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Very interesting. Does the engine have enough juice to turn those huge wheels?
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Originally Posted by toiingg View Post
What are the red bars under the car? Are these what are called 'rock sliders' ?
This Gypsy has coil over mod done. It doesn't have leaf springs and these orange bars are the arms/links between chassis/axle. These are not rock sliders

Originally Posted by Jaggu View Post
Apart from the size 100 tires i love the zuk, really excellent work done. Details of suspension would be really interesting
Oh, I LOVEEEEEEEE those tyres. Would love to have them on my Gypsy. The quality of workmanship is amazing on this one.

Originally Posted by DKG View Post
Very interesting. Does the engine have enough juice to turn those huge wheels?
Good question. This is a 1.3 mpfi; however, if this were running stock gearing, then with those massive wheels it would barely move. However, as per my knowledge, it is running crawler gear set in the t-case and that drops the ratios by 12% in 2WD. So with these tyres would bring the setup close to stock with a marginal dip (with 33" tyres it would be same as stock -- almost). So this should move.

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Ok precisely the reason why i felt tires were lil oversized for the application with these i guess the zuki can float on water
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Amazing machine! Just wondering how it would feel if someone sees this in their rear view mirrors!
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Its looking great in matt black and those monster tyres.!
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The suspension setup seems very vulnerable. It may actually act as 'rock sliders'. Apart from that its awesome. great taste. Its hard to believe the snorkel is custom made. it integrates well like an OEM part. How did he manage to fix that monstrous wheel to that fragile hinged gypsy tailgate?
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what a deadly looker this Gyp is!
do share details of the enhanced ground clearance achieved by these monster tyres and modified suspension setup.
Interesting point that with the addition of the "crawler" gears this can work as good as a stock vehicle.
Can these crawler gears be considered as similar to the extremely low gearing ratios available in the landrover defender?
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I have seen this gypsy when it was being built. You need to stand next to it to really appreciate it's size!!

The spare wheel has been mounted directly on to the chasis. You need to swing away the spare wheel to open the tailgate.

Everything on this vehicle is rock solid!! And the articulation is to die for!!

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beautifully done,

have known arjun since a year now and finally his monster is ready
love the paint job and the contrasting red
one thing not to my liking is the spare wheel and tyre,
otherwise an outstanding zuk

congrats arjun and hats off to you Mr. Raj

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Originally Posted by khan_sultan View Post
Note: Have copied these posts from this thread to start a new thread on this beautiful build of a monster Zuki.
Any one has more details/pictures of this Gypsy? This one seems to have Coil Over Mod done.
Hi Shahnawaz, I have seen this Gypsy in flesh many times @ Raj Kapoor's Performance Auto. Infact my Rally gypsy and this one was getting ready side by side and I have clicked lots of of pics of it at that time. Let me search for them and post it.

Raj has done an amazing work on this. IIRC Arjun bought this brand new Gypsy and drove it straight from showroom to Perfomance Auto for doing this mods. I think it took more than 6 months to complete the works But it was worth waiting!

Kudos to Raj Kapoor and Arjun.
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Though I havent seen the zuk in person but extracted the following from facebook.

  • Custom made front & rear coil spring set up with extra long radial arms for
  • 18 inch plus articulation at wheel.
  • Composite body panels .
  • Offset front axel with diff locks.
  • Eight inch body lift.
  • Twin shoxs on each
  • 35"wheel.
  • Custom swing out spare wheel carrier.
  • Crawler ratios for climbing walls / steps etc
  • Matt black paint job.
  • Winch fitted to extract others in trouble )))
Guys in NCR. This monster will be participating in this weekend's OTR. Anyone willling to see it in flesh, book your seats now!!!

I will be clicking pictures (with the permission of the owner) and upload them on this thread.
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This is one delectable Gypsy....yummy !!!

The quality of the work in terms of fit and finish is excellent

BUT, from an off-roading perspective, there seems to be one drawback...the perceived GC advantage of the bigger tyres are lost by the additional suspension elements (the bright orange/red rods), that will reduce the ramp-breakover angle a lot.

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nice looking monster wish this thread was started 2 months back would have done something like this for my gypsy anyways hats of to the it when people really try some thing out of the box to there vehical.
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Complete build story in pictures by Raj Kapoor at
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Here is a video of this beautiful monster in action:

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