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Re: Mahindra Thar MDi Thread (more pics at page 24)

After reading 12 pages..i give up..

Originally Posted by DHABHAR.BEHRAM View Post
Dear all - Thank you all for your comments (it's indeed nice to be back on a Thar thread after a long time). You wanted a solid axle vehicle also. Well, you have it now, the best of both worlds. .


However, the "best things in life" are worth waiting for, a l'il bit more time .
Sir, when is Solid Axle Coil coming? I mean seriously!!

Originally Posted by vinod_nookala View Post
Hey Arka,
Now you and tini have every thing, just remove those axles from your old vehicle and put it on new THAR Di 4wd. There you have a rocking machine just like you wanted!! The chassis is same as army one but only thing is that perch points are alterted as it doesnt have to take that monster 7.50 -16 tyre. And yes the steering here is manual RCBT.

For some of you who do not know, THAR DI and CRDe uses the same body as that of Army. Heavy guage pure steel!!
Vinod, 1 direct question - please answer only "YES/NO" . If a prospective THAR CRDE 4x4 owner takes his machine offroad and the front IFS geometry changes - will he get it rectified FOC or will he pay for it?

Originally Posted by gsferrari View Post
I didn't think it was all that great off-road either. Tackling obstacles by crushing the foliage and jackhammering the rocks into submission is not off-roading. The Thar was driven without any care for the mechanicals and survivability. Nobody drives like that off-road. We also saw how IFS was inferior to Solid Axle on many occasions where the "Thar" bottomed out on rocks while attempting a climb.
Can we know the damages post AKC/EXAMM to the suspension department - we saw some sad pics and i dont want my vehicle to be so flimsy!!!

Originally Posted by COUNSEL View Post
Vinod: Are you planning for any offer like.. "Exchange your Old Mahindra Jeep for a Brand New THAR" ?

Thats a SUPER DOOPER IDEA.. just like upupupgrade ROFL

Originally Posted by sreejeshmp View Post
Still I don't undrstand how a Solid Axle can perform better than IFS ?
Sir, This forum has enough information on IFS vs Solid Axle debate. By performance, one also includes the cost of ownership and maintenance. I would love a IFS setup if papa could replace everything for me: LOL replies in BOLD..

Originally Posted by Cyrus43 View Post
a group of passionate people inside an auto manufacturer put in the efforts to do something good for you guys, you all still grumble.
Why cant you look at it from a different POV - People outside the organisation could have seen more options from the markets and are sharing their opinion in an open forum!

From an engineering point of view though, we all know what this car is capable of as we have seen it perform at the EXAAM and AKC. it went through EACH and EVERY single obstacle. Only one of the few cars that did it mind you!! So then why do we keep on harping at the fact that IFS doesnt work. ...

Please give the actual suspension geometry specifications / tolerances of the vehicles OE and the actual values after AKC/EXAMM..We will discuss ENGINEERING mate!!

I know for a fact that Thar bashing will continue for eternity, ..... Sad though. Have fun with your little japanese pretenders.

The little japanese pretenders perform flawless and to my question above, i can post the answers in affirmatives.

Originally Posted by swastikviji View Post
If u think its speculative why can't u publish the original price list, Boss i have no contacts with any wiki-leaks guys, the price is original Karnataka price list. dealers already started calling prospective buyers.

@Viji, when is your THAR coming?
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Re: Mahindra Thar MDi Thread (more pics at page 24)

Come on guys , enough of the debates ,

Now there are two options Di/solid & Crde/ifs ,buy whatever you want & just do it . there is no comparison between the two ( not that any one of them being inferior/superior ) ,these are two separate products .Get one that suits you .

Discussions are endless , this is just happening because some one is listening .It could have been different with other product/company ?( Suzuki , TATA ? ) , is there any other listener to us ?

Our markets don't really give us choices . we ( Indian 4x4 ers ) are just too small for any business worthy proposition,( in a manufacturers view ) that's the reality .DB's creation is the first step to break that ice . Had this not been real the Maruti/Suzuki would have sent models after models here ( just as they are doing in car market )

P.S. Calm down headers , You know all the answers .
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Re: Mahindra Thar MDi Thread (more pics at page 24)

Originally Posted by Sudarshan View Post
these are two separate products .Get one that suits you
Point taken. What about folks who would prefer the DI anyday but cannot get it registered in metros due to BSIII/BSIV issue? Does M&M have any plans to dish out a BSIV DI?

Note from Mod : Please continue in the Thar MDI Driven Thread. This discussion is closed.

Last edited by GTO : 21st January 2011 at 11:36. Reason: Adding link to MDI drive thread and closing
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