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Congratulations!!! Behram Dhabhar,
Its makes us proud to be associated with TBHP with people like you around.
Wishing you all the very best in your new role.

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Sir Behram,


A proud moment for you, your team and members of T-BHP.

M&M bosses know what BEST means and can recognize it.

A veteran in off-roading, building Hybrids, R&D, technical wizard and most vital... immeasurable passion for 4X4's.

Others in your company could possibly qualify for the above criterion but never the last one.

There is a lot more we can expect from M&M with you as its Head COE.

You will always be known as the father of the THAR, driven by single minded dedication and effort it took you to get this project where it is. Your dedicated young team deserve to be by your side in your ascent.

Wishing you, your team and the THAR unprecedented success ahead.


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This is really an exiting dimension to all motor enthusiasts, more so for the Jeep / SUV enthusiasts. The forum TBHP is becoming the melting pot of car lovers / owners and people like Behram who can add a lot of value to enrich car owner's experiences but also use the feedback to respond to niche market requirements in this case Jeep / SUV user segment.

Events like these only make the driving experiences more enjoyable and safer.

Behram Saab, all the very best in your new role.

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Behram saab, Congrats on this position. Hope to see more comfortable mainstream 4x4 vehicles from M&M soon (i.e closer to 6L)
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Congratulations Behram,

A salute to the executive who recognizes customers needs and actually dwells amongst them to get the best feedback for his company. I am sure M&M is proud to have you and the reason for their success is attributed to folks like yourself

Hopefully we will see the best off roaders coming out of your stable soon. For me, I am waiting for the launch announcement on the AXE, Hope you will be coming out with it soon

All the best


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Dear Mr. Dhabhar hearty congrats on your new role, one I have no doubt you will do immense justice to.

Some ideas on projects you could consider

1. Scorpio All Wheel Drive with lockable torsen centre diff

2. Scorpio with selectable 4wd to get front traction control and rear mechanical locking diff

3. Bolero with front and rear mechanical locking diffs

4. Thar with selectable 4wd and front traction control and rear mechanical locking diff

5. Aluminium bodied CJ3B with aluminium alloy version of the Hurricane engine, fuel injected, disc brakes, solid axle front and back with coil suspension, roll bar, four point seatbelt harness, front and back mechanical diff lockers

6. Expedition version of Bolero with trail package, ie front and rear mechanical lockers, winches front and back, water tanks, additional fuel tanks with dual fuel pump system

7. Offroad accessories from sliders to roof racks to winches to navigation devices
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Congrats man! may the new financial year bring you much more prosperity.

What I would like to have from MM is a 5 seater soft-roader under 10L (on road) with the following specs:

* Desiel (Common rail) / petrol (VVT) engines - around 1.6L
* Around 100BHP
* 6 speed AT, with indication of the gear in the instrument cluster.
* Gear lever in the front dash to free up space between the front seats.
* min 2 front Airbags/ ABS / EBD
* Cruise control
* Car like handling and smaller turning radius
* Good FE
* Engine immobilizer and security system / key less entry
* Reverse parking assist
* Adjustable steering wheel, EPS.
* Good music system with bluetooth, USB and front tweeters.
* Integrated Navigation system.
* Fog lamps
* Rear LED lights
* Alloy wheels - 16" tubeless tyres
* Good ground clearance
* Height adjustable front seat belts
* Comfortable seating
* Height/support adjustable driver seats
* Rear seat adjustable like the front seats and 60:40 split, like in Nissan Tiida hatchback.
* Good luggage space with parcel tray like in Tiida hatchback
* Spare wheel inside like in a car like in Nissan Xtrail.
* Low maintenance
* Smaller than the Scorpio

No other bells and whistles required, like Voice assist, tyre-tronics, auto headlights, auto wiper, etc...

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Default Congratulations

Originally Posted by DHABHAR.BEHRAM View Post
Dear all - As we in the organization move from one financial year to another, it becomes a natural progression that we look very closely at newer opportunities for us to base our business progress, customer delight focus and growth. As the standard of living in our country progresses, expression of one's lifestyle has become a necessary requirement of people. Out of the various modes people use to express themselves, off roading in 4 wheel drive vehicles has become one of the preferred modes of this expression. We realize and recognize the potential that this essential activity brings to us, not only as a business but also as a means by which we interact with you all, build customer goodwill and progress the brand awareness and loyalty.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform all of you that from tomorrow, I take over additional responsibility as HEAD COE - 4 WHEEL DRIVE / CULT VEHICLES at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Guys, I am essentially one of you. Over the last one year and 3 months, thanks to all of you and TeamBHP, I think I can state that I have recieved more than my share of recognition as a 4 wheel drive enthusiast and I humbly thank each and every one of you for the same.

I now request you to please share your 4 wheel drive related requirements, needs, emotions and anything else that you may want to share in this thread. We are already interacting on the Thar thread which is only one amongst many M&M 4 wheel drive products playing around in my head. I firmly believe that utilization of this thread will bring out the best amongst all of us, which will finally benefit everybody, you as our brand ambassadors and the organization, where I shall endeavour to bring to you more and more exciting 4 wheel drive possibilities / products.

And by the way, the Thar is well on its way to you, in 4 wheel drive as well as in 2 wheel drive configurations..

Please accept my best personal regards,

Behram Dhabhar
Hello DB Sir,

Congratulations on your Promotion and Appointment.

A few Quick Questions

1) This (COE)seems like another new ploy to fleece customers (Cult Vehicles and the Prospective Off-Roader)

2) What difference are you going to make to M&M 4WDs and the Recreational Off-Road Scenario. (the Thar does not cut it here)

3) Are you going to make FFRA/Solid Axle & Roll-Cages mandatory on all 4WD vehicles (Yes/No)

4) Are you going to introduce a NGCS MM550XD with MDI3200TC+ NGT5204WD +MRCBT+ 57"OKBJ +53"FFRA?

5) On the forum you are definitely one of us. BUT, Can we expect to see you regularly at the bigger Indian OTRs before we really consider you as one of us. (I guess that will be one of the Perks as of Head of COE 4WDs)

6) How do you intend to build customer goodwill? The way you have gone about the M&M Thar & MM540 Wish List is not the best business practice.



PS - IFS+IRS MM540 aka Thar Miss-Adventure, or a Scandalous Solid Axle Scorpio.

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BD Sir, thats great news for all of us !!!!!!!!!!!!
Please accept our well wishes!!!!!!!!!

A person like yourself can only bring about a positive change to M&M, and most importantly , to 4*4 enthu's!!!!!!!!

Here's our verdict for the Thar- even before we drive it - !!!!!!!!
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Behram, congratulations! We need enthusiasts like you driving away the fossilized decision-making in the automotive board rooms of this country.

Best of luck, and I think Mahindra's offerings just got spicier!
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Default Congratulations and celebrations !

Well done boss. You have made this a very exciting year, errr could you let us know what the Thar will retail for and when we could get a 4wd Bolero VLX.

I know you have been taking a good amount of flak but hang in there and keep the excitement coming.


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Congratulations Behram Sir.
As HW put it, 4WD division is in the right hands now.
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Congratulations Behram Sir.
Hope to see a more thoughful product lineup and welcome feature list on products that excite the offroaders community.
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Hope its not an April fools joke!
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Congratulations Behram Sir!
Just one more request i would like to add to the list, please don't force customers to buy high-end versions or the lowest end of the vehicles if they need 4wd. (So is the case with Scorpio and Bolero respectively)
Cheers and Congratulations once again.
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