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Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

J.K. Automobiles
17/4, 2nd Cross, Journalist colony,
J.C. Road, Bangalore - 560002
Tel - 26708210, 26708524

It is the second left when entering from Minerva circle.

Services Offered:
Spare parts for all 4 wheelers
General Motors
Shell Lubricants
FAG Bearings

I have been going to them for the past two years for synthetic oil. Typically get around 30% off on MRP (4l ultra MRP 4400/- paid 3200/-)
I recently bought a Baleno rear wheel hub and some control cables (throttle and clutch). I got the OE bearing at 30% of Maruti list price. He also got me a mechanic who fit it for me in less than half hour.

The prices seem to be fixed as they refer to their computer to give exact prices and will orally give only approximate prices (+ /- 10%)
I see a lot of regular customers/garages buying. Most of them are credit invoices.
He is upfront and will say he has OEM or alternate and sometimes offers you a choice of OEM and alternate
They always raise a bill for each sale and accept credit/debit cards

No parking space for cars, though you can park in the multilevel car park across the street
May have to wait 10/15 minutes while they get your parts from their godown
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

I have been buying car parts from JK Automobiles for some time now, though the place is crowded and one has to wait for parts to be sourced from their godown, the prices are honest and they give you options of different priced parts if you don't want to buy OE specs.
They give you a computerised bill for any part purchased and also have a reasonable "return guarantee" in case you bought a wrong part.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Had visited this store over the week-end. Has most of the spares, and is crowded. Provides very good interaction in knowing your requirement and the part required. Also can source OEM parts which he may not have stocked. Does give good discount if you are a regular customer there.

Satisfied with the service.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

This place is in deed good! I was able to find some hard to find fiat parts from them.
As mentioned in the thread, it is crowded and there is no parking around. How ever I have come around this problem by visiting them late, say about 7:30-8:00 in the evening. At that time, they are relatively less crowded but very busy (catering to out of town shipments). I also manage to get some parking nearby.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Visited the place yesterday, and they were pretty helpful, except that I was not able to find fog lamps or sun shades for my type2 honda city. In the end, I shopped with them for some wax (Rs.480), tyre foam(Rs. 475), microfibre cloth (Rs.125), and paper air filter (Rs.300). They added VAT of about 250 rupees over all this too.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Ford spares are available with this dealer? If not, can somebody help me with the dealer name of the same in JC road?

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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Originally Posted by ramzsys View Post
Ford spares are available with this dealer?
It is a small shop, with a godown somewhere. Got the required part(diesel filter head), MRP Rs.2075, billed Rs.2044. This is Delphi-TVS branded, but imported from UK i think.

Some other shop down the lane said 2400. "Saaar original dephi saar".
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Positive feedback-

I needed a set of lower arms for my baleno. Since i don't live in blore, I called up the shop and spoke to Mr. Srinivas. He texted me his bank a/c details following which i wired him the money! Parts were sent across the same day and i received them safe and sound the next! All within a short span of 24hrs!

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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

  • J K has spares for almost all vehicles including the Hyundai's, Ford's and Toyota's as these manufacturers don't sell their spares over the counter
  • Priced very competitive - Many MASS folks pick their spares in bulk from J K
  • For older vehicles they prefer a sample to rule out incorrect spares
  • Good choice of Engine oils - Mineral , semi-synthetic and synthetic (Mobil1 and Shell)
  • Delvac 1 is always in stock :-)
  • Maintains stock of all essential spares
  • Stocks also car detailing products
  • Recommends what would be better - Many a time I have been recommended Philips over other brands and haven't been given an opportunity to complain
  • Aerotwin wipers - Was one of the very few dealers to stock them
Where can they improve
  • Turn around time - Yes the place is crowded and always busy - It doesn't matter whether it is a weekday or weekend you will have to wait for 10 mins or so before someone attends to you
  • Time to deliver the items - since most of the items are stored in their godown it does take as much as 30 mins for the item to be delivered and billed
Services they could provide
  • Home delivery if the purchase values is more than certain value
  • Partner with webportals (like to extend their reach
I have been an old timer. Have been their customer since 2003 when I purchased my first car (a Maruti) and other the 2 points listed in the areas to improve there isn't another point that I can point to as an area of improvement

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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

We have been using their services since late 2009. Most, if not all of the positives and negatives mentioned in the above posts are true.

