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Old 24th October 2009, 01:25   #346
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i have joined team BHP recently and i am addicted to this.. many points that mentioned in the starting of the thread are applicable to me... i love to read and post my comments in this forum.....
thanks to all moderators and active members........
happy and safe driving...........
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Old 24th October 2009, 15:57   #347
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1> When you refresh forum tab almost at least twice a minute.
2> desperate to reach home/office to read new posts/replies/reviews everything.
3> when you go to remote place where you dont have newtwork to read bhp on your mobile.
4>While driving when you can't read.
5> Its too much of addiction.
6>Every saterday morning when admin is taking the backup.
7> evem mom is loving theambhp as am not going out much,alwys hooked to forum.

Its real Gyanmandir for true auto lovers.
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Old 24th October 2009, 16:12   #348
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It the first thing that you start your day with and is the last thing that you end your day with.

Like all good things, this is one good addiction to have.
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Old 31st October 2009, 04:50   #349
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You read it pointlessly cause you know it is knowledgeable anyways
You try to get in really bad and get disappointed even more when you are not accepted
You try to make other uninterested people interested
You wonder "Why are the guys not taking out a Team-BHP t-shirt and you imagine the design how is it going to look on you?
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Old 21st November 2009, 16:23   #350
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you know you are addicted to team bhp when you make your home page,just like i did!
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Old 28th November 2009, 03:41   #351
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Originally Posted by shuvc View Post
.... When you browse the forum on your cell in the loo !
Thats really nice!!

I have been browsing through the site only for 3 - 4 months and I do almost all of the things listed in the start of the thread.

Including the one posted above. (unfortunaley in one of the loos in my company there is no network coverage!! )

Normally when I plan a trip I used to check Google Maps or Wikipedia for routes and information about the routes. Even now I do the same. But only one difference. I first check Team BHP for a route and then go to Google maps or Wikipedia!!

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Old 11th December 2009, 22:53   #352
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Default Addicted to the core.

I came to know im addicted to team-bhp is,
- When i stoppped using orkut, face book, google chat etc to see something new happening in t-bhp.
- When I turned my chat status to invisible mode so that I can share quality time in t-bhp.
- The last thing im doing every day is to search for new posts about my favourite car.
- Waiting for the approval message from t-bhp moderators and getting worried when it becomes late.
- Feeling elated on seeing the approval message in my inbox.
Team-bhp rocks.
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Old 12th December 2009, 08:01   #353
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I too got addicted to team BHP. The proof is that 200 and add posts with in 60 days, The team BHP sticker in my car.Addicted due to lots of good things happen.
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Old 12th December 2009, 08:07   #354
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I am sure many would have known that how badly they are addicted when the site was down for hours.

Man, my keyboard F5 key is gone

And hats off to the team for working non-stop to get it back and for saving my F5's.
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Old 12th December 2009, 17:15   #355
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Greetings to all!
I joined in Nov 09 and am also totally addicted to T-BHP! The best part is I am not on to any other forums/sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. In fact I opened an account on Facebook and deactivated it shortly as I found it too boring.
Team BHP rocks - The people are just great and the friendship and warmth while congratulating others (car purchase etc) and exchanging information is unbelievable!
Rock on!
Warm Regards
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Old 13th December 2009, 19:06   #356
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You know you are addicted to Team-BHP when, you don't use sms lingo even while messaging people .
Personal experience. And I'm just starting!
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Old 13th December 2009, 19:26   #357
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Originally Posted by Cartman View Post
You know you are addicted to Team-BHP when, you don't use sms lingo even while messaging people .
Personal experience. And I'm just starting!

Adding to that, you also know you are addicted to Team BHP when you get irritated when someone messages or chats with you using sms lingo
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Old 14th December 2009, 14:37   #358
Atul-C's Avatar
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My addition would be - Go out of your way 2 kms to chase down a fellow t-bhpian's car so that you can shoot the picture of tbhp sticker on his car to post it here or to wave at him.
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Old 14th December 2009, 20:21   #359
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I am spending more time in office browsing team-bhp rather than working. I might just end up the first casualty here.
We might need a rehabilitation thread for this.
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Old 14th December 2009, 22:32   #360
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1. When you felt the recent maintenance downtime was the longest wait you ever had.
2. You go crazy looking at team-bhp stickers on some fellow bhpian's car. You get a weird feeling like meeting someone from your civilization in a remote island.
3. You keep your eyes wide open to look for whacky mod jobs, exotics on road and follow them to take a pic from your mobile and post here.
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