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Actually, I also have something to add here. Like Samurai said:

Please let's not be petty. I know exactly what he meant by that. Useless PM's talking about favouritism and "Oh, this moderator is power-mad, oh that moderator likes this guy so he allows him to talk like that" etc etc. It's all rubbish and if you think this forum is like that- you are WRONG!

Treat this forum like your own. Do what your supposed to do and have a little fun, doing it. When you write a post, make it one that members will look forward to reading. Share what you know, learn from others. It's a community. If you can't make friends, you don't need to be here. Please remember this. Sorry if it sounds strong. Maybe you did something stupid and the moderators are watching you. Well, if you stick around sensibly long enough to be liked and trusted, you won't have any issues here and OUR forum will be a better place.
Trust me on this one guys: If you post high quality posts, make sense, share knowledge and don't be petty about anything- The mods will let you get away with a lot more than you think you can.

Moderators are fun guys too, they like to horse around, talk crap and laugh lots. Just like you and me. They're doing an HONORARY (read: thankless, moneyless) job, to make sure, foolish jokers dont spoil YOUR forum.

That said, Rudra, well written sir. Domo Arigato.
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Nice addendum, Sameer-sama. Domo Arigato Gozaimasta.
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Old 29th June 2006, 08:36   #18
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First of all, Thanks to everyone involoved in bringing us such a good forum.

Who were the ones that started this forum, whose idea was it?
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Old 29th June 2006, 09:11   #19
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Rudra, once again BANG... the nail right on the head (as usual).
Have to agree with Sam... Domo Arigato Sensai!
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Old 2nd July 2006, 11:56   #20
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While the thoughts in this thread are being praised, I strongly urge all members, whether Newbies or Senior - BHPians to implement thoughts that guys like Rudra, Samurai and Sam have put forward. Please co-operate with the members of the support team, whether old timers or new.
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Old 3rd July 2006, 17:24   #21
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To me, T-BHP is the best way to keep me updated on whats going on in India. (I plan to come back home soon)

And i am glad to be a part of it...Many if not all know what they are talking about and has enlightened many others on similar lines..

I have never felt like an outsider on many occasions and thus am selective about posting on sections that i cannot relate to just because i am not sure about the current scene there...

But there are times when i do feel like one...

As much as i respect age, as knowledge comes with it....(in most cases atleast) i would hate to be the one to go against some one with a Senior - BHPian status or even a MOD for that matter...or someone having a go at me....just because they have a ton of a result of posting a lot of one liners....BUT I WILL SPEAK MY MIND.

NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE!!! (I hope you'll understand where i am coming from)

I also believe that "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN"

On similar lines, I have seen many of our young members being called "KIDS" and told off....(some of them ask for it...and deserve it most of the time)...BUT lets not allow age to be a deterant in any case....

I learnt to drive at the age of 13 on a Premier Padmini with my mum...and have been blessed with an oppertunity to drive/own some of the best cars on the planet at the age of 26...wonder what i would do at 36?????


I thought i'd share my thoughts with the people who care about the MOTORWORLD in and around them, thus making an effort to keep something like T-BHP going...

(Plus the girlfriends being a pain in the butt AND TV is boring at the moment AND have had a few beers AND most importantly - MISSING HOME!!)



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Hi Rudra da

a great SWOT there, i think one is long over due, you are just the right one to do it again having seen another 4 years through.

your findings are more valid today.
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