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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

I have been on TeamBhp since I first learnt about RD350s and then was suggested by a senior at my college to register my self to get the feeds regularly, I didn't realise that it was some sort of a matter of pride for that senior that I was an accepted member of the team.From a curious RD enthusiast to furiously searching for one to owning one and finally becoming an "RD spare industry critic", I learned and enligtened folks as per my experiences. There were some odd moments when team mates would take it personally and things would almost fly off the hands but then in the end it was the team spirit that subsided the commotion.
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Let me take this opportunity to appreciate the moderators for their incredible job throughout these years with such perfection. The level of work done in background is totally praiseworthy. To maintain this kind of culture is not a simple task but Team-BHP support and Admin team has put on a ton of effort and energy for this culture which is very apparent.

Having that in mind, if the passion of all the BHPians whom contributed directly or indirectly with their vast knowledge and different views in varied topics were not there in the first place, I fear this milestone would not have been achieved.

Simply Great!
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

I'm a bit late to the party, and everything has been already been spoken. I have been an ardent fan of Team BHP since almost more than a decade. Staying unbiased as a journalist from any field or niche is a very tough path. Bigger brands try to use all the "Saam Daam Dand Bhed" to break you, dissolve you or master you. But this in effect has been the USP and one single reason people believe in this community and the TBHP reviews more than anything and anyone else.

Great efforts as always put in by TBHP and the founding team. Owning and running a startup, I know what pains someone has to go through in the initial days.

Happy Birthday TeamBHP!
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Happy 15th Birthday Team BHP , our beloved !!

To me , the forum is summarized in a couple of sentences from the opening post by GTO -
# 1.
It is car owners that run the auto industry
And # 2.

Neither me nor my team will ever mislead you
As we all know , Trust is a rare commodity today in almost all walks of life , and I can vouch for the fact that Team-BHP has really established itself as a "Trusted Advisor" for all matters automobile; It is no small feat, by any means.

I would also like to add that the Merchandise Store of T-BHP is getting dangerously addictive , I tend to look it up all the time whenever I have to get a gift for my brothers/relatives ; Needless to say I have already bought and used all the items already for myself ; Hopefully the store grows leaps and bounds - along with the Forum !!

Lastly - Thanks to all moderators for doing a fabulous job all these years, I hope you keep doing so in future too and to all BHP-ians for their invaluable posts that makes this forum a success it is today ...Godspeed to all in this journey !!

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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Happy Birthday to my addiction!
Wake up in the morning, press keyboard shortcut on Blackberry, open one bleary eye and scan the news. Been doing that since 7+ years now.

The place i visit the most on any given day, irrespective of where i m simply because it takes me to a different world from the one i find myself in at that moment in time.

The place that has been a great help in making my purchase decisions, whether 2 wheels or 4, big or small.

The place where i sometimes get to relive parts of my life spent in foreign lands when i was young and hungry.

The place where you can have an argument in a civil manner.

The place which makes me decide to go to places simply because the photographs were too good to let go and i Had to go there and see for myself.

The place where i know people and can count on their support without having ever met them simply because i m a member of the tribe.

May this place always remain warm and welcoming, like a camp fire on a cold night on the Serengeti, drawing to it strangers who become fast friends.
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

I wish Team-BHP a well-deserved 15th anniversary!
And for GTO and the outstanding body of moderators & support team, as well as that extra-ordinary group of humans - the members who form the body of T-BHP! – a deep & heartfelt thanks for providing that daily dose of automotive nirvana.

I won’t harp on the reasons that make T-BHP unique for me – I have mentioned it many times before just as most members too have done it. Let me just say that T-BHP comes as a breath of fresh air in a room filled with intestinal effluence! It is that rare commodity in today’s world – an honest & impartial journal in a field loaded with massive exhortations to conform to the prevailing norm of paid reviews & advertorials.

Having been caught multiple times with my hand in the cookie-jar (of multi-quote disasters!) I can only marvel at the patience & courtesy of the mods & support-team members who have corrected me each time. My sincere apologies to them.

Way to go T-BHP!
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Wow! that's a fantastic milestone. Currently running on my 6th and 7th car. Each of my car purchase were only after T-BHP reviews, except the first one - SWIFT.

That car was not yet launched then. I booked Maruti Zen and made an advance payment. When I shared this with Super-Admin, I was notified on the upcoming launch of Swift & its probable features (esp Safety). Cancelled the booking of ZEN and went for Swift.

