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Old 25th September 2015, 00:51   #181
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Take a bow RVD. You showed the true spirit of community. Proud
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Dear BHP-ians,

This is my first post in the community, as soon as i opened my eyes today morning was greeted with the mail titled "Team-BHP Membership APPROVED". The day could not have been better as i was able to earn the membership after a long journey of "Sorry try again"-ers.

Happy to read this story, kudos to RVD and yet another reason to celebrate to be in company of like-minded car lovers.

Thank you Moderators!
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Old 27th September 2015, 23:47   #183
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Once Again, thank you all for such kind words. I greatly appreciate it. Special thanks to Imran who took the time to write about it.
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
WOW!!! Big "than you" to all for such kind words. Honestly, i don't quite see it as a big deal.It was just an honest transaction between two guys. Big thank you to TEAM-BHP. I have never had to advertise outside of this forum.

It is actually difficult when you get buyers like Imran.

Very nice gesture RVD. It is not common to respond positively to someone's trust.

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Old 29th September 2015, 12:46   #185
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP


People like you makes a difference. What you did is seal the faith that Imran had in you and it should be an example to many. As a person, I can say, you believe in values and this can take you to great heights.

In my opinion, this kind of fairness is a rarity. As a responsible bhpian we all should do our part in maintaining this fairness in auto deals. From my part, my Linea developed an oil consumption issue and I was advised, even by many senior, friendly mechanics to sell it off or exchange it with some car. I could not digest that and i felt its unethical from my part to do so.

My Linea is now undergoing engine rebuild in a competent workshop in Cochin and some times, the mechanics who told me to sell the car off may be right, if the car develops any issues and they may even laugh at me, but my conscience is clear that I have not dumped a car with an issue to a unsuspecting customer. At the end, this is what matters.

RVD, i can only say one word. 'RESPECT'.

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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

After some enriching tbhp experience, I was wondering whether this forum can propel innovations around automobile technologies. Please see the following description on how team-bhp can enable this.

1. staring a sub-section called innovation which is strictly by invite & members only. Any member can initiate here. that member becomes admin & can add/remove any other members.

2. Adding a facility for private group discussions

3. Facilitate ideation, brainstorming, meetings etc

4. Publishing of announcements of achievements as milestones. To motivate fellow bhpians

Just my thoughts,
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Sitting in front of the laptop screen viewing Team-BHP instead of partying, dinners, movies

Couple of grand a month

Getting good deals on insurance, auto products, alloy wheels etc.

Couple of grand a year

Making some great friends, increasing and sharing my automotive knowledge, having a blast and gaining enormous satisfaction from Team-BHP


Team-BHP. For things money cant buy.

Picking out an old quote from GTO. After hovering around this forum for years, finally took the plunge and joined in as a member! The value of being part of this close knit community - priceless!
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Not sure where else to post this comment. This seems to be the best thread. Instances where a contribution here is recognized/acknowledged by people outside the forum whom you have directly no connection with,but get to know from a common friend.
  • When a friend of yours in office listens to his team mate's acquaintance talk about deciding between the Honda City and Vento TSI and then goes on to say how an ownership report about Vento TSI on Team-Bhp written by one 'Rajeevraj' has helped make a decision. My friend, hearing this, brings the guy to my place and says-This is Rajeevraj. Expression on both our faces- Priceless.
  • When a cousin sisters tells about her friend who was showing her a travelogue and she realizes it was something I wrote and tells her, this person is my cousin.
  • When my wife's boss talks about researching for an AT car and mentions to her about a comprehensive guide thread he has been reading on Team Bhp. Wife looks at it and points out that it was written by her husband.. Boss is stunned.

