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Default Re: Maruti Gypsy Pictures

@Mods: Not sure if this is the right thread, please move to an appropriate one if necessary.

Here's a heart-touching story of a Maruti Gypsy that was given a grand farewell by the Vellore Post Office for serving the department faithfully for 22 years.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-screen-shot-20210712-10.43.35-am.png

Original link to the Instagram post by NDTV here.
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Default Re: Maruti Gypsy Pictures

Hey Guys,

Quick update on the Gypsy. One of the primary problems was the stiffness of the steering which reduced by about 75% once I put on new tyres. However, while turning left, the vehicle was not turning completely. This was because the left wheel was shaking. I took it to the mechanic, primarily for this work as well as some engine service like replacing filters, oils and any other parts that might need to be replaced as it is a 20 year old Vehicle.

While inspecting, the Mechanic said the Leaf Springs needed to be "mobbed" (Not sure If I got the word right, that's the word used here in Hyderabad). Basically, the Leaf Springs were Flat and had to be returned to their original shape.

The Bearing in the Left Wheel broke as well.

After Fixing the Leafsprings the height between the tyres and fender literally doubled and the ride is much smoother. The car can turn left without any problems not, however, there is still some play in the Steering. Although manageable, I want to get that fixed. My mechanic says replacing the Steering Gear should do the job.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Broken Bearing in the Left Ball Joint I guess?

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-broken-bearing.jpeg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-stands.jpeg

Replaced the Ignitor Plugs and the Spark Plugs. When in third gear the vehicle used to struggle a bit while pushing the Gas, so the Mechanic suggested changing out the Ignitor Plugs and Spark Plugs.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-engine.jpeg

Back Home after a fix.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-diagnal-front-view.jpeg

Side View, looks much more like a Jeep than before. Yes, that's another Gypsy behind, and No, it's not mine. It's one of the Building Resident's Family Member's.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-side-view.jpeg

I now have left to do:

1. Steering Gearbox for the Play.
2. Innova Seats - My cousin has a couple of brand new unused Innova Seats which we plan on fitting in here.
3. Full Rub and Polish.
4. Bumper Painting.
5. Bonnet has a couple of dents and needs to be fixed as well.
6. Due to having sunk in quite a bit of cash already, including the purchase, we are thinking of just wrapping black paper around the fenders for now, to hide the black paint marks. Also, the rear right fender had some minor welding done to it.

All comments / suggestions are welcome!

Well it's a Sunday already so, enjoy the rest of it!
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Default Re: Maruti Gypsy Pictures

Hey Again,

Fitted a couple of brand new Innova Seats in to the car. I was a little skeptical but my cousin who has vast experience in motor vehicles was adamant and told me I knew nothing (which is true).

Anyway, we have a great denter here and instead of making any adjustments to the vehicle he adjusted the seats.

The ride has become 50% smoother just with these Seats. View of the windshield has obviously increased in height and can neatly and clearly see the end of the bonnet.

Here are some pics:

Slides front and back perfectly to adjust leg room, can also lean back, although the back seat kind of hinders towards the end. You can't have everything in life.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-drivers-seat-view.jpeg

Both seats attached, the Hand Brake is neat in the centre, and the gears take a little getting used to, however, the arm rest will come in handy on long drives.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-side-view-2.jpeg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-arm-rest-view.jpeg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-arm-rest-view-2.jpeg

Picture from the outside. The colour goes well with the blue.

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-outside-view.jpeg

Have a great weekend!
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Default Re: Maruti Gypsy Pictures

So after buying the gypsy i started the work of preventive maintenance and started working on getting it back to factory speck. Some of the work done are
1. Changed all the fluids along with spark plugs and all new filters.
2. Got a new radiator and all coolant hoses are changed to new. Got new temperature switches along with a new thermostat.
3. The timing belt was replaced with a new cover as well.
4. Starter solenoid was gone and had to replace that as well.
6. Got all cables i.e, speedo, clutch and accelerator cable replaced.
7. Got the brake lines refreshed with new brake pads and shoes.
8. Got the front differential oil seals replaced and re-greased as there was a small leak.
9. All engine mounts and gearbox mounts replaced with brand new ones.
10. Got the entire clutch system changed with new clutch, pressure plate, releaser bearing and a new flywheel.
11.Got some dashboard trims replaced with new parts to make it look better.
12. Changed all the rims with brand new ones and got brand new yokohama geolander tires on it.
13. Got the valve clearance checked along with tappet adjustment done. The timing was also checked and set right.
14. The idle was a little uneven and the culprit was ICA Valve. Got it replaced with new.
15. Got all new headlights installed for better illumination with 90/100 bulbs installed along with a relay.
15. I also got the windshield changed as it had a lot of scratches on it with brand new ones.
16. Lastly the speedometer was not working as the worm gears were worn out and got the gear box opened and got it overhauled with brand new mgp parts.

These are some of the major works done as of now and my boy feels refreshed. There are a couple of more things pending which i will update in my upcoming posts.

Until then, here are some pictures that i managed to capture

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-2.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-3.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-4.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-5.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-6.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-7.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-8.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-9.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-10.jpg

Maruti Gypsy Pictures-11.jpg
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