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Team-BHP Support
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Default Hurrah! 5,00,000 Posts up - Team-BHP is officially a BIG-BOARD!


Hurrah! We announce a huge cause for celebration : Team-BHP is officially a BIG-BOARD!! Today, on the 10th of August 2007, we have crossed the 500,000 post mark. Each internet forum that crosses this significantly huge milestone is officially entered into the Big Board registry.

Team-BHP is the FIRST Indian automotive community to achieve the big board status. Also, there are only 5 other Indian forums (all non-automotive) that qualify. Not only does this lead to additional recognition and responsibility, but it also marks a respectable level of establishment.

Hurrah! 5,00,000 Posts up - Team-BHP is officially a BIG-BOARD!-big-boards.png

What we are extremely proud of is the impeccable manner in which Team-BHP has maintained its content quality and kept out SMS / Slang language, personal attacks, inappropriate language etc. from our forums. Team-BHP has maintained an enjoyable decorum, and has gone on to become the one-stop resource for information on any topic concerning the Indian automotive scene. Whether its absolutely honest reviews on new / used cars, up-to-the-minute news, modifications and ICE installs, motor-sports or even what to do when you get car-sick……we have covered it all.

In line with our motivation from the early days, Team-BHP has absolutely no funding from the automotive industry and will never do so. It goes a long way in helping us maintain our unbiased nature. This long journey has had its fair share of ups and downs; in the end, it all comes down to you : The BHPian! It’s also a time for us to think of : What next? Why not? How do we move forward?

Just wanted to pause for a moment and say a huge and sincere THANKS to the Team-BHP Support Team, the Distinguished BHPians, and each and every one of you BHPians out there. Let us take this opportunity to commit to you that we will never stop. To move forward is the only road that Team-BHP knows to high-revv on.

Thanks a ton for all your love and support,

The Team-BHP Support Team

Hurrah! 5,00,000 Posts up - Team-BHP is officially a BIG-BOARD!-screenshot-500000-posts.jpg

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Congratulations !!

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Congrats GTO

without team BHP my work shucks
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Congratulations to the whole community, support team, fellow DBHPians and all members for making this possible!

Keep up the god work guys and let's keep the superb effort going!
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CHEERS mate..!! happy to hear.
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Mamma mia ! WE did that ? Pat your back , pat your back !

Finally some solid numbers to show for all these hours spent at the expense of productive hours at office and family time at home
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Team-BHP Support
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Quite a significant achievement for the forum.
Congrats !!
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way to go folks.....hope to see the 1 million mark much soooner!
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Congratulations to all BHPians
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Congratulations to everyone!! A happy day indeed!!

Here's the moment for us to treasure

Shot at 2007-08-10
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Wow! It indeed is a great feat. Congrats to all of them who made it happen.
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Congratulations Guys! It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to reach where team-bhp is today!! WAY TO GO guys ....

keep up the good work
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Indeed a great news!!
Congratulations to all out here on the occassion!
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Distinguished - BHPian
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Well, whaddya know! Great going guys. With this rate of exponential growth, there are big things in store for us, I can sense it.
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Team-BHP Support
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Almost four years ago, when I started my life with TBHP, I did see a spark, called truth.

That truth is this forum is growing to grow and become one of the most talked about.

It had two major ingredients. Promise and energy.

Actually nothing much to worry about in life, if you have these two.

A big part of that truth is showing today. And I’m really proud to see this!

This board has given us strength, knowledge, and huge number of friends.

Could we ask for more? Actually we could. And we’re asking.

We need every member’s support to maintain this forum and make it grow even bigger. Fantastic quality of discussions brought us here. Let’s not only keep it up, but better it.

Here’s another truth.
We’re going to see a major change in the near future. And trust me, we’ll have you all go ‘I’m lovin’ it!’
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