Also it's not just about cars - Health, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Travel and what not. So the dictionary I first reach out for any of my query is T-BHP and it has influenced and changed my life in lot of things. Thanks for brining up this wonderful community
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Heartfelt birthday wishes to Team-BHP (sorry, belated) and a big kudos to GTO and the entire moderator clan!

My first post on the site is 2,216 days old now (yeah, am still a novice you can say by TBHP standards) but I still vividly recall the thrill of penning it down. Even to this day, I remember writing those introductory words in a separate MS-Word document first, reviewing it and then composing it here on the site!
All just to ensure that I start off well in a community which I adore and respect a lot.

For me, Team-BHP is different because of the below reasons:-
  • They say, God is in the "details". But, let me add the "timing" bit to it also.
    What else can you say when you see a post going LIVE at this hour:-

    Name:  TBHP1.PNG
Views: 524
Size:  6.3 KB

    Even after 15 eventful years, if there is a such a conscious effort to ensure that this thread remains special to go LIVE at the stroke of midnight, one can only imagine the amount of passion that exists within GTO.
    Some sites are good, but this kind of fanatic detailing alongwith the timing makes Team-BHP not just good but immortal.
  • I have been to very few Team-BHP meets, but the level of instant camaraderie that gets built at such places, is very commendable. Even when you read about it, you can sense the intensity from the pictures posted for such meets.
  • One of the other things that makes Team-BHP very unique is perhaps the stickler to quality process for allowing new member registrations. We hear about many folks trying their best for 3/4/5/6/ possibly multiple times to get an entry into this haloed site and still not able to make the cut. I sincerely believe that the quality that we all see around on various TBHP posts can be largely attributed to this process of allowing only the most die-hard, quality-obsessed, real automotive lovers. Again, I think there could be more adjectives sitting behind this process.
    And yes, a big thanks to the Mods for keeping the sanctity intact even after so many years.
  • Next on the list for me is the Team-BHP's differentiated ability to remain unwavered and stay focused on what needs to be done right. Many a times, we see automotive magazines/sites etc. rushing to get in their first official review, even if it means at a loss of credibility. This is especially so in the face of new car launches.
    But that's not the case with Team-BHP.
    The Mods will take their sweet time (sometimes a tad longer ) to compile a review but we all know that, it is for a greater good of the automobile fraternity. The end-product (for e.g., an official review) is simply something that everybody looks forward to. Eyes closed.
    And it sets such a high standard of quality (which I am sure must also be putting some indirect pressure on the Mods to ensure the same), that it has the ability to influence decisions for scores of people when it comes to buying/holding/cancelling/postponing. And for some of us, even showing off too
  • The last on the bucket list for me in terms of Team-BHP's differentiation is the sheer diversity of content, which gets contributed by us BHPians. There is hardly any so-called automotive community out there, which can boast of such excellent content about hobbies, travelogues, finance, tech - you name it, you have it on Team-BHP.
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

I always saw this forum DIFFERENTLY, there was this unemotional way of looking at cars.. be it in their quality, long term reliability, safety and convenience that I learnt by visiting this place. Emphasis on clearly written posts, check, unapologetic criticism of vehicles, check, prevention of unnecessary small-talk, chit-chat and smiley-usage, check. Though initially I felt it curbed the style of normal forum/social-media usage, I soon began to understand that this is exactly how a forum should operate.

Having been a member for about 6 years and an outside reader for 3 years before that, I believe that I can give a little constructive feedback to members on how to take this forum back to its basics which I feel is getting lost in a sea of threads :

1) Do not mind it : Yes your favorite car will be criticized, no car is spared of criticism so accept that there will be different view-points of the same. Should you choose to contest that, do so with an unemotional approach - use facts, figures and personal experiences but do not let it affect another's opinion.

2) Leave personal ideologies out of it : One man's mantra may not work for another. A seemingly harmless statement pointing to the nuisances of autorickshaw driver(s) or cabbies does not mean an anti-poor stance, criticism of a dangerous way of riding combined with a particular bike does not implicate all riders or all bikes of the same, or it might, but if you do it differently, good for you. Politicization of issues is famous in India, lets eradicate that from this forum for good because all that politics ever does is eliminate opinions. No room for emotions in a fact-based environment.

3) We are all contradictory : This is a fact when it comes to all human beings, we can either accept it and laugh at ourselves, change it for the better or not point it out with others knowing that we are the same.

