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Old 9th November 2012, 23:46   #151
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

With the help of Team-bhp, I am able to assist my friends and collegues on 'auto' related queries. But whenever I don't have an answer, I promptly ask them to visit Team-bhp. The best thing about our community is that, is the free flow of information even to the non members. Team-bhp rocks as usual.
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Old 30th November 2012, 14:39   #152
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Besides the unmeasurable amount of auto-knowledge that I have gained from Team-BHP, my latest acquisition is a testament to the value that Team- BHP brings to a members life. With help from a whole bunch of members (names mentioned in my ownership thread) I was able to get a my Linea TJ+ for the price was a hatch. The best drivers car, the most fun to drive, with all that space and big boot, plus awesome looks etc etc, All for a price lesser than a Swift ZDi or i20 Crdi (top-end).

I am also sure that this is not the last time Team-BHP and its members have helped me. Thats probably the reason the members feels like Family and Team-BHP feels like Home!
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In my opinion the best value I have experienced is saving me some moolahs by various alternatives to pricey dealer services and tips on DIY ( do it yourself ) for small things. I saved at least a few thousand bucks on my sunroof and RVM mirror repair.
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Old 20th November 2013, 08:03   #154
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Apart from whats already written--

One thing I have learnt in life so far - very very rarely you get *really* good advice.
Team-BHP is the ONLY TRUSTED source for the MOST unbiased reviews, opinions, experiences/ownerships, solutions, deals, etc.

My latest benefit - I just got to know about Zoom car rental, and i am now thinking whether I really need to own an MUV!
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Old 20th November 2013, 08:26   #155
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Team BHP is a superb community. The only other I can think of in terms of having an impact on me is

The best and the biggest feature is the unbiased reviews and opinions. I have got to know about so many places just by reading on the site. I bought my first car after reading the reviews on the site as well. Pretty much the mother of all auto related websites/communities I say.
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Old 20th November 2013, 08:43   #156
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Yep agreed with Equus. I encountered with this first in 2010 during search of a new car and I feel proud and satisfied to have arrived at a well researched decision to buy the car I own today. Since those days I craved so much to become a member. Initially took the membership questionnaire for granted and resulted in multiple rejections. Didn't give up and retried this year.

I have no objections to multiple rejections as I believe that is where the quality of this forum stems from. Good job pioneers and moderators for the quality control.
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Old 18th December 2013, 11:01   #157
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I am a newbie and since being admitted as a member, there has not been a single day that I haven't been online on the website.
I was in the UK (for last 12 years) until recently, and was looking to relocate to India. Decision made, it was time to look for a good vehicle to get once back home. I was trying to get un-biased information and advice on buying the vehicle. Prior to membership, I browsed through various sites, one thing that I consistently found was excellent advice and reviews from owners in the ownership threads.

This helped me in making my decision and ultimately, decided on the XUV, which I will be taking delivery of next week.The PDI check-list was very useful and I got my dad to print it out and take it along when he went for the inspection. I am sure the sales people were amused with what he was doing.

Having done this the natural next step was to try and apply for membership as I wanted to become a part of this growing community of like minded enthusiasts, to discuss, meet, make friends and give and take advice on all things motoring. And the best bit is that there is a certain decorum and class, to the discussions on the forum.

Thanks!, Team BHP, for helping out at every step in the decision making and buying process.

I first came across Team BHP when researching car-buying, while I was in the process of relocating from UK (where I had been for 12 years) to India. I was looking for unbiased detailed advice and reviews on various cars in the domestic scene and one site that consistently featured was this one. I was browsing then as a non-member.
Having visited it a few times, the desire to be a part of this like-minded enthusiasts grew, and I applied and was granted membership after one failed attempt.
The team reviews and detailed ownership threads and experiences helped me to narrow down to the XUV which I am due to pick up next week. The PDI check-list and the advice on negiotiation on price of the insurance etc helped.
I had even printed out the check-list and given it to my dad when he went for the PDI. I am sure it must have caused much amusement at the dealership.

Thank you team BHP, for the help all along the way in the car buying process, starting from shortlisting to buying and driving.



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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Getting a membership to this forum has proved to be a boon for me. I was always an auto enthusiast. Some of my friends always made fun of me by saying that i have a workshop somewhere which i do not disclose to them. But after joining this forum, i came to know that, i was just a drop in the ocean and the amount of knowledge has really put me to the top of the world. Now, whenever there is a debate on any of the topics, my words are taken as golden ones and no one even dares to compete me.

