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Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

I was looking through our Bangalore directory for tire balancing etc. and couldn't find any good shop. In one post for Tyre Empire, I found a mention of this place called Tyre Kingdom.

Checked them out and below is the review / photos

What's good about the place

- New shop (I think) in HSR Layout conveniently located in a by-lane. Easy parking and place to get work done

- Owner, Johnson, is engaging and does his job well. A bit of an enthu guy who'll keep updating you on the work

- The workers are also competent to do the work. They are courteous as well

- Good competitive pricing - couldn't have found this price anywhere nearby

- Work done in a clean manner and things are kept where they should be

- Free checkup after 1000 kms and tuning if required

What could be improved

- maybe focus on optimizing the work. There were times when the three staff were doing one thing (not a biggie but still)

- not sure if they can handle a crowd. We had me and one other TBHP member and so it was fine

- Much needed advertising. Took me a bit of time to figure this out even though I live close by

Quick review

Got my 2012 Figo's wheel balancing / wheel alignment and rotation done there. Basic cost of Rs. 450 plus the cost of weights (Rs. 1 / gram). Total bill for me was Rs. 585.

They did a visual inspection before touching anything. Put the car on jack-stands and then inspected each tire. Cleaned the tires thoroughly by removing any stones stuck in the treads and finally in a drum of grimy water. They checked again for any nails / punctures. Filled the tires with correct tire pressure. Did the wheel balancing and added weights as per the machine's suggestions. Finally did the wheel alignment. After everything is complete, the owner took it for a drive along with me to see if everything was ok. Coming from the experiences at Tyre Empire. it's night and day but as I mentioned, not sure what will happen once they hit scale / full load, if that happens.

Overall, very satisfied.

Some pictures


Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tkmap.png

The place - take a right at the Sweet Chariot / Ayurvedalaya junction and carry on till just before the dead end. It is NOT opposite to Sweet Chariot.

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tk1.jpg

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tk2.jpg

The owner, Johnson, is in black t-shirt. Inspecting the car and making sure they jack the right place.

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tk6.jpg

This guy was the cleaning guy. Did a brilliant job on cleaning both the tires and the tire covers. That was a nice touch, indeed.

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tk5.jpg

A little accessories shelf. Not much to buy. Didn't ask him for the tire prices that he was dealing on. Will do next time. Looks like almost all major brands.

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tk4.jpg

Their flyer / advertisement. Both of us TBHPians had the same thing to say to him - please advertise your place more. No one even knows! See the prices along with the car model.

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tkflyer1.jpg

Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)-tkflyer2.jpg


P.S - It was fun hanging out with another TBHP member whom I met at the shop whose car you see in the first pic getting it's treatment done. Good coincidences are always the best and we shared our thoughts on the place as well. I think he'll agree with my review of the place. He was preparing for a long road trip. I would rather let him reveal himself if he'd like.
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Re: Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Was looking out for a place in and around HSR Layout for doing wheel alignment/balancing/rotation for my Vento. Initially planned to go to Tyre Empire, but reading the last few posts in the thread related to that, was not sure about going there. Also, I am not very knowledgeable in this area, so had no way of knowing if they were doing a good job especially since they can get pretty crowded.

So today, based on this post, I headed to Tyre Kingdom. Mad Max , thank you for the detailed directions. Was able to locate it without any issue.
  • When I got there, there were no cars (I went on a weekday afternoon). There were 3 guys sitting around and seemed surprised to see me and had a look- 'Oh we need to do some work'. At that time I had second thoughts, but went ahead.
  • After their initial lethargy, they kicked into high gear and efficiently went about their work
  • I wanted to switch to nitrogen, so they did that first. Then did a through scrub and wash of the tyre and alloys. Was good to see them do that
  • Balancing and alignment was done. Did a front/back rotation also. They did a test drive post that and verified if things were all ok.
  • They were very neat and orderly.
  • Cost was 550 for alignment + balancing, 188 for the weights (charged per gram), and 20 per tyre for Nitrogen. Total came to Rs 818.

They also do Nitrogen top up. Overall was a decent experience. Nothing to complain about.

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Re: Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Went for a simple tubeless puncture repair to tyre kingdom, mainly to check out the place.

Unfortunately, their prices for a puncture fix are quite high. Rs. 300 for 2 punctures on same tyre!

Compared to that Madhus charges are much lesser. I asked him why the prices were high and got a reply that they use original patches. lol.

He straighaway tried to sell me a mushroom patch at a higher cost saying a regular puncture fix wont last more than 2 months.

Mr. Johnson was not there and it was his boys who I interacted with. Maybe I was over charged.

I couldn't go to Madhus as this was an emergency on weekday but would anyday prefer going there over this place even for simple puncture fix.

The alignment/balancing is for some company called John Beam.
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Re: Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

I went to get my wheel alignment today, but couldnt find this place - also google maps indicates that the business is closed. Finally went to Tyre Empire, 27th main for the same.
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Re: Tyres, Rims, Alignment etc. - Tyre Kingdom (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Is this place still operational. I am planning to get the alignment, balancing done of my car next week. Would certainly like to try them out.
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