Makes one feel happy and gives a feeling of a minor celebrity . Thanks to Team Bhp and privileged to be part of this forum
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Old 6th June 2016, 11:14   #189
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

TeamBHP really a nice place to hang out. I am Very much addicted to this forum which has ample information on cars,bikes and a very good number of travelogues which gives you information on places which you can refer for your trips.
Referring the reviews shared by different BHPians on different topics, this forum has helped me in many ways. One such example is my experience with Trend Automobiles (A body repair workshop located in Bangalore). I saved ~45K for getting our POLO repaired. It is all because of those information provided here. very thankful to the moderators and founders of this wonderful forum.

I am very HAPPY and PROUD BHPIan

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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Just bringing alive an old thread, today I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all the members and moderators for everything they do for feeding their and other's enthusiasm. Currently I am a PGDM (First Year) student at a well known institution. Like all such ones, here is a continuous pressure of assignments and projects along with quizzes etc to make the life worse.

My marketing project:
I chose a consumer durables company to do my research on and work as my project (first trimester itself), the company I chose is Mahindra & Mahindra.

Where all other students who have chosen other FMCG brands are struggling to get the solid data, I have got an entire set of data along with analysis readily available right here at Team-BHP and that also for last five years (September 2012 onwards). Now if anyone has to say that Team-BHP does help in education or not, I have my answer ready, in fact my entire team of 6 people which consists of even non enthusiasts too is now appreciating Team-BHP.

The value of Team-BHP-teambhp.png
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

Came across this interesting website analysis tool and decided to check my favourite website's stats , just for a lark!
Proud to see the figures thrown up. And even prouder of the fact that no matter how small we are all a part of this wonderful community.
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

There in no words to express the value of Team-Bhp. It has made me more knowledgeable and made us know our cars better. This community has always motivated me in my buying decisions. My previous two cars I20 Sportz (P) & Maruti S Cross Alfa are both inspired by the ownership reports of BHPians.

Thanks to Team Bhp for making a part of this privileged community and I am proud to be part of this forum.

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Old 14th February 2018, 14:37   #193
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

What an ideal day to acknowledge the value of team-bhp on its 14th birthday. Kudos to all the moderators, support folks and to all the members for sharing their valuable and constructive insights which are immensely useful. I completely echo some of the thoughts mentioned by our fellow members and can relate to what has been said by Rajeevraj in the above post. Besides these, team-bhp for me is a ONE-STOP-SHOP / All Under ONE Roof for knowledge on various topics and such knowledge has not only given me some wisdom but some lifelong friendship too whom i can count on

Also, I had posted about selling of one of my cars in team-bhp classifieds section recently by just giving my email address. This was to ensure only serious buyers can contact so that we can close the deal in a win-win situation. In less than a month of posting the same, on this Valentine’s Day - Jazz (our 1st love) is sold to one of my non-bhpian friend who is an ardent fan and a serious follower of this forum. The new owner acknowledged that Jazz (2012 model) is one of the safest cars with 5 star ratings for crash test worthiness and what a coincidence to have a new section on Road safety today. This would be his first car and he is excited to start a new journey with it . Thank you team-bhp, it's great privilege to be part of this community

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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

The value of team-bhp isn't confined to some notional benefit derived over the internet in terms of route guides or auto advice. It is as real and concrete as life itself is. A case in point being these lines taken from a travelogue published on the forum.
Originally Posted by Biraj View Post
I called BHPian Rishi to check the Delhi-BHPians' location. Everyone had left but BHPians Rishi (sinharishi), Sameer (sameerg001), and Rahul (sunejarahul) who had just started from Narkanda. They reached within 90 minutes and were our saviours for the day.
Another BHPian, Anupam Shukla, found out about our predicament and offered that we could leave the car at his friendís place in Mohali.
BHPian Ron (lapis_lazuli) kept offering expert advice/guidance over the phone throughout the journey. Rest of the members from Delhi kept checking our well-being
I can't but echo Bhpian Biraj when he says:
I ... want to credit Team-BHP for introducing me to such fantastic friends and human beings.
Link:1 (Road-trip: Ghaziabad to Mashobra)
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Old 24th February 2021, 12:34   #195
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Default Re: The value of Team-BHP

You feel proud when industry stalwarts use your website as reference
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