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Old 26th May 2007, 16:33   #121
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Default too good

This is the best auto forum i ve seen..yet.
great job by mods, support staff
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Old 31st May 2007, 20:05   #122
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This is truly a great forum & kudos to the moderators for the wonderful job they are doing. For me it was an exhaust from the frustruated friends of mine due to my auto discussions & here its like an ocean. Another commendable initiative is the effort to keep this forum live by bringing in NON-AUTO discussions too (Shifting gears). The Ant story was the best of it.

Meet sessions is another attraction as i havent met any of the members before, after spending so many years in this city.

Since this has grown as a matured community, suggests to do something for the crisis both government & public facing due to todays growth in the automobiles, like the bad driving or non awareness of good driving or what ever...
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Old 1st June 2007, 10:57   #123
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yes, it is really very nice forum, which provides tons of information and it is REALLY VALUABLE.
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Old 10th July 2007, 23:01   #124
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After on the forum for about a month.. I feel at home The members are friendly and the moderators do a excellent job of cutting the nonsense out. Including moderating slang / language and racist remarks. Best of all no SMS language. the way I like it. easy to read, no deciphering needed. TBHP all the way !!!!!!!!!
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Old 10th July 2007, 23:05   #125
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I was in the search of a car and started using TBHP from last 3 months. Now it has become a part of my routine to visit and spend an hour going through the new posts and learning, learning and more learning.
Kudos to the moderators of this forum for maintaining a healthy environment in spite of having more than 10K members.
Its really a great feeling to be a part of this forum

With Best Regards
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Old 11th September 2007, 13:57   #126
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Never mind if it is 19 months after the last post on this thread! This is indeed the best moderated forum I've seen around.
Great going gentlemen.
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Old 25th September 2007, 14:27   #127
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Default Kudos

Thanks a ton guys for making me feel normal that a lot of people are made about cars, for making office hours liveable, and importantly, kicking butts of errant lordy manufacturers/dealers
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Old 3rd October 2007, 12:00   #128
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I have learnt a whole lot within a span of a month and was able to buy and drive my first car effortlessly. Thanks to you and your wonderful team
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Old 3rd October 2007, 14:12   #129
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Originally Posted by simonkayar View Post
...and was able to buy and drive my first car effortlessly.
Simon, that really can't be true! You MUST have learnt your driving yourself or through a motor training school. No one here is giving driving lessons! But I kinda see what you mean.
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Old 3rd October 2007, 22:19   #130
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I am addicted to this forum!
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Old 3rd January 2008, 14:21   #131
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@GTO & all the mods: is the best automotive forum for sure and i am enjoying every minute of the many hours that i spend everyday on team-bhp.

one of my observations is that there are a few members who have very good stuff to contribute, but make major grammatical mistakes and at times end up being ridiculed by other members. i feel the issue of grammatical mistakes needs to be looked into.
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Old 3rd January 2008, 14:56   #132
Team-BHP Support
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There is an excellent thread on how to post by the Yeti (Sam Kapasi).

I rate it as a MUST READ.
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Old 3rd January 2008, 17:11   #133
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AS some others, my only regret is that I didn't join the forum before I did.
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Old 11th January 2008, 22:45   #134
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Tata Nano launch seems to have heavily influenced team-bhp. See below .. No wonder the site was found to be pretty slow during those hours..

Most users ever online was 2,676, 10th January 2008 at 14:53.

Last edited by appuchan : 11th January 2008 at 22:46.
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Old 11th January 2008, 23:10   #135
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@Kuttapan :I agree Kuttapan that just like you and many others I too regret for not joining earlier. But still, Better late than Never and this site rocks and honestly every person who loves their rides ought to be here .
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