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xtreme power 10th October 2009 08:54

Xtreme Power's Spoa'd Custom Crawler(Gyspy No.2)
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Just a Small Preview
Everything can and might change, project has just begun
R&d Stages

xtreme power 10th October 2009 09:06

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testing at very initial stages

khan_sultan 10th October 2009 09:28

Wow, so this is out now for public viewing :-). GREAT. As you go along, I am sure people would have tons of questions for you to learn from...

You know what, I REALLY wish I could somehow drop my gypsy at your place for few weeks and get it to shape I want. Wish you were somewhere near Bangalore.

I will be asking lots of questions to learn from this build.

To start with:

The axles look different. Which axles are these? and what all specific schanges to steering had to be done? I see that this looks like a cross-over rather than a full hi-steer. Am I right?

PS: Must say that it looks like to be articulating beautifully.

beejay 10th October 2009 10:39

Another one from the master himself. The Gypsy looks good as it is. Rugged. However I am sure now you will make it even better and will be fit soon with you custom signature Light force lamps:)The fading color, finish and looks have a very much Jeep element attached to it.

bharti22shresth 10th October 2009 10:52

The other one's not yet complete and you are out with another one. Good job man! :thumbs up. If this is what she does in R&D stages, I'm can't even imagine what the finished product will be like.

Gypsy-Boy 10th October 2009 11:13

Hey Alan
Guess the IAF would be interested in the R&D !!
This is gonna be a real mean machine!!


14000rpm 10th October 2009 11:16

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Originally Posted by xtreme power (Post 1524613)
testing at very initial stages

now this mod is going full throttle eh. you planning an engine swap for this too?
I guess this time, i can suggest you chop the rear of the body similar to sultans spidey.
and how bout seats like this? you could also do away with the doors.

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:OT i see a white defender amongst a line up of cars in the background. are all those cars yours? I'm particularly curious about the defender.

rranjith_kum 10th October 2009 13:57

It looks really great and you say you still have something in tap. Looking forward to hear more from you.


Originally Posted by 14000rpm (Post 1524730)
i see a white defender amongst a line up of cars in the background. are all those cars yours?

Well pretty good eyes you have there !!

agspins 10th October 2009 15:13

hey isn't this gypsy at Nagpur at the garage with couple of land rovers....

JeepCaptain 10th October 2009 16:31

I have seen this mate
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Hey Allan,

Congrats with your new project.

I have seen your Gypsy and touched it aswell in Nagpur last month. Never knew it was for you. I Wish I had taken pics of it. I wanted to take pics but my memory card got full.:Frustrati

But I did manage to take a pic of that white Defender parked next to your Gypsy though.:D

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Jaggu 10th October 2009 17:53

@khan: old men can always drive down he he.

You are on a row with extreme builds @xtreme power

xtreme power 10th October 2009 20:00

yes, the car is being tested and researched upon in nagpur along with a dear friend,
was there this entire week there for some tests
the white landrover is one of our many

SirAlec 10th October 2009 20:08

Please! i want that defender. :)

waiting for the final outcome from this.

GoSlow 19th October 2009 02:56

Hi Allan

update please? Dont know how I missed this thread!!


phamilyman 19th October 2009 07:11

That is a very mean machine! Kudos!

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