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Old 11th August 2007, 09:16   #76
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Congratulations to all BHP-ians for making it happen and to GTO & other moderators for maintaining the standards of the forum .
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Old 11th August 2007, 09:37   #77
Team-BHP Support
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With the utmost sincerity, let me express my gratitude to each and everyone of you for your love and support (and for sticking to our board rules !!). We, with creating and maintaining this community, are mere enablers. Its you guys who have made it happen.

Thanks for all that you have given to Team-BHP. Just hang in there...because we are going to revv even higher. We owe it to all of you. Expect a huge surprise in time for our 4th Anniversary (Feb 2008).

Last edited by GTO : 11th August 2007 at 09:38.
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Old 11th August 2007, 09:41   #78
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Congrates guys, way to go ahead !!
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Old 11th August 2007, 09:57   #79
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Congratulations to Team-BHP and importantly to all Team-BHPians.

Its sure time to celebrate. Not being influenced by any automobile manufacturer is one huge factor that sets Team-BHP apart from others.

Proud to be BHPian
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Old 11th August 2007, 10:03   #80
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Congrats to GTO and team. It surely is a remarkable feat and am proud to be a Bhpian.

Now lets aim for the no 1 Indian forum in any category and not only automotive.

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Old 11th August 2007, 10:03   #81
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I just bumped to this site while looking for help to decide on my car and since then this site has been like a manual to me for various things. People who have been recommended by me also use this as a manual for various issues. All this has been possible by maintaining the much required standards which has now become an impeccable standard for this site. Glad to be a part of this team and thanks to people who are helping to maintain the standards.
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Old 11th August 2007, 10:05   #82
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awesome show guys.. congrats to all who made it happen..
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Old 11th August 2007, 10:14   #83
Team-BHP Support
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next milestone 5,000,000 mark!
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Old 11th August 2007, 10:42   #84
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congratulations to everyone.

Can we have some nostalgia published ? When did all this start, the evolution, the changes and of course the milestones.
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Old 11th August 2007, 10:57   #85
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Congratulations to all the Team-BHPians for this amazing feat!

Its not just the quantity, but the quality of those 5,00,000+ posts, that sets us apart.
Special thanks to D-BHPians and all support staff members for their constant endeavor to maintain the quality of the board.

Team-BHP rocks!
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Old 11th August 2007, 10:59   #86
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congratulations to team-bhp and all its members
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Old 11th August 2007, 11:12   #87
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Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
Is it of any significance at all ?? & why hats off to him ?
no actually it doesnt matter at all so lets just forget about it. cheers:
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Old 11th August 2007, 11:16   #88
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Congratulations! A very happy news for all of us here!

"What we are extremely proud of is the impeccable manner in which Team-BHP has maintained its content quality and kept out SMS / Slang language, personal attacks, inappropriate language etc. from our forums."

This is the one of the main reasons why I am here everyday. Some may call it boring to read, but isn't information supposed to be presented this way? Great job mods and once again Congratulations everyone.
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Old 11th August 2007, 11:34   #89
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Wow guys! kudos to you all! Its a wonderful news all the way!

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Old 11th August 2007, 11:37   #90
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Congratulations guys,thanks for the wealth of information available here possible only by your contributions,keep up the good work.

And yes whoever said good things in life don't come free needs to have a look here.

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