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Old 14th December 2009, 23:01   #361
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Join Date: Nov 2009
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I get into office. Open the laptop and the first screen is team-bhp and login into it. Next comes the outlook, etc.,
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Old 31st December 2009, 18:07   #362
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I ended up with my handle name, due to me getting addicted to this site that any walking around would notice this iste open and say what is so interesting that you always have this open. that is when they realise that they ticked a honey hive.
first site i open the moment i am on system and last site before i log off.
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Old 1st January 2010, 01:13   #363
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Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Coimbatore
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The First thing i do in the morning is to have a look at the website for updates. And this is kept open for most of the day either on my mobile or the computer. most of the days , i keep browsing the website and i drowse off.
Every time, somebody asks me about the stickers on the car , i will have very big explanation for them.
Just addicted.
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Old 1st January 2010, 01:53   #364
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In my office , the web sense in implemented and we can not access the tbhp , but you know I ended up in getting a link to open it up.

When I come in to office , before logging in any of the tools , I my self get ready with tbhp.

The second symptom , when I see some ting paculiar with a vehicle on the road , my hand will automatically search for the mobile phone and gets teh camera ready (thats an involuntary action now)
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Old 1st January 2010, 03:58   #365
Senior - BHPian
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Imagine me surfing TBHP at 12:00 am on 31st night. Also copy paste of what foby mentioned in his link
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Old 1st January 2010, 21:39   #366
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Location: Kolhapur
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Cant believe there are so many like minded geeks!!! , awesome. I have been hooked to this site.

Checking for updates on TBHP are on top of my to-do list.
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Old 1st January 2010, 23:10   #367
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: mumbai
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everynight wen i come back home, first thing i do is check out t-bhp.i am feeling the same excitement since past so many years..
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Old 1st January 2010, 23:33   #368
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Location: New Orleans
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the moment i make some comments on team bhp i am always curious to see others people quoting on my comments.And sometimes it gets way over the top and i slack on sleeping thinking that i might get a reply real soon so how about replying to comments before i sleep.That hooks me up till hours and hours on team bhp.And i never miss to check the stickers thread to see if somebody spooted my vehicle or not
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Old 6th January 2010, 20:23   #369
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Bangalore
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You come to office every day and then spend most of your time on Team-Bhp, thats normal I believe being a Bhpian. But when its a weekend, you don't get much time to check on what's happening in Team-Bhp and you tend to sneak at slightest of the chance you get to visit Team-Bhp, then you are addicted to Team-Bhp.

Fortunately I am one among such category. My sincere suggestion to all the married guys. Never ever try to check Team-Bhp when your wife is next to you. You will only make things worse.
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Old 8th January 2010, 13:09   #370
Senior - BHPian
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samabhi dude, i am with you even if i dont login one day, next day i make sure i read most of unread posts or interesting threads !

last 3 months i was on bench so was on T-bhp most of the times.
last 3 days of auto expo, i am refreshing t-bhp every 5 minutes to get update on Auto expo and new launch. people at office asked yesterday, " what happend, last 2-3 days you look dull and not talking to any one" i told "i am in my own world, checking and guessing launches of auto expo" i am sure they might have thought "what a freak"

i got up at 5 o'clock in morning ( generally i get up only after 7) to come early to office and check the auto show updates.

now i can say, i am addikted to team bhp!

PS: every one from my team ave gone to lunch and i am reading team bhp here
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Old 13th January 2010, 17:08   #371
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Bangalore
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I never knew i wa addicted to this site. Even though i joined 2 years ago and have posted very few comments, i would visit T BHP regularly and browse through the classified sections as i wanted (and still want) a modified Honda Vtec!! I love the classified section and make it a point to visit this section EVERY day! Yeah, looks like i am addicted to T BHP too!!
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Old 13th January 2010, 17:45   #372
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Location: Dubai
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Me an addict is impacting my 4 yr old son more than self !...My son has started using words like alloy wheels, TBhp jeep(when he saw a CJ on the road that was quite similar to the jeep that gets displayed on the webpage), started riding his tri-cycle standing on the seat, trying wheelies, riding the cycle in the shape of an '8' so casually(sometimes even with 1 hand) etc etc. My son the other day was checking with my 55 year old aunt if she liked alloy wheels on cars,..duh !

psst...top secret..At office I have got myself a seperate desktop for official needs and now my laptop runs only TBHP

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Old 17th January 2010, 14:28   #373
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Chennai
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Though i might not entirely fit into your criteria i have been visiting team bhp for little more than two years and recently became a member. Two years and its as interesting as day one when i googled and stumbled into this site. Happy to be a team bhp member.
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Old 20th January 2010, 11:11   #374
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I am so addicted that inspite of my clients database crashing I get time to check TBHP.
Luckily I have not made any mistake till now, but my manager who was standing behind me was shocked to see that I get time to toogle between database and TBHP.
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Old 20th January 2010, 13:44   #375
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Truly it has become routine; where ever I get a chance to browse, my first hit on key board is always TEAM
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