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ladak.imran 22nd October 2009 01:54

Price Validation for a secondhand MPFi Gypsy!
Hello everyone,

I've been looking for a decent MPFi gypsy for a while now (in Bombay).

I came across a 2005 model, which is in really good shape. My mechanic says its in an amazing condition, and won't give me any problems, anytime soon.

Here's the deal.
Online, on websites like, etc, most 2005 Gypsies are priced at 3.85L.
This one which I am talking about, started off at 3.85, and now he's willing to let me have it for 3.60L.

Before delivery, this guy will:
- spruce up the vehicle,
- get me a new black soft top,
- do a little touch up work (there are *barely* any scratches/dents/marks on the body), and
- take care of all the little squeaky sounds.

The vehicle comes with 5 Maxxis Mudzillas (235's), and stock steel wheels (he's removing the alloys before selling).

Lastly, the car is registered in GOA. I'll have to transfer it to Bombay - any ideas on how much this could cost me?

I desperately need to know what you guys think of this.

I'm not too convinced about the price.

Any inputs would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks so much!

P.S. - I recently came across this thread (below), which states that MPFi Gypsies in Mayapuri cost 1.4 - 1.6 lakhs. Whats the deal with that?

Bailee_Jatt_Boy 22nd October 2009 07:36

How many kilometers on the odo?

What about service history per se? verifiable or not? any maintenance documentation the person has kept?

You mentioned a new soft top is it a soft top currently or hard top?

I think the price is a little on the higher end.

starter 22nd October 2009 08:26

Dear Imran,
First of all, the MPFI Gypsies from Mayapuri are usually army auctioned Gypsies. So, you would have to spend time and money to bring these back to shape.
Regarding the Gypsy that you are talking about, it all depends on how good it is. A brand new Gypsy (Hard Top) costs 6.4L on road in Banagalore. So, if this Gypsy that you are looking at is extremely well maintained, then ya, the price could be justified!
As BJB has mentioned, share with us the ODO reading and try to find out if the vehicle has been serviced only in MASS. If yes, you could try to get its service history. That would help you make a decision. Also, share some pictures if you have.

annu0706 22nd October 2009 13:21

hi imran.
first of all welcome to T-BHP.
what's your purpose of buying a king ? you'd like to go for a serious offroading or just city rides ?
secondly if you're planing for a second hand than why do you go for such an expensive one ??? you can buy a cheaper one and get it modified as per your desire. there are lots of threads here showing re-builds.
Usually these mechanics refurbish these gypsies and sell them on a higher price and very soon they start troubling you.
most important the transfer charges from goa to mumbai would be equivalent to the registration charges of new vehicle.
Also chk how old is the insurance and its a first party or third party ??
first party is preferred and its expensive.
i saw an MPFI 2002 or 2001 model yesterday at bhopal [up registered] asking was 2.65 negotiable, white, if you want can give you his number.
:thumbs up

amreshmahapatra 22nd October 2009 14:47

The vehicles available in mayapuri are defence-forces second-hands. As per my knowledge and information seeked/provided in other threads here, The mpfi gypsys from army won't be seen in the auction list for another year. Whatever gypsys availabe right now in mayapuri will be the carburetor version of the 1300cc motor. Check out a recent thread in the 4x4/vehicles section about some mm550 and Gypsys that have been picked up from mayapuri by bangalore owners. They have paid abt 80k for each.

As for the price, this was stated to me by a gypsy guru sometime back, since there are few good 2nd hand specimens(MPFI Gypsys: rarer still), it is a seller's market not a buyer's market.
Even if you can get a army disposal model at 80k, please do not discount the fact about having to put time and energy into decent restoration. Do see threads by Harjeev, V-16 and Krishnathanthri. If you need your vehicle to look and feel the way you want it from very first day, pay the premium and buy what you see. If you are ready to give time, patience and money on restoration, pick up a dilapidated vehicle. You'd have spent the same amount by the end of the restoration (more often, you'd have spent more)

IMO if the vehicle is in good shape and you really need it for what it can do, go for it.

ladak.imran 22nd October 2009 16:59

Hi everyone, Thank you for your responses..

I can't figure out the Multi Quote function yet - so excuse me for that.

@ Bailee Jatt Boy,
Here's the extra info..

1. The odo says 27,000 Kms - and the fellow seems reliable. I doubt he's messed with the reading. My mechanic does agree.

2. As for the service history, there has been nothing major. They've installed an FFE, but thats gonna be removed, before i get the car (the noise is just too loud for me!)
The guys who own it, have their own garage - so they've been doing the servicing/tuning themselves. From time to time, they put in large tyres, for which they add a couple of extra leaves to the springs. I guess that's about it.

3. Apart from this I doubt i can garner more info w.r.t. the service history. And there are no records either...

4. It is a soft top right now too - but its not the original shape. The gypsy, now, has a flat roofline, which makes it impossible to sit upright (in the back). So the new softtop, is going to be the regular stock shape and size.
Previously though, the car was a hard top.

