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Old 25th May 2005, 22:29   #61
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I have no idea how i missed this post. Team-bhp has been a fantastic place where i got to meet a lot of amazing people. Rudra has managed to put down what everyone feels about this. Great post.
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Old 25th May 2005, 22:42   #62
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Guys, guys, check the original post date!!
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Old 21st July 2005, 16:50   #63
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great write up rudra sir ..straight from the heart seems like ..
wonder how i missed it ...

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Old 21st July 2005, 22:51   #64
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[quote=Rudra Sen]
By and large this forum is full of 20/30 years age group. HOW THE HELL DO I FIT IN?

Hey Rudra super fantastic write up. If its any consolation, im 40+ too but who the hell cares (i dont for sure). i love cars (and actually dream about them too, no kidding) and all the guys here do too so thats that.
(sorry)came on this site by accident and was browsing it for days on end till i decided i should join up.
altough i hav'nt met a single one of you BhPians, im proud to be a part of this team
would love to meet up with u whenever u guys meet next
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Old 1st October 2005, 17:08   #65
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Picked up the link to this site from GTOs response in Dippy's super-sentimental post. I guess this is the equivalent of exhuming a mummy, but reading Rudra's post and then Dippy's I guess this is what TBHP does to a person...

I'm in the same boat waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

PS: This post happened before I joined, so I hadnt seen it before.

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Old 10th October 2005, 21:36   #66
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sir i am a newbie here but when i was searching through i found your fellings about the fellow members and i realised this is not just a group of people but A WELL BONDED FAMILY. got to know more about everybody. THANKS for this nice writeup and congrats for becoming the moderator(well deserved)
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Old 11th October 2005, 01:20   #67
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ermm....i ain't got no words to pin down after reading that....bwahahah...(tears..)

rudraji- it's a pleasure meeting you (kinda late, but nevertheless)...and hopefully, in person sometime soon...

you'e just laid out what team-bhp is for all of us- a close-knit family...

damn...getting more sentimental now...

here's looking forward to all our lifetimes as bhpians...

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Old 16th December 2005, 22:04   #68
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Originally Posted by Rudra Sen
It may read as the most boring write up. It may get a five star rating for that. It may sound totally unconnected to anything do with the forum…

But at the end of the day, it’s one hell of a pleasure to know you guys and be a proud member of TBHP.
What do you know, your thread has actually got a 5 star rating! Was just looking at the votes right now.

Rudra, read your post for the nth time and it had me in cracks (in a good way). Very well expressed.

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Old 16th December 2005, 22:19   #69
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Default Lesson to be learned.

Originally Posted by Rudra Sen
17th April 2004 evening, I stopped the car somewhere close to my house. Needed to pick up few things for daily living. One of them was the current issue ‘AUTOCAR’. It was more a habit than looking at anything in particular.
.................................................. ...............
But at the end of the day, it’s one hell of a pleasure to know you guys and be a proud member of TBHP.
I am pretty happy to read the feeling that reveals from you heart, filled with experience...
Makes me feel that the world is not full or evil minded freaks... There are people who stop for few mins to say hi to a friend or to make friends. Also Would like to point that there are very few people who takes the time to sit back and reveal how it all started... the whole story...

I am always late and I never live up to any expectation... But I learned something from your thread and that makes my day...
I would like to repeat the exact feeling thats going thru my heart.... end of the day.. its hell of a pleasure to know you guys and be a member ot TBHP... u said it...

Count me in your team of friends... Becoz I would love to be.

I didnt see this post before... I know this post started on feb... but like i said.. better late than never...

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Old 16th December 2005, 22:22   #70
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Nice and touching post.
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Old 8th March 2006, 12:05   #71
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Getting this thread running as part of Retro week for those who might have missed it
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Old 8th March 2006, 13:41   #72
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Originally Posted by Dippy
Getting this thread running as part of Retro week for those who might have missed it

I pehaps am one of the 'youngest' (in the head ONLY) ones on the forum.. I was googling reviews of cars and I came apon this site.. I am normally not given to taking a peek - let alone joining.. but something made me enter- and VIOLA 180 secs later later I had registered myself!!