However, of late he seems to be pushing certain products. For e.g. and in fact, Mr.Sa..s. drove away a many of our referrals for they asked for 5W-30 fully synthetic engine oil as he said said that there is no such thing. What was bothersome was the fact that he belittled these referrals who were educated auto professionals with regard to their professional expertise. Exchanging information, defending a view point or even vehemently defending with logical reasoning is acceptable to these folks. However, dismissive refutation is not. He then proceeded to sell them heavy duty truck diesel Mobil 0W-50 /40 engine oils for their passenger cars. May be he had a bad day or so we thought. This occurred at least three to four times. Moreover, there were many other similar incidents. Thus, we decided unanimously to look elsewhere.

We were all happy with his service for a few years from 2009. However, we have all stopped using his services since 2011 as the prices were on par with authorised spare outlets and the internet dealers were offering better prices and doorstep delivery (saving time, resources and energy in the process vs having to go to this shop).

I am sure that if one is not very picky and knows what he/she wants (without being disrespectful to those who have greater acceptance levels and tolerance) then this place is godsent. Probably it is just a bunch of us!

They come across as nice people. Hopefully they can pull up their socks and once again serve professionally as they stock quite a few auto related items and it would be a pity to not to do any business with them.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Been to this place yesterday to get a clutch plate for my Ikon.
Price is very less when compared to the quotes i got from other shops (Rs.4400/- for original ford clutch plate assembly against 5800~6500 quoted in other places).

Also they have almost each and every part for all cars, for example i got a door acutuator (single) for my Ikon. For which i have been told previously, cannot get single actuator and complete door lock set has to be changed.

As everyone pointed out, this place is really crowded. Have to wait for 20~30 minutes to get the required spares from warehouse.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

Had been to J K Automobiles over the weekend to get a 60A fuse for my palio multijet's radiator fan. He charges 75/- for the fuse and when i showed him the blown fuse he claimed that it was local and what he was selling was original!

This even when i said that this is the first time this fuse is being changed in the car since the time it is brought.

But still he was like: OK, whatever u say but ur blown fuse is duplicate! Didn't have a nice feeling about the way he charges for a fuse and then tried justifying it.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

had been to this shop to buy engine mounts for OHC. Definitely has stock of any item asked for. Each of the three mounts i purchased were different make. One looked like imported and better of the lot. Other two were clearly local make. Rubber in the mount was already coming out. I bought it, removed old mounts and ended up replacing with the one that looked imported. the other two mounts i simply did some repair on old mounts and replaced at the shop and bought something else.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

He has almost everything but what I don't like about JK is that he tries and sells you whatever garbage he has! And then goes on to rave about it trying to convince you that this crap is the best.
After picking up parts and oil worth almost 6,000 rs I saw a can of WD40, I wanted that, he tried selling me some Abro brand which he claimed is better than WD40 as it has Teflon with it. He went on to mention that this Abro is better, cheaper than WD40.

I was very adamant that I wanted only WD40, he wasn't too happy about it and mumbled something and gave me WD40.

Another day I wanted Sync OIL, He tried pushing PETRONAS oil, I clearly told him I wanted Mobil 1 or shell. He kept pushing PETRONAS for a good 10 minutes.
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Re: Spare Parts - J.K. Automobiles, JC Road (Bangalore)

I too felt he pushes things that might get him more margin. ABRO seems to push more. There is no replacement for WD40 as of now. He pushed those engine mounts very hard on me. Positive point is his English is very good.
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