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Old 27th February 2006, 11:02   #61
Team-BHP Support
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Aw shucks,
Thanks to all the members who makes this job fun.
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Old 27th February 2006, 11:15   #62
Team-BHP Support
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Thanks to everyone here as well, lets not forget that its every one of us that makes up this community and its knowledge and "family spirit" :P

Ofcourse a great big thanks to the other mods for always being there and its truly a great proffessional relationship we share (not that its all business...but business sure comes first)! and especially GTO for continuously pushing the standards, features and infrastructure of TBHP. Long ago he said "You have to keep moving forwards, standing still is the same as going backwards" and he has truly shown that he believes that.

As far as the "life of a mod" have the advantage of being spread in different timezones around the world so i think its safe to say there is always atleast one mod on 24/7/365.
On average we edit/delete/rename/move threads and posts 600 times a month. NOT including PMs and thousands of posts discussing important or even insignificant matters in the Support Section.
Many phonecalls and smss have been exchanged at 4 in the morning in the rare case that the server / software malfunctions...and sure enough people have got out of bed and tried to fix the issue asap.

Well thats about it for now!
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Old 27th February 2006, 11:32   #63
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Cheers to all the members

Thank you so much all for your kind words. AS Rehaan mentioned there is never a time when a moderator is not online. Everything from editiong posts to resizing images is done on the double We are always there in times of emergency so that the forum is always up at all times.

Thanks everyone once again for supporting the Support Team and making this an awesome forum
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Old 27th February 2006, 11:58   #64
Team-BHP Support
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Thanks all

End of the day, you guys make this place run.

Although we set high standards in terms of quality of posts, remember, we are human and over the past month, we have taken steps to moderate ourselves.

It is a challenge to combine work with moderator activities. But hey, without challenge, they ain't no fun
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Old 27th February 2006, 12:14   #65
Team-BHP Support
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Gosh, this thread is overflowing with support. That alone makes the job worth itself! Thanks to all the members who have come forward in showing their appreciation to the moderator team.

Many phonecalls and smss have been exchanged at 4 in the morning in the rare case that the server / software malfunctions..
Just a note : Its always Rehaan who wakes me up in the middle of the night. Hes currently studying in the United States and does not understand the concept of different time zones


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Old 27th February 2006, 12:16   #66
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Originally Posted by ajmat
we are human and over the past month, we have taken steps to moderate ourselves
It takes a lot to realise and admit that. Hats off to you, and to all the mods!
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Old 27th February 2006, 13:19   #67
Team-BHP Support
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Whoa! Now how did I miss this post... ok, got it. It started on a saturday (when I was offline).

Goes without saying guys, you people are doing one heck of a job. There are so many of them everywhere on the web. And yet we stand out. Its all because of the effort that you guys put in. I am sure that today if we search our treasure trove there is definitely something for every auto-enthusiast, and there is hardly anything on wheels that we have not covered in-depth.

Keep up the good work. You make TBHP Rock!!!
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Old 27th February 2006, 13:24   #68
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I know it cannot be an easy task being moderators in a forum with views as diverse as we have but I think you guys do a wonderful job.

So this is just a THANK YOU & GREAT JOB DONE , wish you the very best and assure you of any support we can provide.
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Old 27th February 2006, 13:46   #69
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i think i m too late to post my feelings as every member's post here has snatched my words. but i would like to give my heartiest congratulations to GTO and the team of mods for all the work they do, inspite of their busy schedules. somebody mentioned it as a thankless job but i disagree here as it is a voluntary job and it also gets lots of thank yous from all of us.

secondly being one of the few female members, here i have learnt a lot, which i hadnt known specially technicalities of an automobile, before i joined this forum.

hats off to all you mods & members.


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Old 27th February 2006, 13:58   #70
Senior - BHPian
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Undoubtedly,Team-BHP is the #1 Indian Automotive forum and one of the the best of all the Automotive forums on the WWW.

This is from my personal experience of scrounging through the Web for the last 8 years. Although I happened to knew about T-BHP only recently.

Kudos to all the Team-BHP crew and the Team-BHP members.
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Old 27th February 2006, 14:10   #71
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i always enrol for lots of other stuff on the fantasy sports an all..never follow it up more than twice an year, but its this forum that i log into and keep track of everyday..

great job done guys...!

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Old 27th February 2006, 15:55   #72
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Only one things to say...Team-BHP is the best !!!

Thanks MODS for doing this.

Although I might not have lot of posts on this forum, but I am active for more than year now and Team-BHP is just part of daily routine for me.

Here are few highlights from my-end and all credit goes to all Moderators:
1. I dont remember this site ever down or responding slow..just fabulous !!
coming from IT background...I can understnad efforts put-in to keep it going.
2. Another aspect I noticed....I use this forum sometimes as Goolge serach alternative for so many things. I think this just tell success of Team-BHP.

Gr8 job done !!!
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Old 27th February 2006, 16:13   #73
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It really is difficult to imagine life without tbhp. It has been great fun and education for me for the last year and a half. I am thankful to all the moderators for putting up such a good forum. It really is unnecessary to browse any other forum for information related to automobiles.
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Old 27th February 2006, 19:48   #74
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I spent quite some time on this forum for information on right choice of alloy wheels for my santro xing and I must say that this site gives very convincing answers because members share their experiences. A forum like this is exactly what I am looking for. The site response has been superb! Being a technician myself I understand how much it takes to keep these sites up. Five stars to all those guys who develop & maintain this site!

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Old 27th February 2006, 19:55   #75
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Fantastic job guys, Keep it up. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the mods and hope to seeing you all at the track some day.
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