@ Deepak,
Although I really want to pick up a battered old vehicle, and restore it myself, I just won't be able to spend the time to get it restored, at this point.
For now, i really want a 'good-to-go' vehicle. And yes, this 2005 MPFi is in pretty good condition.
Afsos, I have no pictures, but the vehicle looks really good!
As for the MASS service history, I'll just re confirm about this, with the seller.

@ Annu,
Hi, thanks for the warm welcome!
I want a vehicle for city use (my personal mode of transport), + a little bit of offroading. I'm new to the sport, and it really intrigues me. Apart from this, Me and a friend are planning to travel to Ladakh/Leh soon - and I guess for this reason, a gypsy king would be more viable.

When it comes to modifications and such, there's not much I would want to do. A good set of tyres, an A/C, and a decent music system that won't get flicked, is all I want. Everything else in stock condition will suffice.
In this gypsy which we are discussing, there is no A/C...

Let me confirm about the insurance.
About teh transfer charges, Im in the process of confirming the exact amount.
I'll keep you all posted on that.

As of now, I don't think i'll be picking up a vehicle from bhopal... But maybe I should just have a word with the seller in any case! Do PM me his number i possible, Thanks!

Hi Amresh,
This is exactly what I assumed.
Unfortunately I do not have the time to restore a vehicle. I've read most of the re-build threads here, and thats what prompted me to think about the gypsy as my own personal vehicle in the first place.

I recently spoke to a couple of people as well, with regard to the price. They too, brought to my notice that it is a sellers market, and its all about how comfortable you are, with the price being asked.

Thanks for your feedback guys, I'll update soon.
:thumbs up

ladak.imran 22nd October 2009 17:36

Ok - an update on the Insurance and service history-

There has been no major servicing done to the car. Its completely accident free, and trouble free. Regular maintenance has been done.

Insurance is third party, will be done fresh in my name, the same day that i take delivery of the car. (validity period, 1 year)

malgudi 22nd October 2009 17:49

You need to Pay the Road Tax and Octroi (if you register it in thane/Mumbai) or cess (if you register in navi mumbai). Total Cost would be Approx 26-30K.

annu0706 22nd October 2009 18:02

who'll be paying the cost of insurance because it would also be 10k plus :eek:

ladak.imran 22nd October 2009 18:51

The seller will get the insurance done in my name - I just have to decide about the octroi/road tax.
99%, Road tax has been paid already by teh seller.

Annu, I received your PM - thank you so much - I will call up Mr.Bhopal very soon...

In the mean while, if any one else has a 2005 (+/- 1 year) MPFi in their sights, Please let me know!

Thank you!

Bailee_Jatt_Boy 22nd October 2009 19:13

After reading what you have mentioned I would say including the insurance (make sure the seller is clear that he is paying for it) if you can seal the deal around 3.25 or a little more than that then you should go for it. It is an awesome buy at that price.

27,000 km in 3ish years of use is nothing.

Also from what I can read between your posts it seems like you really like the vehicle and have almost made up your mind on it :)

Best of luck dude.

satan 23rd October 2009 11:17

Is this Asif's Gypsy??

ladak.imran 23rd October 2009 12:11

Yes... Asif's Gypsy - Have you checked it out?

@Bailee Jatt -
Its true, I do really like this particular gypsy! Maybe I should just go for it! Lets see - hopefully I can convince him to bring the price down a little more!

Thanks guys...

krishnathanthri 23rd October 2009 12:55


Originally Posted by ladak.imran (Post 1545162)
Yes... Asif's Gypsy - Have you checked it out?

@Bailee Jatt -
Its true, I do really like this particular gypsy! Maybe I should just go for it! Lets see - hopefully I can convince him to bring the price down a little more!

Thanks guys...

If you are happy with the condition of the gypsy then I feel, You should go for it. If you have plans to repainting it ,then better go for an old gypsy because after repaint you have to put almost every plastic's new. Including door pad, doors hinges, door setting, seat cover, beadings, head light, tail light, indicators, then finally you don’t feel like using an old tire, so you land up spending on tire. Next you will think of alloy wheels. The list is unending so be prepared for weekly trips(Garage Trip) and a big hole in the pocket. :D

My advice is, if the vehicle is in good shape and if you are ok with the color, Then simply goes for it. You can start using it from day one. Make sure that there is no mechanical work to be done immediately after you buy it.

Ramsagar 23rd October 2009 15:07

It seems to be a good deal,try to negotiate as much as you can.

Just a tit-bit:see if you can purchase the old Maxxis along with the vehicle.Cos you end-up spending at least 50k for new tires & rims.Try to negotiate along with alloys.
Check if those are in good shape.

Its better to re-register the vehicle with Mumbai registration rather than transfer.That will save lot of time & money from the cops.

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