And then it began to grow .. and grow... and grow!!. it just GREW on me all the time - have never felt sooooooo addicted to something in a long time ... I am totally swamped!!.. Kinda reminds me of my early teens and the 'first love' flushes - Remember them?? ;o)

Something tells me something gonna give very soon - My boss or my WIFE!! (i am forever logged on to T-BHP- both at office and at home!) Tips on that front are also most welcome!

I am all of 37 - married - lots of energy - have always been a rebel WITHOUT a cause.. and endowed with a brain which just has to look under everything to see what makes it tick (has gotten me into some SERIOUS trouble in the past ) ... Have indulged in some things which can be certifiable - even by the high standards of this forum - but more of that later. As it turns out all that bravado, the wild streak, the leonine demeanour - all of it -met its waterloo at the hands of two individuals who together are perhaps all of 4+ feet tall - My daughters aged 3 & 1. All that machismo is today certifiably PUTTY! :o)

I have not met a single fellow BHPian yet - but hope to change that pretty darn quickly!! (- have spoken to a couple over phone though)

I keep coming to Bangalore often (our HQ) ...

In that Anticipation ...

I remain....

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Old 14th March 2006, 15:36   #73
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Hey, So many friends, so lil time --- Its such an apt heading when it comes to team-bhp !! The camaraderie here is just amazing and when one hears stories about members helping each other out is really touching .... specially in todays hectic schedules. I also have had had the fortune of meeting up a few of the members and having a whale of a time in those meetings ...

Rtech -- He probably was the first member I met but at that point we both didn't know that .. though he did leave a calling card !!

Autopsyche -- I met him for the first time just after I had bought my Palio in Aug 2004 and I take credit for telling him about team-bhp though he doesn't seem to recall it. Spent loads of time hanging aorund his workshop with loads of richie rich kids coming in with real funny demands for their cars.

Sam Kapasi -- We two still hold the title of having the ' HIGHEST TEAM-BHP MEET ' when he drove across my back yard . Spent a day walking, driving, sitting and drinking together !! Though I wish he had stayed a bit longer .

Psycho -- I still don't remember how he and me got talking but somehow we did !! Since then a lot of sms & calls used to fly back and forth and one fine day he sends me a sms to go to Autopsyche for a gift for my zen. I asked him about it but he refused to reveal what it was .. so I drove to Autopsyches workshop and he plonked that gift into the zen and since then all the zen has been doing is flying !! I was never too fond of the zen but now I have taken the zen for myself and looking forward to Psycho tweaking it a bit more once I manage getting the funds collected . Finally did manage meeting him when he came to Delhi for a day in Jan '06 .

Rallystar -- Hes the sole member from Goa and I met him when I went there in Feb '06. We sat around for a couple of hrs and talked and talked and talked about all kinds of topics related to motorsports. Also discussed the proposed Team-Bhp National Meet in May ... !! Very helpful guy and anybody ever needs anything in Goa , he's the guy to call.

Then theres the Delhi gang .. met them at the one and only Delhi meet that we managed holding so far !!! Hope we can have another Delhi meet as I think there are quiet a few new members who have signed up ....

Then there is Rudra sir, I have never had the opportunity to meet him but have been in cellular contact for quiet some time. Hopefully this year I should be able to coax him into being my guest . Manaa is another member I havn't met but do keep in tuch with her occassionaly. Infact she came to HP the same time I went to Mumbai so we cudn't meet but if you reading this I hope in ur next trip up North we shall meet.

Now I'm looking forward to the National Meet as thats another opportunity to meet a whole lot of members in one place and develop many more friendships .

Keep it up Mods for running a perfect platform for all car lovers across India !!


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Old 17th July 2006, 16:18   #74
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Excellent post. Interesting read young man

Originally Posted by ported_head
Guys, guys, check the original post date!!
Entha post kaalathal aliyadathu
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Old 27th August 2006, 10:54   #75
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very inspiring . .very good ...

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