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Old 10th August 2007, 23:14   #61
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Kudos to the army of moderators who have made sure that this forum is clean of any obscenities or ill-talk or personal attacks etc (of which i have been guilty of sometime or the other). If not for this moderation, this forum would have been like any other or much worse AND with a much higher post count too. Thank you guys.

Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
Keep up the god work guys and let's keep the superb effort going!
Man, you really said it. Sometimes, the support team does play GOD. LOL

Originally Posted by planet_rocker View Post
@ zappo / mods - who posted the 500,000th post? just wanted to know. hats off to that guy
Is it of any significance at all ?? & why hats off to him ?
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Old 10th August 2007, 23:25   #62
Team-BHP Support
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Another feather in the hat forum, a special one at that this time around
Congratulations team.

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Old 10th August 2007, 23:31   #63
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Default Congrats! Team-BHP

Congrats Team-BHPians to make it happen.
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Old 10th August 2007, 23:43   #64
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Congratulations to all!
i am proud to be a BHPian & would love to meet the rest of my Pit crew for my new purchases and current purchase!

thanks to all for, sticking with me and for lot of advice and tips

love you all, takecare & godbless
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Old 11th August 2007, 00:19   #65
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Consider this situation.

You're planning to go for your very first team-bhp drive. You're a little hesitant because you dont know anybody. These are just a bunch of people who you've interacted with on the internet. You dont even know their real names, just their screen names.

You call a fellow BHPian thinking of backing out since there arent many members going. He says he isnt going either, But.. he narrates his experience of his first meet and encourages you to go for it. So what the heck, you decide to go!

30th April 2006 was the day. It was a day when I truly experienced the spirit of Team-BHP. I made good friends, learnt a lot and had a blast! Life was never the same thereafter!

Whenever someone asks me who are these guys from Team-BHP?? How can you just go out with people you you've just interacted with on the internet!!??

Team-BHP can never be explained.. Its spirit has to be experienced to understand it..

Here's a huge shoutout to everyone who is a part of this wonderful forum!

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Old 11th August 2007, 00:20   #66
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kudos to us bhpians and thanks to the mods. Hail Team-BHP.
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Old 11th August 2007, 00:21   #67
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Congrats, ourselves !!!cheers:

One milestone is merely the start of the road to the next one. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourselves for the ride!
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Old 11th August 2007, 00:32   #68
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Thanks to GTO (a big one) and equally to all the members. Really proud to be a part of this forum.
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Old 11th August 2007, 00:37   #69
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Great! Congrats to the ones who made this happen right from Team-BHp's fledgling days (the days when I was an ignoramus).

Am just thinking aloud.. can we have T-Bhp bumper stickers.. so that we know a bhpian's car when we see one.. a hello honk when u pass one on a lonely highway.. helping a stranded Bhpian when you know he is actually a t-bhp family member and not approach him with distrust as if he might be a decoy out to rip you!! And also to show that we are Big Boarders now

Wot say team?

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Old 11th August 2007, 00:57   #70
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Congratulations to everyone right from my fellow Support staff, the D Bhpians and most important of all each and every one of you Bhpian members out there. Without you guys we couldnt have got this far.

Hope to see greater heights for this forum. Cheers !!!
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Old 11th August 2007, 01:09   #71
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Even though I'm a fresher in the Forum - I am Proud to be part of this community.

What I like best is that I dont have to decipher SMS lingo and I dont have to deal with foul language.

Moderators keep the thread clean clear and on topic which amazed me.

A Car Accessories shop asked me if I got the information and pricing, which I gave him from Team-Bhp. !!!
Someone from office after getting some auto gyan from me asked if I was part of Team-Bhp. !!

My vehicles wear the www.team-bhp.com Decals proudly.
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Old 11th August 2007, 03:23   #72
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Alexa ranking for TBHP is 54,420 . Check this out.

Pat your backs everyone. Congrats
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Old 11th August 2007, 05:01   #73
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Thumbs up Kudos


Congrats !!! Keep going on a Fast Track !!!
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Old 11th August 2007, 07:14   #74
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Congrats to the tea-bhp. All the moderators and also the members who have contributed to make this forum such a success.

It is a really credible achievement that we have got such a detailed forum to research, take advice and crib also but all in a clean way.

Thanks to the persons who started this all.
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Old 11th August 2007, 07:26   #75
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Many congratulations to all!!
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