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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Happy 10th, everyone!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations to GTO and the Team! Happy 10th Birthday, Team-BHP!!

A perfect time to add the new keychain to the Team-BHP merchandise!!

Regards and Keep Revving,

Rahul Waghmare.

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post

hey GTO, check this out - someone found us via Google. Unreal!
Ha ha ha .. that'd be me who brought it up in my intro. Time truly flies!

I can't remember one site/forum that I have visited almost every single day apart from team-bhp. It started with a simple research on a car and continued with learning new things, travelling all around the world via the awesome travelogues and simply sharing the joy of a new car, a new baby and many such things.

Happy 10th Birthday TBHP... here's to many many more! Cheers!!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Wow so 10 years for Tbhp. Almost 8 years for me. I know it says I joined in December 2006, but I actually joined in March 2006 with a different username. I posted for a while, but then I realized no one could see my posts. I stopped posting for a few months, and then decided to re join with another username. So its been this since. Come to think of it I found Tbhp on my birthday in 2006, I have no clue how I found it but thank god I did!

I've been hooked since and been checking it and posting everyday since I was a 14 year old child. I had a Baleno at the time, and everyone was going ga-ga over it on Tbhp, I think that's what made me start posting.

Have learned a huge amount about cars and so many other things from the members here, made so many friends and had so many great experiences with people who I've met here.

I just knew it was a matter of time before the site went huge, and now here we are.

Its an honor to be a D-Bhpian and also to be one of the top 20 posters.

Cheers to the support team, Ds and all Bhpians. May we celebrate many more.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Hearty congratulations to Team-BHP on crossing the tenth milestone.
I must say, the forum has been a source of immense knowledge for me. I had come across this forum while searching for projector headlamps for my Beat. Though the project did not work out, I grew a fan for this site. Time flew, and I decided I couldn't live without a membership - I had indeed grown an addict.
Team-BHP has been a talking point in so many conversations, even interviews! Indeed a mechanical engineer's delight.
Here's wishing the team many more years of test drives, reviews, help and conversation.

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

What a wonderful decade it has been. Definitely speaks volumes about the fun and adventure each one of you have been through !! Sometimes I miss being a part of the group from its early days. But nevertheless, the last 1.5 years of me being here, has been eventful and joyful.
I have matured from a Newbie to a BHPian, not just by the number of posts or thanks, but by the knowledge I have gained and shared over these years. Ever need something, I can still go back to a post made 10 years back, and get help. That's the power of Team-BHP.

Fast forward another 10 years, I will be looking back and seeing this date with so much excitement. I would be telling stories to my kids of the fun and adventure we all had !!

I am so excited to be a member of this wonderful community and look forward to many many many years of togetherness.

Wishing all BHPians Good Luck !!

PS: Where's the party tonight ?
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Searching franticly for the solution for the problem if diesel is poured into a Honda City Gen-2 as my dad's colleague's car on 21st Jan, 2010 on Google but was either having links of a few pages on some car forum UK, still searching in the last suggestion I find "Honda OHC - Wrong fuel filled!!" which was linked to the website --- Opened the link and found that all posts were indicating a tow truck to H.A.S.S and empty of the fuel tank and fuel lines. All fine now and days pass by..

I get a thought somewhere in my mind, why not apply and join the website to enhance and sharpen my knowledge, meet like-minded crazy souls who LIVE on things that bear engines and talk POWER.

Tried applying and filling the registration form, a few days later got an email saying 'Membership Rejected'. Applied again a few days later but got the same email. Got busy will college and studies later on job.

In October, 2011 I apply and wait for the reply from the moderator. On 15th Oct I get the email saying 'Membership Approved'. I just didn't know how to react and wanted to replying saying a 'Thank you' but it was a system generated email which I couldn't reply to. So now I say Thank for approving me and making me a part of this wonderful and a well-parented (and guarded) family

A journey from a Newbie to what I am now is enlightening and I can now speak a bit of sense when it comes to auto mobiles where the mind is brainstorming to find root-cause and a solution if I am in trouble or any other person is in trouble. This change in me has come by reading the wealth of information that exists with transparency and truth.

Made many friends here and have attended a fair number of meets that are conducted and AFAIK the Hyderabad chapter has the most number of meets conducted with decent attendance to back with which is an encouragement for further meets though I have kept missing the crucial meets due to my odd work timings

If you guys don't object here are a few pictures of the meets we have had and of that I could attend.

Name:  HydBang Kurnool.jpg
Views: 1306
Size:  100.2 KB

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img_0472.jpg

A Decade with Team-BHP...-_dsc6329_01.jpg

A Decade with Team-BHP...-medak-church-2.jpg

A Decade with Team-BHP...-mega-meet1.jpg

Name:  NSagar.JPG
Views: 1283
Size:  478.5 KB

A Decade with Team-BHP...-orr1.jpg

A Decade with Team-BHP...-bike-ride-08.01.12.jpg

The guys behind the scenes are always thinking on how to make life easy for we BHPians and for them also by giving return gifts to us for the love shown by all we BHPians to the automobile world and making this website a No.1 for any human who wants ANYTHING regarding automobiles.

1) 'Team-BHP' Stickers Set
2) 'Team-BHP' App
3) 'Team-BHP' keychain

and now another surprise and thank you gesture from the moderators is the

4) Live To Drive Key chain set that is just released and is up for grabs. I have ordered one half an hour back though!

