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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

Just now went there for a quick top-up for the Vento.

Planning on travelling long distance (1500kms round trip) and checked the oil level and coolant this morning. Both were low. Instead of taking it to VW, I decided to take it to Bay6 since the car is anyways out of warranty and this is just a quick top-up.

- Quick response and the work was completed in about 30 mins including checking the oil, draining the existing coolant from the reservoir and replacing with new coolant.

- Friendly folk and when I insisted that they check the spare tyre pressure, they didn't flinch (like many gas stations do).

- Added 1 liter of 5W40 synthetic oil for top up and Wurth(?) coolant in the reservoir. Total bill came to 1115 Rs including labor.

Will go there again for other works as needed.
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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

I gave my car there a few times. The mechanics are knowledgeable and are pretty fast with their work, efficient fellows. Their earlier exhaust person was good at his work as well, don't know about the present person and can't comment about painter and others as I haven't experienced their work. The only problem I faced was their supply chain was weak, car would lie there for a few days easily unless it was a general service, if its run better, it could be among the top 5 garages in Bangalore. Prices are comparable with Bosch centers and you always get a printed invoice, I definitely recommend.
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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

I have been there recently. Agree to the observation of supply chain.

Mechanics are good, the two of them are as good as you want to have.

Please check this thread for the work done
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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

My neighbour's 150000km "tough" Toyota Fortuner started whistling and whining away.

The friendly Toyota dealer quoted Rs 2 Lakhs to repair without going into the cause. My neighbour was in a fix - repair or sell!

He asked me to look into this. I pinged Sajan (Tadukuttan) who asked us to leave the car with them. Being a Toyota, they could not believe that a turbo could fail like that. They even asked whether a tuning box had been fitted etc. They spent half a day going over it and then asked for our consent to open it.

They opened the turbo to reveal this

Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)-photo20180613090251-2.jpg

The turbo vane had broken. The options were to rebuild the turbo core or a replaement turbo. The former was Rs 70000 and the latter Rs 120000. Sajan advised a new turbo since he felt the rebuild cost was too high and one could not judge whether there was something inherent that could cause the problem to happen again.

The owner transferred Rs 1.2 Lakhs to enable Bay6 to purchase a turbo from their Toyota contacts. This took about a week as the part is not kept in stock as it never fails. A week later it arrives

Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)-photo20180621155844.jpg

Bay 6 took a couple of days to refit and change all fluids and pipes (remember that shrapnel was present around the engine).

The additional bill for the service + labour came to Rs 16000.

All in all, a significant saving compared to Toyota. Bay 6 were professional and methodical in dismantling and diagnosing the issue.

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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

I will need to look at clutch replacement later this year for my 2014 Honda City.

Would people recommend Bay 6 Motorworks for Clutch Replacement for the 2014 Honda City? Do they source Honda Original parts?
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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

Anyone recently visited Bay6? Any feedback?
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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

Originally Posted by SideView View Post
Anyone recently visited Bay6? Any feedback?
Yes, their good mechanics are still around and the quality of work remains the same. The only thing to keep in mind is to order any major parts in advance to avoid delays since they don't stock parts and have to procure from their vendors.
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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

Visited Bay6 today for my 70k service(just routine changes), totally satisfied with my experience. What I liked from my experience, compared to my last visit:

+ costs were transparent and clarified. (Incase we bring our own stuff they have a small mark up, which I accept they also have to survive afterall)
+ work is always top notch.
+ better billing and card acceptance. ( last time i got written bill and was cash only for some reason)
+ gave for wash, also done well.
+ no upselling/ unwanted replacement if not needed.
+ they were also able to source the OEM airfilter that I did not bring.(if you need OEM you might have to sync up with them and give heads up/maybe advance)
+ you could stay and watch the work been done ( mostly which ASC dont allow)

Cons if I have to add any (not faced/issue by me)
- they would be able to handle 3-4 cars at one shot, maybe some wait time would be involved if more cars are there.(I did not have any wait time as I was there when there was a slot)
- if you one who expects nice lounge/waiting area and all that snazzy stuff, sorry this is not the place its a garage.
- you may have to call them up and enquire if it not some common filter/part and enquire if is not some easily sourcable part that needs to be changed.( I am not sure of the procedure here, no experience from my side)

I am pretty happy with the manager Basavraj and new guy Varghese, who was polite enough to answer my noisy questions. Overall my experience was way better than last time.

Big thumbs up.

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Re: Multi-brand Car Servicing & Repairs - Bay 6 Motorworks (Bangalore)

Had a good experience getting my Renault Duster's struts replaced at Bay6.
Posted my experience here : (2016 Renault Duster Facelift & AMT (Automatic) : Official Review)
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