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Old 15th February 2009, 15:41   #301
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Congrats on turning 5 - Long Live Team-BHP!!
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Old 15th February 2009, 15:43   #302
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Kudos to the awesome forum.
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Old 15th February 2009, 16:05   #303
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wish us a very happy birthday.. I think we have seen an unprecedented growth of knowledge on this forum in a very short span of five years...
Cheers to one and all on this forum, and may we contiue to be one the most comprehensive forums on the internet for automotive knowhow, fun and turbocharged brotherhood!!!
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Old 15th February 2009, 16:40   #304
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Although late, I will be celebrating two birthdays today, one is my dad's ( 15th feb ) and other is TBHP.
Time and again I have called this community as " Oasis ". I have not seen such community that is so informative, so good and so disciplined.
To give everyone a brief outlook of the depth and honest of this community I will post a few facts. I have been reading automotive mags since I was in second standard if I am not wrong. At that time it was Rover Montego making noise and I was all about cc, etc. Gradually my magazine collection has expanded to 500+ automotive mags through all the years.
The knowledge I had collected over 15+ years reading automotive mags is equal to the knowledge that I collected from TBHP in about more than one year. This is sufficient proof that TBHP is the best without doubt.

From the base of my heart I appreciate the moderator team to work really hard. I am still not out of my graduation days and I am finding it tough to spend more time on TBHP, I wonder how the moderator team has managed/ is managing to spend time from their own personal life for TBHP. This is the thing that usually leaves me speechless. A special thanks to this team for giving others a space to discuss and talk about automobiles.
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Old 15th February 2009, 16:50   #305
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A great forum with great guys associated with it!!! May it go on and on like this eternally!!! Happy Birthday!!!
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Old 15th February 2009, 17:01   #306
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Happy Birthday Team-Bhp!

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Old 15th February 2009, 17:13   #307
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Happy B'DAY team bhp. Great going,keep it up.
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Old 15th February 2009, 17:15   #308
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Oopsy! Just saw this. Congrats to t-bhp and its members on turning 5 years.

Happy Birthday t-bhp.
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Old 15th February 2009, 17:39   #309
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Wish all of you a many Happy return of this day. Keep it up Team-BHP
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Old 15th February 2009, 17:50   #310
Senior - BHPian
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I discovered the Team in 2004, while I was googling for technical info/doubts regarding my (then) brand new Indica. I was thrilled by the response then.

The thread I started last was nearly 14 days back, a saturday, seeking expert opinion about, er, BATHROOM fittings for my house that is under construction...! I started the thread at 11.55 PM just before I went to sleep; I was so confident that all my doubts will be answered by Sunday morning. The first thing I did on Sunday was checking my thread.

Three answers. One of them by The Yeti, thought I should title it as "All you want to know about bathroom fittings". Posted less than 30 minutes later...

Another on was from speedzac, and I named it as "Bathroom fittings for Dummies"; man contributing from Northern Nigeria...

I think, I will continue seeking the advise of TBHPians in all my crucial decisions, like my son's college education (who is now 3) etc.

Who knows, perhaps he will marry a fellow TBHPian's daughter..

MMHROTD forum..its our Karma that makes all these possible.
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Old 15th February 2009, 17:50   #311
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Happy Birthday Team-Bhp.

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Old 15th February 2009, 18:01   #312
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Default Happy Bday !!!! :)

Congrats everyone on turning five
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Old 15th February 2009, 18:01   #313
Senior - BHPian
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Happy Birthday. You've come a long way baby !! Keep revving.
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Old 15th February 2009, 18:07   #314
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Many happy returns of the day and many more to come.

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Old 15th February 2009, 18:10   #315
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Happy Birthday TBHP!
I just wish I'd known of this site from the start!
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