Such things will be needing so much of thought, efforts, coordination, constant monitoring to keep life smooth which is difficult as the guys behind the scenes have a personal life too which needs dedication along with balance. If so much time is spent here for we BHPians, what could be their condition overall looking such a big mass of knowledge and population. Hats-off to you all! The life of a MOD.... is difficult!

Now I am standing here 2 years and 4 months later to see so much more liveliness and information being shared and the impact that is happening on manufacturers who follow our reviews, problems etc. The power of Media has been and is being harnessed very well by the website.

Days are lying by and it has been 10 years since start, I have joined 7 years late but can relate to the fun that I have missed had I joined it earlier. My bad luck but now I am happy to be a part.

Happy Birthday Team -BHP and to all members who have helped get this website so much name and success.

Name:  Mega Meet.jpg
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Size:  37.8 KB

Thanks and Regards,
Anurag Shenoy.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

I have been an ardent follower of teambhp since 2006.

I thank GTO,the support team and bhpians for all their dedication.
It has been a glorious 10 years and wish the team, many more prosperous years to come.

A very special thanks to Avi (mobike 008) for introducing me to the amazing bunch of bhpians from Hyderabad.

Avi we need to have a 10th year birthday bash.
Posting some random pictures from the drives

PS:loved the" LIVE TO DRIVE"key ring and immediately ordered one.
Attached Thumbnails
A Decade with Team-BHP...-1207888d1392316856tteambhpkeychainsherenewlivedriveaddedimg_4036.jpeg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-1207886d1392316856tteambhpkeychainsherenewlivedriveaddedimg_4077.jpeg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img20140214wa0029.jpg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img20140214wa0028.jpg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img20140214wa0027.jpg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img20140214wa0031.jpg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img20140214wa0030.jpg  

A Decade with Team-BHP...-img20140214wa0026.jpg  

Attached Images

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations! Team-BHP for wonderful 10 years. I have been part of Team-BHP since 2008 and since then almost everyday I am coming here. Lots of fun, excitement we gather here everyday on our passion for cars. And yes, with the help of Team-BHP, I was able to decide my first big car Tata Safari. Congratulations Again.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Happy 10th, everyone!
Where is your post? Only mods posted in this thread sans you. Waiting for some "nice" post of your 10 years journey with Team-BHP.

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Happy 10th Birthday.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations to the entire Moderator team and D Bhpians.
A fantastic effort by all.

I remember, being hooked to team-bhp since early 2008. Well, I only became a member mid 2010 though. I was just 13 when I became known to such a lovely forum.
So it has been around 6 years for me out here.
Over the years, I have learnt a lot, made some really nice friends from the group, became a little more mature and lastly have had a ball of a time here.

Been addicted to the place since the very beginning, check it maybe 4-5 times daily, come examinations or anything, nothing stops me.

All the best and wishing many more years to come for Team-Bhp

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Heartiest Congrats to the Mods and all the members for making this memorable landmark. The awareness of Team-BHP has increased over the years.
What I love most - Reviews by any of the mods. They are technically accurate , genuine,sincere and very direct. The pros and cons of the vehicle are listed out so well that if someone is really interested in buying that vehicle he will definitely re-visit it again. I am really hooked to that section and the travelogues. I am amazed by the members who make such brilliant efforts not only shooting amazing pictures and patiently uploading them but also listing so many minute details about the trips. I am totally hooked to this site and I wish this would grow bigger and bigger.
I would have said turn 100 but I won't be there for sure to see that spectacle ... Anyway best wishes once again to the website , mods and people behind the scenes and best of all the fellow T-BHPians
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Been here 9 out of 10 years and what a journey its been!

Thanks guys

Name:  tbhpnandi hill.jpg
Views: 1155
Size:  42.0 KB
Bangalore - Nandi Hills 2009
Picture courtesy - Tadukottan
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Many congratulations to Team BHP, the team of moderators and the members on the 10th anniversary! Being active for over 10 years by no means is a lowly feat IMO. So cheers to that!

Iíve been on this forum for a little less than a year and based on my little experience, what Iíve noticed is that the forum has very good content in the form of articles such as the official car reviews, ownership reviews and test drive reports compiled by members, travelogues that take us around the world, articles that serve as eye-openers for manufacturers (for instance, Manufacturer X: The Way Forward), topics on DIY (Iíve gotten my hands dirty recently on a couple of modifications), interesting discussions on various topics that doesnít limit itself to the automotive/technical front - the Shifting Gears sub-section is one of the most happening sections on the forum with discussions on possibly everything under the sun - eateries, pets, computers, home appliances, Android, Windows Phone, working out (thank you SDP Sir for inspiring some of us to get out of the couches!), quitting smoking, books, movies, TV serials, stock markets and provident funds, online shopping, you name it!

There are two good things that stand out in this forum - one, everything feels organized and is in place wherever they are meant to be. And thatís usually a good thing IMO because we donít have to search through a dozen threads to find the answers. And two, there are no trolls! Forums go completely haywire when there are trolls, the discussions go off-topic and then thereís mudslinging, name calling etc. that degrade the quality of the forum. The rules of the forum are strict no doubt (I am glad I cleared the test in the first attempt. Honest to God I did! ) and this has deterred some of them pretty badly but I have honestly felt that, they are part of the reason this forum reeks of quality.

Please keep up the good work and good luck to Team BHP for the future. I sincerely hope I can contribute my bit in the years to come.

Oh and many thanks for the new keychain Rehaan! Looks very nice.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations Team-BHP ! What a wonderful 10 year long journey so far, wish many more such years !! Never been part of any online community such as Team-BHP, you are one of a kind !
Birthday present key chain looks good, would order one soon.

Keep revving!
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