But still everyday is a new one for me as i drill thru the threads for some more knowledge. Some i am able to understand and some i am struggling to understand. but all these are really fun and an encyclopedia for me.

The forum also saved me from spending my hard earned money on some of the most in-consistent/un-dependable brands available in the marked.

Thanks T-BHP...thanks again....
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

So i got my first dose of appreciation from an unknown person in my first meeting all thanks to team-bhp.

On Christmas day i bought a set of five Apollo Aceleres for my i20 from Mr. Kulkarni at Lokmanya Tyres, Pune.

While discussing about the buyback price of the old tyres with Mr. Kulkarni, he told me that he needs to physically examine the condition of the tyres and also check the manufacturing date. To which i responded stating that there is only one old tyre which i think is good condition and the manufacturing date for all of them is 1611 i.e. 16th week of year 2011.

He responded with a compliment - "Sir you are right, you have done your homework well".

Then again while discussing tyre size upgrade i already knew the upgrade size of 195/60 (from 185/65), again got a compliment - "Yes you are right, that's the correct upgrade and i advise this only to the enthusiasts, as it improves performance but is a little costly"

On both the occasions i had a smile on my face.
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I had damaged a tyre of my car after hitting a small stone. The repair (a patch) didn't last. The car was running on a Puny spare tyre till I was back home
When I went for a replacement, I found out that the same brand same size same tread pattern is not available anywhere in Bengaluru!
For 2 to 3 weeks I looked everywhere including some online retailers.
When I couldn't find it, I was forced into thinking of going for a different tread pattern against my wishes.

I wanted to understand the risks/problems because of this. I posted this query in another thread.
A couple of replies came in saying that it won't lead to a big problem.

Then came a PM in my TBHP inbox. it was from fellow DBHPian akshay1234.
He had enquired the tyre availability with a known tyre dealer in Mumbai and he gave me his contact number stating that the tyre is available with him.
In this age of whatsapp, in no time I spoke to the tyre dealer, got the pictures of the tyre, and in a couple of days, the tyre was given to a courier guy in Mumbai. In yesterday, I collected it here and my car is back to its best.

Just imagine, I never asked him for this. He voluntarily had enquired about it with the only intention of helping me.
We have never seen each other...but have only read each other's posts on this forum. Where else can we experience such a thing? More than a community, TBHP is now like my extended family.

Thanks akshay1234 and Thanks Team-BHP
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

An example of the value team-bhp provides for other car-related businesses:

CoverFox Ad
The value of Team-BHP-153600.jpg

Last edited by Rehaan : 3rd July 2015 at 17:06. Reason: Inserting image in-line. More people will see it this way. Hillarious, thanks.
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I have purchased a SuperMini ELM 327 OBD 2 in and the seller is mobissories. I received a mail from the seller regarding the product instruction and other details.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the Team-BHP thread links are given in that mail.
This really shows the Value of Team-BHP.

The value of Team-BHP-obd2.jpg
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Old 27th August 2015, 15:24   #163
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Team-BHP is truly an unbiased forum where people chip in their rightful and knowledgeable views/reviews/opinions!! It's helped me a lot in many ways. Thanks T-BHP
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Old 28th August 2015, 19:22   #164
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

It's been three years since I got addicted to this very informative and helpful forum. Then recently becoming a part of it was nothing less than a honour. The best part of Team BHP is that you can refer to it to clear your doubts about almost anything related to the automotive world. The information provided is authentic, to the point and relevant. The vehicle reviews are very honest and unbiased, followed by discussion threads which help in instant removal of doubts if any. The Team BHP travelogues are also very addictive and are amongst the best despite the fact that it's not an exclusive travelling forum. To simply put, Team BHP is the most happening automotive forum which is always buzzing with the activities of BHPians.
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Old 29th August 2015, 06:31   #165
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Even though I am the youngest BHPian w.r.t. joining date, i have been an avid follower of this Forum since past 6 years.
The very detailed new car reviews, Sales report every month, Ownership reviews of fellow BHPian's has enhanced my perspective as an enthusiast, as well as empowered me with real world knowledge to grow in the Automotive Industry as a professional

The detailed reviews especially " Smaller yet significant things" pointed out in a car reviews does make the difference.Even my dad loves those tiny little details.

Unbiased nature of reviewing a car from any manufacturer, really gives true blue idea of owning them.

Because of this Forum, I am able to hang out in outings organised by my friends from this fraternity, who were found from this forum and its always a pleasure being among st like minded petroheads.

Thanks, Team BHP

Live Free, Ride Hard. Always wear your seatbelt.
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