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Old 12th August 2007, 15:18   #121
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HEY BHPians,

Paint the town red tonight....a truly red letter day!!!
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congratulations to all the Bhpians,great goin
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congrtulations to everyone who made it possible and hope we keep achieveing bigger hieghts each time.
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Default Congrats!!!!

Congrats to Team-BHP, its wonderful Mods and the many Members who made this happen! It is truely a proud moment for all of us here! Cheers to the best automotive forum in India!!!
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Congratulations to all. As the post mentioned, this forum is one of the most well moderated ones, thanks to all the moderators. Cheers to all the wonderful members in making this happen. My contribution to the number of posts is bleak but i must say that my automotive knowledge base has improved significantly. I must thank everyone for this.

Kudos to the team! happy revving! there are no limiters here!

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Expect a huge surprise in time for our 4th Anniversary (Feb 2008).
Great news GTO. Looking forward to that day.

Originally Posted by speedzak View Post
Shall we have an all India party now?
We really should.
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Congrats to all TEAM-BHP Admins and BHPians for this achievement !!!
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I guess its time that GTO and other seniors put up a section called "HISTORY/Legacy of teamBHP" where all of you could narrate how teamBHP all started, the travails of setting up a forum, attracting members, any brushes with the automative industry, ups, downs and the works!
It would go a long way in satisfying the curiosities of many of us newbies.
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Well Said!!!......Congratulations to TEAM BHP, I wish all the best and promise to be part of your vision.


Originally Posted by Rudra Sen View Post
Almost four years ago, when I started my life with TBHP, I did see a spark, called truth.

That truth is this forum is growing to grow and become one of the most talked about.

It had two major ingredients. Promise and energy.

Actually nothing much to worry about in life, if you have these two.

A big part of that truth is showing today. And I’m really proud to see this!

This board has given us strength, knowledge, and huge number of friends.

Could we ask for more? Actually we could. And we’re asking.

We need every member’s support to maintain this forum and make it grow even bigger. Fantastic quality of discussions brought us here. Let’s not only keep it up, but better it.

Here’s another truth.
We’re going to see a major change in the near future. And trust me, we’ll have you all go ‘I’m lovin’ it!’
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This is a true achievement.
To have a site like Team BHP and to have such a fantastic commuinty of like minded people.

Congratuation to all on achieveing this land mark, I suppose the 1000k, is not to far ahead.
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Old 13th August 2007, 11:54   #131
Team-BHP Support
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Yup, it certainly is going to be a faster drive to the 1-million post mark. While it has taken us 43 months to arrive at the 5,00,000 post mark.....current statistics reveal that another 16 months (only) will make Team-BHP a 1,000,000 post board.
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Old 13th August 2007, 11:57   #132
Team-BHP Support
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How things have changed..... i remember, at the birth of TBHP, how i used to log on all the time to see if any of the 20 existing forum members had replied to my posts/threads. Now, its almost hard to keep up with the pace

Its been a great journey so far, and its a great feeling to know that all 500,000 posts are goodnatured, informative, funny and helpful.

Thanks to everyone who wishes Team-BHP well, and goes that extra bit out of their way to make it better.

Originally Posted by carboy View Post
Is there a "About Team-BHP" section anywhere? I couldn't find it.
Try this thread for a better understanding >

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Yippeeeee, Congrats TBhpians.
Many more miles to go!!
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Congrats to everyone...time to celebrate, i feel there should be a short meet arranged, in their respective cities, all starting at the same time throughout, let it be a small round with all the team-bhp cars doing one round of the city..since its going to be a small one, i am sure everyone will jump in and we will get to see a lot of team-bhp cars around together...

though my journey with team-bhp is still in its infant stage of around 4 months or less, i feel it like a long long a lot of info about cars..first site to check out everyday for new posts and threads even before checking my official mails..
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That calls for champagne, where is the party guys.
Congratulations to all the members
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