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Administrator 17th September 2009 18:11

How to POST (reply to a thread) on Team-BHP
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The following is a pictorial guide on how to post (i.e. reply to a thread) on Team-BHP.

Basic Forum Posting:

1. Choose the thread that you wish to post a reply to:
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2. Read through the thread & scroll down to the bottom of the page:
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3. You will see a quick reply box. Type out your reply in the text box provided. If you wish to format your post (optional), use any of the buttons from the quick formatting menu. Once you are done typing your reply, click the "Post Quick Reply" button to submit:
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Administrator 17th September 2009 18:28

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Advanced Forum Posting:

1. This is the second (advanced option) way to reply to a thread on Team-BHP. On any thread, scroll down to the bottom of the page & click the "Go Advanced" button:
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2. On the resultant new page, a larger text box will appear on your screen. You will also see options for many different areas of posting (smilies, attachments etc.):
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3. Once you are done typing out your post, you can attach pictures using the "Manage Attachments" button. To know more about attaching pictures, refer to this thread. Then, click the "Submit" Reply" button:
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You are all set!

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