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Default Wired and NYT coverage

Icon Motors CJ3B | | Icon Motors Re-engineers the King of the Trail body panels out of modern steel (the old Willys was made of wartime metals that aren't as tough as modern stuff) and coated it all in a Teflon-polyurethane powdercoat that we couldn't scratch despite hurling the truck at trees instead of around them....

"...Every light is LED—from the dashboard to the headlamps. At just 64 inches wide, it's narrow and capable enough to tackle trails that Jeeps aren't technically allowed on. Just try to scratch the paint: We drove through a big-*** thorn bush and wiped away the evidence with a rag. Attracts more thumbs-ups than the Colosseum. Only 83 grand...."

More: What Price Perfection? The $80,000 Army Jeep

Slideshow: A Jeep for High Rollers - Slide Show -

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Default How do you like this Willys Overland CJ3B?

This CJ3B from Icon, modified with mechanicals from Rubicon + GM Ecotec 2.4. I dont like the T-FJ front though, could have been better with the original face.

What you see here is not a modified Willys-Overland CJ3B. Nor is it a vehicle built from the ground up to look something like the old flat-fendered, snub-nosed CJ3B, although that’s what its builder, California-based Icon, says it is. Rather, it is a fetish. It is the embodiment of the idea of a CJ3B, meticulously constructed from modern mechanicals—cut-down Dana 44 axles from the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Fox remote-reservoir coil-over shocks at all four corners (for two feet of wheel travel), four-wheel disc brakes, and a 210-hp, GM 2.4-liter Ecotec four—along with detailing that is obsessively industrial chic. The body’s finish, like that of the company’s more familiar Toyota FJ re-creations, is a matte Teflon-polymer powder coat that promises durability. The seats can be covered in optional and fashionable Chilewich-brand woven vinyl. The interior knobs are unique knurled, engraved, and hand-enameled minor works of art. The thing is a jewelry box. It starts at $77,000.
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Default Re: How do you like this Willys Overland CJ3B?

The thing is a jewelry box. It starts at $77,000.
Absolute rubbish. He's made the CJ3B what it was never meant to be = EXPENSIVE. 77K can get you:

1. A hard-core Wrangler Rubicon (for 30K).

2. A Defender.

3. Even a used Bowler / Tomcat (UK).

4. A used Hummer H1.

5. A real CJ3b. Heck, if I really wanted a CJ3B, I'd buy a real CJ3B that has been painfully restored (though I'd rather do the restoration myself).

I like the concept & the looks, but he's taking it a bit too far with the pricing.
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Default Re: How do you like this Willys Overland CJ3B?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I like the concept & the looks, but he's taking it a bit too far with the pricing.
Very True, a good concept and aesthetic appeal but its definitely not worth the money that is asked. Its too expensive to buy and perhaps maintain for offroad use and too dull and 'offroad specced' for a collector as a prized possession to celebrate the CJ3B legend.
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