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Due to work commitments, my contribution to date has been limited but I do enjoy reading the boards in what little time off I have. I think what distinguishes this forum from many others is a critical mass of knowledge and genuine enthusiam which is by definiton, self sustaining and self reinforcing over time.
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Originally Posted by jinojohnt View Post
Happened to talk to a colleague over lunch:

He also thinks that the site "doesn't look good". Looks are subjective, I must say. May be the looks that car gurus like, doesn't necessarily impress the layman.
I think some users take time to get used to the 'thread' concept. one of my colleagues wanted to see a summarised format, so all we did was to change the format to 'mobile' though he surfs it from his workstation.
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OH! I get lot of information in this forum. I just started looking for a battery charger for my PP car which I am having for more than 16 years now.

At Mumbai, I hardly get time to drive all my vehicles during the weekend. What started like this, went into FICCI, their meets, informative threads, Mr Dhabhar, his knowledge, wisdom enriching ourselves on the way.

A great place to be and following!!! ALL THE BEST T-
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Old 11th July 2011, 13:56   #199
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

I love T-BHP!!

Before I joined, i used to pester my folks with 300rs every month to be able to buy 3 of my favourite car magazines. Dad used to be really irritated, and every one in my family used to think I was weird, for being such a car fanatic. "They're just metal boxes on four wheels, why are you so obsessed with them?" asked my mom everytime I bought yet another magazine.
But then I joined T BHP, and the forum gives me so much info, about everything related to cars, now I find magazines woefully inadequate!!

Now I dont buy magazines anymore. Dad thinks I've been cured of my 'addiction', little does he know that I'm getting more car info than ever!!
And I could discuss car related stuff with like minded people!! For once I'm not considered weird for loving cars!! Yaaay!!

Thanks a lot to the moderators for maintaining the quality on the forum, whose strict rules ensured that the quality didn't deteriorate even after all these years.

Kudos, guys!!
Keep making us petrolheads in the country proud!!
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

I guess, Team BHP is one of those rare web sites that offers unbiased information. Although my contribution has been negligible, thanks to active users and experts, it offers answers to virtually all the questions in the automobile arena. This is one forum where the quality of members and their comments has been consistenty high, despite a surge in membership and posts. Google's spider can learn a few tricks from our mods in identifying spam
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Old 7th November 2011, 09:04   #201
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

Team BHP is all class , Gentleman talk and refined. This is what my CEO from UK said. Most Forums have very poor standards , No ownership. Team BHP is different. It feels like home and proud to be a part of Team BHP.
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Old 2nd January 2012, 23:22   #202
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

I love the originality of the information posted here. There is no "I heard so" kind of information for the most part.

I have entirely based two of my car puchases based on this site, and whoever I have referred it to were amazed. Glad to see such a nice site in India, contributing to we petroheads crazes.
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Old 9th March 2012, 16:32   #203
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

Dear All,

This is my first post and here I am on this thread to thank all the moderators for all their efforts to maintain Team-bhp best site in every respect. Keep up the good work guys, because it is your passion, dedication and devotion which bring success to Team-bhp. I salute you all.
As we are aware most of the moderators are working professionals and in today's busy world where many people can not even spare time for their family here our moderators are putting such hard work which can not be described with words. Good going guys. With this I wish some day our Team-bhp will become the best website in the world.
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
  • We have resisted numerous threats from players of the automotive industry who were cheesed off with an honest (yet negative) Team-BHP review about their product / service. NOT ONCE have we given in to players from the automotive industry and their biased demands. And we never will either!
Team-BHP is extremely close to our hearts, and we will only put in the best of efforts. Pro-activeness, attention to detail and the desire to excel has become a habit within the Support team.

Thanks guys for your time. For your support. For your loyalty. For the love shown to Team-BHP!! What you have contributed is invaluable to this community.
Every time I read the above quote in our vow to keep this forum clean, it gives me goosebumps.

Way to go.
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

I visited a big international forum last week to know more on a subject and it took a lot of effort to skim through all the non value adding comments and get the specific detail that I was looking for.

And back here, the forum is absolutely clutter free. You can quite simply read each and every post and there is no need for skimming. Shows the effort that goes behind the scene to make this happen.

A bow to the entire support team for all the hard work. Thanks guys.
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

I may have failed to get in IITs and IIMs but I am lucky to be a Team-BHPian!

Team-BHP is no less than IITs or IIMs in automotive world.

Long Live Team-BHP.
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Old 16th March 2012, 11:53   #207
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

This is the team that should be running the country!
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

First up all I congratulate the entire team for contributing their BEST in maintaining this GREAT FORUM in pristine condition and also to each and every one who are directly or indirectly connected with this forum working hard 24X7X365 and it is only their sacrifices our forum is in enviable position.

I wish may the forum grow in leap and bounds
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

More than six years ago GTO wrote this post and kudos have been flowing in since then. It is a confirmation of the consistent effort of 'THE SUPPORT'. An exceptional achievement, Thanks and wishing the forum greater heights.
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Default re: The commitment to maintain Team-BHP's QUALITY!

u guys are outstanding. tbhp is a mecca for autoheads like us. proud to be a t-bhpian

Last edited by khan_sultan : 2nd June 2012 at 12:37. Reason: edited & removed .....
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