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Old 23rd April 2012, 19:22   #136
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Default Re: How has TEAM-BHP touched your life ? What have you bought after consulting TEAM-B

Well, let me see, Car, for starters and other car related stuff like tints and upholstery.
Once got a laptop because someone posted here (I think it was member Chevelle), as in , when he posted that he got it, I researched a bit, found it to be good and bought it.
Then there are books which people recommend in the books thread. Got some good tips in there.

PS : Ninad saheb, do keep an eye out on the Pune meets thread, though I admit I am not a regular there myself.
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Default Re: How has TEAM-BHP touched your life ? What have you bought after consulting TEAM-B

Get the CNG installation done in my Ritz after reading fellow member Maglev's review of a particular Installer. The whole research process become so easier/brief, if not for Mglev's thread it would have been lot tougher for me to take the call.

Thanks Maglev, thanks T-bhp.
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Default Re: How has TEAM-BHP touched your life ? What have you bought after consulting TEAM-B

I bought my Indica Vista after researching here and also later on bought a TVS RTR 180 Apache. Thanks to Team-bhp.
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Old 23rd April 2012, 21:50   #139
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Originally Posted by amitwlele

This one has to be the most unique value.

What are the odds that the spotter was the HAWK?
When did this happen?

Mayank - did I really ruin your surprise? Maybe because you didn't invite me to the party

@amit: bhau, mein already lamba hoon re!* /green grinning fella/

* i'm already tall!
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Old 24th April 2012, 14:50   #140
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

The Value of Team-BHP for me:

1. Detailed information about all the prospective Cars that I was planning to buy.

2. Eddy's review on WagonR help me make my decision to buy WagonR K10

3. Detailed information on various places in way of others members Travelouges

4. Team-BHP is a encyclopedia on every Technical Issue that a Car Owner faces & most of its members are ready to other members seeking information.

5. Team-BHP's Insurance forum made me confident in dealing with Royal Sundaram Insurance company & I literally saved (gained) Rs. 20,000 while negotiating with them. Described here:

Thank you once again Team-BHP.

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Old 27th April 2012, 18:33   #141
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Have known about this portal for many years, but my interest heightened once again when I started thinking about buying a new car. I started soaking into the information on this portal, and sensed that each contributor, by his or her little or BIG contributions based on their personal experiences, is helping shape a POINT of view that can never emerge from any single individual. It is like a self evolving & correcting system that somehow converges to a collective piece of information that can get CLOSEST to the TRUTH [my sense]. To me its like an ocean to which each of the members is offering a drop of his /her perspective, and in return gets back an oceanful of perspective. This is an absolutely tremendous & powerful medium that offers immense Return on Investment for each member. I am feeling empowered & confident by the presence of all of you out there, who will shape up my decision for my next car. Thank you all for the good work. Cheers.
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Old 29th April 2012, 02:33   #142
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

The value of TBHP is clearly

1) In the knowledge base - Helps understand automobiles and provides the all important first hand information and experiences.

2) Owner's reviews and comments - The best commentary of a car/jeep is from it's owners. A repository of such reviews is going to enhance the buying experience.

3) Pictorial descriptions of the modifications, accessories and parts. - A picture tell you more than a 100 words!

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Old 20th October 2012, 09:53   #143
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Another feather in the Cap for Team-Bhp.

Originally Posted by PhiGolden View Post
This thread is linked in the Wikipedia article about Dacia Duster
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

We saved around Rs.10000/- on Insurance while buying our Xylo E8 ABS in Nov. 2009 with the help of R J Vora (rjvora_2000). Thanks to him.

Also I got many advice from fellow bhpians on various topics.

I am very thankful to Team-Bhp and other fellow bhpians for their help.

Team-Bhp rocks.
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Old 25th October 2012, 20:35   #145
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Team BHP has helped me in a number of ways:
Helped me narrow down on which car to buy, what to look out for, what to beware of etc etc. This alone must have saved me a few thousands
Made me realize that I can take insurance from outside and save a packet
plus many many more ...

The travelogue section has emboldened me to go on more trips with family and friends and de-stress and spend quality time with those I care for.
Helped me choose good hotels, better and safer roads, saved time, made me a better driver and many other too numerous to post.

If knowledge is indeed power, then I have become immeasurably powerful all thanks to Team-BHP. The best part is that all the knowledge I have gained is not just related to cars!

Kudos to Team-BHP and Heartfelt Thanks!!
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Team-BHP as a community has helped to get in touch with Car lovers and has brought transparency to Car Ownership.

If this is isn't enough, I sold my old Indica Turbo which was very forgiving of my bachelor days through Team-BHP classifieds.
Now I have bought a pre-worshipped Honda Jazz through Team-BHP!

Appreciate all the effort put in the by Team-BHP community to assure continuity of this wonderful forum.
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Old 29th October 2012, 19:17   #147
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

one of the best automobile forums to be on. I went through the review and all the posts by members on mahindra thar before making the final decision to buy it. Thank you team-bhp
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Old 2nd November 2012, 12:31   #148
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Might be slightly OT with respect to the rest of the posts on this thread, but here is my take on this issue.

Over a year on TBHP now, and I suddenly realize that I have started preferring games like Dirt (proper Rally Racing) which involves true driving dynamics and performance aspects than NFS Most Wanted where its all about driving at breakneck speed, escaping the cops and taking down opponents.

There was a time when I loved NFS and hated Dirt, but that was before I appreciated the true pleasure of driving, which is not only driving fast, but a whole lot of other things.

Thank you TBHP, mostly for instilling in me a respect for safety on the road. This, IMHO, is the biggest thing I have gained from TBHP, over other aspects like automobile performance, ICE, etc. etc...
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Old 6th November 2012, 19:49   #149
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

If the question is about saving money through TBHP's inputs, I am yet to get it. But I must say that I dont waste my time in searching for auto inputs in different websites, I save time and time is money so I save money.

But, one thing I must admit that a I havent spent a single day without visiting TBHP provided I am having internet connectivity handy if on tour.

Kodos to TBHP and BHPians for all these invaluable inputs. Keep up this good work.
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Thanks to Team-BHP, I now have 3 car nuts at home! I thought I would be the only one, but surprise, surprise, my wife, and 12yr old daughter are now officially nuts about cars!

- All conversation at the dinner table, now is around cars!
- I get a volley of questions every morning from my daughter in the 10minutes before the school van arrives!
- Any opinion or view I express on cars is promptly contested and verified on T-BHP.
- All official car reviews are promptly read and discussed! infact, both of them are now major Team-BHP fans, and vouch for the official reviews!
-THEY decide to buy a Honda Brio without my participation. THEY!

- I got brownie points for identifying the manufacturing date of the Brio! ( oh yeah, using the VIN decoder thread! )

Ah! we're now one 'auto' family!

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