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Old 18th February 2017, 19:35   #166
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Most heartfelt gratitude to all the mods and members for graciously providing the best Indian automotive content. I never expected that such a site would or even could have existed till I stumbled across Team-BHP. Going through each & every thread I could have gone through has been a fascinating and eye opening experience. It's quite comforting to find out there are people with similar mindset like yourself out there who truly care about their cars. Hope it keeps growing in the years that are to come.
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Old 18th February 2017, 22:58   #167
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Many many happy returns of the day TeamBHP.

And thank you for creating such an awesome forum to discuss cars. You can't imagine how euphoric I was when I was granted the membership. I treasure this membership as much as my academic certificates. The hashtags #LiveToDrive and #TeamBHPian on my Twitter handle @amitjha086 are truly achievements for me. I can only hope that they are not protected by copyrights.

Seeing the amount of time I spend on TeamBHP, my wife tells me that one day I would go crazy because of cars; to which I reply: Aren't I already
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Old 19th February 2017, 12:22   #168
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

I really don't know how I missed this thread! Wishing TBHP a belated happy birthday. I am proud to be a member of a forum that values the truth, unbiased reports and quality of posts over any other factor especially commercial.

To me TBHP is a benchmark when it comes to internet fora of ANY type that focuses on ANY subject.

My heartiest congratulations to GTO for having started this gem of a forum and once again to GTO & all the Mods for their superb work in consistently maintaining quality and readability on TBHP.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you and of course the members.
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Old 19th February 2017, 14:34   #169
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Belated wishes TBHP!
@GTO you mentioned that initially you funded this website from your pocket. Curious to know, how is it funded now? Obviously the merchandise play a part, but I cannot imagine them being the major cash flow? Is it the banner ads on the bottom right? Or all the mods pitching in? Also, is it a net profit or no-loss-no-gain kind of venture?
What helps I think is that the mods do not depend on this website as their primary source of income(please correct me if I am wrong). It is essential, I believe, for money to not be involved at any stage for a sense of community to exist, as it does here. I don't think I have seen such camaraderie among users on other fora, FB for example(which is heavily monetised).
Finally, having seen another forum I am a part of degrade in quality once more users started using it, the mods here do a good job of keeping out irrelevant content(mine included on one occasion). All this makes for a community I feel a part of, and would love to be a part of for a long time.

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Old 20th February 2017, 10:51   #170
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Happy 13th Birthday TBHP. A big thanks to the founders, moderators, support team and all the members for keeping this community the way it is.
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Old 20th February 2017, 11:08   #171
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Happy Returns to my most beloved Forum on this planet.

Special shout out to GTO & all the Mods for their tireless work.

IMHO The only unbiased show/review that came close to T-BHP was the Top Gear.Now that even TG is not around. I feel T-BHP is the only place where one could find the most sincere/honest/unbiased reviews. Also I wish to Thank all the members for sharing their reviews, thoughts and travelogues .
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Congratulations to GTO, the Moderators and the entire Team-BHP family!
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Best Wishes to all. I have visiting this site for many years for unbiased opinions and news on new cars. This has helped enormously at the time of deciding which car to buy. Will shortly be be taking delivery of my 4th new car in past twelve years (by Grace of God) . In each case inputs from BHPians have tilted the decision in favour of one car over the other.All the best for the future.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Happy Birthday Team BHP . Yes agree to the points mentioned by GTO. Hope we continue to grow and prosper.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Happy Birthday Team -Bhp.Proud to be part of the family and the values and quality it stands for.May we grow in numbers.
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Old 23rd February 2017, 02:37   #176
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Time to reminisce, so I shall take the opportunity to go back as far as my journey with the forum is concerned, almost 4 years ago.

I got here with the promise that I shall, whenever I can, add value, a different dimension and a new perspective to the world of automobiles - a world that means different things to different people, to some freedom, to some travel and to some, a means of connecting with themselves in the journey called life.

The beauty of this is that opinions, realities, keep changing in this sector.. something the popular press can never admit. For those who aren't familiar, a certain brand did try to squash its own realities by unfairly blaming the forum for publicizing such facts and threatened to move to legal action, but GTO led from the front and the members did the rest by standing their ground.. to me this was the turning point that defined the community for years to come.

I also saw a video by a YouTube car reviewer who said that while they try their best to maintain honesty and share actual opinions and facts about each car, the companies go to great lengths make a 100% neutral review impossible by using their PR muscle, giving subtle hints before handing over for test-drive and even going to the extent of undermining the credibility of the reviewer should he/she slip up even in one way. This is sad because it totally destroys any honest interaction between buyer and company, and the company can no longer understand the customer and tune their products accordingly. A deaf company is as bad as it gets and Team-BHP was just what was needed as everything remains in writing here.

Going from a silent reader to a member, many things have changed over the past 4 years, but yet there always remains a desire to contribute to this forum, meaningful and useful facts about the few things I know/come across. This cannot be any more evident than this very post itself, being composed at 2 a.m in the morning even though I barely have time even to myself anymore. I hope that I'm able to fulfill my journalistic ideals/desires via this forum and I hope I can continue to create better content, better articles in due course.

Happy Birthday.
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Old 24th February 2017, 00:32   #177
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

A belated but very happy birthday to Team-BHP. A special thanks to GTO and all the moderators. It is a phenomenol task to maintain unbiased and authentic forum to discuss cars and many more everyday items from Jio mania to legal help to English grammar nazi.

A special cheer to all of us for being part of this wonderful journey.

I remember a thread discussing how some brands are losing their sheen because they have stopped doing that one thing they were known for. I am sure Team -BHP will always maintain that one thing about being unbiased. And we all should support this in whichever way we can.

Also the stickers on our cars make me feel safe while on road, because I know if I get stuck and there is a forum contributor or reader I will get help. I have had people and smile and wave at me seeing sticker on my car.

Kudos and congrats to everyone here
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Old 26th February 2017, 14:19   #178
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

I know it's a bit late but I wanted to stop by and say a big thank you to the entire team at team bhp. I have no doubt spent countless hours reading reviews, going through opinions and debating facts with the members on this forum. It has been fantastic to be able to discuss on this slightly weird but common passion with like minded 'nuts'.
The reviews have been great and getting better, and some of the ownership and travel threads have been amazing to say the least.
It is rare these days to get an honest opinion and to get people who are willing to lend a helping hand when asked.

It has been a wonderful pleasure to have this site and the community which has grown around it, and I hope it goes from strength to strength going forward.

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Old 5th March 2017, 21:45   #179
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Heartfelt gratitude to the forum for being a reliable source of automobile information. The moderators are doing a great job in keeping the forum content neat. Hope my favourite forum will remain as it is. Thanks a lot for this wonderful community.
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Old 6th March 2017, 20:30   #180
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 13th birthday, let's celebrate our independence

Happy B'day TBHP!

I owe all of my car related know how to TBHP. The journey from a complete car noob to a somewhat aware individual in a year could not have happened without TBHP. I'm the first member to buy a car in my family and so for any advice related to car ownership, I turn to this esteemed forum and its members.

I learnt driving at the ripe age of 34 and it again couldn't have been possible without this forum. From defensive driving to evidence-based driving to rev matching, I was introduced to all of it here.

My heartfelt gratitude to the moderators for maintaining the sanctity of this treasure trove of information. And also not to forget the wonderful members who are so willing and enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge with members like me. Thank you very much!!

I look forward to being part of this forum's journey and hope to meet some of guys on the way, literally!

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