engine is great I ended up spending wads of cash.
With my 2nd 4x4 CJ3B, I did whatever was essential and that vehicle is great too.

But whatever way you go the vehicle's a good find and best of luck with the ownership experience!!!
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Now get a good Camera

Congrats on the purchase. Looking good
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Originally Posted by Spitfire View Post
Now get a good Camera

Congrats on the purchase. Looking good
+1 First investment to a Restoration Blog should be a decent cam Congrats nice looking jeep.
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Hey thanks everyone

Yes i do have a good camera. I let it in the taxi on my way to singapore airport. so now its lying at the hotel concierge in Singapore

So these snaps are from the phone cam

Harjeev: Thanks a million. I follow your posts avidly. I will be troubling you from time to time for help. Yes the engine ran well. Dont intend touching it now. But the steering box and all other mechanical and suspension systems need some serious help

Luckily Ferdi is very conservative and wont let me spend unnecessarily.

I do need to change the tyres though. The current set are 6.00 x 16. Any suggestions are welcome

@Parm: No question of any other parts but genuine MM.

Am currently debating whether to go in for front discs setup with suspended pedals a la classic. Since the body is coming off it would probably be the best time to do it

The approximate cost of everything including the alternator is 20k. worth it?

Also is there any good rustrproofing compound like POR15 or its equal. What would you guys recommend. I live by the sea so rust is a real problem
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Congrats for your official induction into the 4X4 buffs group. You have always been one even without a 4X4, just ;like me. I bought my Jeep last rains and only now its almost ready. Should be out in a week or max 10 days more. I spent so much time on it coz i got the jeep in boxes and cartons, dismantled, everything separated from where it belonged, still no excuse for taking a year. Thats because it was not exactly on the top of my priority list then.

Ferdi's Garage is quite close to my place, when you go there next give me a shout if you want to and i would love to accompany you there, if its ok with you.
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congratulations,that's a nice jeep you got there.happy jeeping.


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@harjeev: It finally cost me 90k including brokerage and all. I know its 20k over the top. But i saw a few here cheaper, but they were in poor body condition. Both Ferdi and Steiger are OK with poor mechanicals because they can be changed and rectified easy. But poor and corroded body work is much harder to fix

Also this one has 4wd. I could have bought a 2wd 540 for 50 to 60k. But bodywork and 4wd would have cost more
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@renegade: thats an awesome set of wheels you have in your garage.
Your 440 is rocking
Nice RD too. I have a Honda CB350 Four. 1973 and a suzuki inazuma gsx400 1996


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@spitfire: thanks. Thats a great classic you have. Hope to catch up with you soon. I come to Goa quite often on work
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Default Engine, Chassis and Suspension Work is Go

Work has started on the 540 in earnest. This morning the body got lifted off:

Name:  Body Off 18.JPG
Views: 4284
Size:  55.0 KB

This just re inforces the view of all the experts here with regard to where to and how to get your jeep restored. authorised workshop is the way to go. try getting this done at Mayapuri:

Name:  Body Off 3.JPG
Views: 4147
Size:  42.5 KB

Name:  Body Off.JPG
Views: 4040
Size:  49.1 KB

Name:  Body Off 7.JPG
Views: 4031
Size:  58.8 KB

This Babu has taken a knock in the past. Body has been lifted too. There are non factory weld spots at some places to fix the problem. One of the mounts has been re welded:

Name:  Body Off 5.JPG
Views: 4064
Size:  48.3 KB

The tx case and gearbox is still in the original red color

Works carried out today:

Gearbox and tx case checked. Both OK

Also brakes and assemblies and all other chassis and suspension bits

When I started off with the idea of buying a 540 and restoring it, I had thought of doing all the usual mods and bits to make it better. 5 speed box, different rims and tyres etc etc

But as I get into it, I am feeling more and more that I should keep this babu all stock right down to the rims. Only concessions to be made to bits that will make the Jeep ride better,more refined

Name:  Body Off 1.JPG
Views: 4005
Size:  46.2 KB

Name:  Body Off 2.JPG
Views: 3938
Size:  48.0 KB

Name:  Body Off 4.JPG
Views: 3894
Size:  34.6 KB

Name:  Body Off 6.JPG
Views: 3917
Size:  56.2 KB

Name:  Body Off 9.JPG
Views: 3887
Size:  35.3 KB

Thankfully not too much rust damage. Since Babu here has lived most of his life in Chandrapur and Pune, the maximum damage is below the battery area where the tyre wall has corroded:

Name:  Body Off 8.JPG
Views: 4087
Size:  52.1 KB

We plan to do a complete rust protection for the chassis and under body. Also dampening and sound absorbers to cut out as much NVH as possible from this 4.90 engine and transmission system

Any rust protection chemical suggestions like POR 15 or equivalents with availability would be welcome

Name:  Body Off 10.JPG
Views: 3870
Size:  42.6 KB

Name:  Body Off 11.JPG
Views: 3866
Size:  50.9 KB

Name:  Body Off 12.JPG
Views: 3887
Size:  55.7 KB

Name:  Body Off 13.JPG
Views: 3806
Size:  49.8 KB

Name:  Body Off 14.JPG
Views: 3811
Size:  54.3 KB

Name:  Body Off 15.JPG
Views: 3812
Size:  52.0 KB

Name:  Body Off 16.JPG
Views: 3764
Size:  50.7 KB

Name:  Body Off 17.JPG
Views: 3871
Size:  54.6 KB

I have made a fairly comprehensive list of restoration jobs on an excel spread sheet which might be helpful to first time Jeepers like me in their restoration work

Anyone interested, please let me know

Will post progress as it comes along

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Great pics man. Sorry about the morning thought it was an emergency but thank God it wasnt.

Yes authorised workshop is the way to go (except if its a merc) depending on the nature of the job. For your "Babu", Ferdi's place is the best. Its heartning to see so much work carried out in such a short while and thakfully there is not so much work.

What do you plan to do with the upper half? Soft top and roll bar or keeping the Roplas body (no please)

After my jeep is out i will get it to Ferdi for a final check up and some final tinkering and setting if needed.

Love this thread and may i have the XL sheet please?
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