4) Different strokes for different folks : As an automobile forum, I think its finally time for us to mature to a point of understanding where it is obvious that no car can satisfy everyone. Some cars are tuned for great comfort on bad roads but are wallowy at higher speeds, some cars are absolutely uncomfortable over bad roads but hold their line at high speeds. Doesn't mean that either cars are bad, 90% prefer the former and 10% the latter. It isn't a product defect so lets stop making it out to be one. Same with high-revving engines vs engines with flat torque right from 1.5k RPM, some prefer the latter and some the former and is certainly NOT an engine defect either way.

The above is merely constructive feedback on how to make this place even better, I've tried (possibly failed) to do the same over the course of my membership. While we all respect and admire our own cars, at the end of the day its only something we can understand due to our unique personal journeys in them. What brought me here to Team-BHP was how Mr.Rush handled the Skoda war (the biggest and most event-changing war this forum has seen until now), and how that lead to the forum becoming absolutely neutral in its idealogy (it had car photos displayed in the home-page header until then but were soon removed to completely prevent the notion of siding with any brand), this convinced me that this forum is anything but shakeable.. while almost every journalistic venture has become a sell-out we still haven't and the only way to strengthen that foundation is to be even more pragmatic and accept/express the flaws and weaknesses of each brand rather than support them blindly. We as owners constitute the other half of the forum and as a result, represent it too.

I never imagined I'd become a member but here I am, having left a tiny mark in the ocean that is the total posts count. Hoping to add greater value with every post from here on. Onwards to the silver-jubilee.

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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Hearty congratulations to T-BHP for its 15th year of existance. Been on this forum for close to 11 + years now, and learnt quite a lot of things from the various sub-forums in T-BHP. I havent been contributing quite regularly over the past few years, hope to contribute more as we move ahead!.
All the best T-BHP!!
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Hearty Congratulations to the teambhp team. A decade and a half is a milestone that will take time to sink in. It's a moment of triumph, truth that showcases the strength and unity of the core team. Wish you all the very best in years to come.

When I see so many posts where-in excerpts from many blogs are quoted, I can see an alter-ego of myself in many folks here. Reading is and has been a habit of the past and present generation. But time has evolved and a lot has changed over years. Now video reviews have become a rage, probably that's an area which we may need to explore as well and still retain the core for many alike. Probably like how teambhp defined a quality in forums, it has to have an approach and figure out an innovative way in video reviews unlike many other competitors. I bet we will stand apart. Wish this comment gets noticed and serves as a food for thought.

P.S: Grand Tour and many other programs make me feel, there is something the next generation may miss if we don't foray in that medium.
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Congratulations to Team-BHP and the entire team and a special thanks to GTO and senior members without whose efforts and dedication this platform wouldn't be here today.

I bumped onto this fabulous platform when I was in US, I was looking to buy a car for my family back in India and that is when I bumped into Team-BHP and started following it. It's been a pleasure to be here.
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Feel proud to be a part of this amazing forum. I am not at peace with myself if I don't visit Team-BHP atleast once a week, no matter which part of the world I am, no matter how busy I am. It's my stress buster.

Thank you to all for making this one of the most honest and sought after car and bike review forum.

Best Wishes for many more successful years to come.
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

Congratulation to Team-BHP and all fellow BHPians. This forum has always been a guiding light to lost souls like myself.
I was always fascinated by cars just like all other kids and stumbled upon Team-BHP way back in 2009 for my first car search since then TBHP has always been on my bookmarks. Even today you will find one open tab for TBHP in my browser, such an addiction .

You guys have been very helpful and this forum is always informative be it anything related to automobiles or the world.

Thank you moderators and members for making this forum a chic place (that's the word kids use nowadays)
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Default Re: Celebrating 15 years of doing it DIFFERENTLY : Happy Birthday, Team-BHP!

I believe a lot of folks have already said a lot of things about TBHP. Frankly speaking, I don't know if I can pin point, or rather remember, in how many ways TBHP has helped me.
I have been following TBHP for more than a decade. I have learned a lot of things from TBHP well before buying a car. So, don't get fooled by my post count. Just kidding.
In one sentence, if there is any forum I'll refer about cars, it is TBHP. And, I don't think it is going to change anytime soon.

Thanks to all the members who have directly, and indirectly helped me!

Belated Happy Birthday TBHP! I don't know your life span, but, I hope you'll live longer than 100 years.
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