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Default Re: Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore)

Originally Posted by theredliner View Post
Jayant, which workshop did they get your Punto serviced at?
I'm always on the lookout for a capable Fiat workshop and might even try this service.
For the last two service it was serviced at Nithiya Motors, Hosa Road. Though I haven't directly interacted with them. See gmaps link below:

Not many reviews online.

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Default Re: Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore)

Had another good experience with Wheels Wisdom. Had an issue with the AC and since I had a long drive coming up in the next week, turned to Wheels Wisdom to get the work done. Unfortunately they did not have an open appointment until the day before my trip which would have been too late. I dropped them an email and they promptly responded. After a few conversations, they were able to arrange for a pickup the day I wanted.

Rest of the follow up was as I had experienced before. Details on the work done documented in this post

On the down side, the one time charges per visit from WheelsWisdom is now Rs 2500 + GST which I felt is quite steep now. For a large extensive service, it may be worth it, but I think they should have a seperate slab for smaller repairs and related items. Have shared this feedback back to them.
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Default Re: Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore)

While reading the reviews, I made my mind to avail their service. But alas, WW is not operational in Delhi. Is there any company with similar business model in Delhi NCR?
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Default Re: Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore)

I've just done the 5th year service of my Vento TDI DSG (aka The Roadrunner (VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner)). Here's my review of the service experience.

Summary: Wheels Wisdom did an excellent job overall and I would rate them 5/5 for their work ethics, commitment to the customer, Integrity & transparency along with potential cost savings.

The details of the entire experience is given below.

How did I know WW: During a recent networking event in our company, we were discussing various online/doorstep car service providers and somehow WW stood out from the rest. Obviously the next step is to search for the same here in team-bhp, being my go to place for everything car for years! Alas, here's the thread that was started by someone who I trust a lot - thanks Rajeevraj. Decision was made with no afterthoughts.

Booking the Appointment: Created an account via their website.

Name:  reg.jpg
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Size:  50.3 KB

Scheduled the appointment for a future date and received the following confirmation with my choice and items required attention apart from the regular service.

Name:  Appt.jpg
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Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore)-appt2.jpg

On the eve of the scheduled pick-up date, I received an email about the upcoming confirming the same with contact details.

Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore)-pickupeve.jpg

The assigned Tech advisor was Mr. Syed Ahmed.

Pick-Up Process: Got a call from the TA early morning to confirm that he'll be at my place by 8:00. I was ready with the car after removing the personal belongings from inside and the junk from the boot. The TA reached my place by 8:30am owing to some unexpected roadwork happeing on his way. He got to work immediately preparing the pickup document an taking snaps of the car from every angle inside and out. The car was driven to the assigned multi-brand service center(Pragathi Motors - Bosch) about 2-3 KMs from my home and was checked in by 9:20 as confirmed by WhatsApp message and email from WW.

Additional Work: The following additional work were done after taking my approval by email/call. All of those were expected and required.

Coolant: The coolant was going below the low level in about 4 months and I had filled with purified/distilled water. Had asked to check for any leaks and completely refill the same. No leaks could be found and this will remain a mystery if it goes below the level in another few months.

Fog Lamp: The glass had a crack and the bulb not working. VW service center had asked me to replace both fog lamps as they come in pairs. I wasn't convinced then and had postponed the replacement. WW helped to replace the bulb and it is all good now.

Wipers: The rubber had become dry and was making noise. I had missed mentioning it, but WW suggested the replacement.

Brake Pads: I was sure they needed replacement. Both the Bosch branded one and the TVS OEM ones aren't good enough - but agreed to replace with OEM since that seem to last longer.

Name:  addl.jpg
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Size:  82.9 KB

Problems with the Brake: For a few days I had been suspecting that the brakes were not working properly. I didn't connect that to the ABS though. I had mentioned to replace the brake lamp and the boot lamp. The TA indicated that the boot lamp was fixed (not replaced) and I didn't see any charges against it. But for the brake lamp, he was at a loss to explain why it wasn't working even though it was not damaged. Pragathi motors couldn't identify the root cause.

Appointment with PPS Motors: I was informed that the car need to be taken to VW service center to replace the broken front bumper tray. It was broken after taking a severe hit while crashing into a water filled pothole next to a speed breaker during the Bangalore rains. The part was available only at the Nagavara service center that's about 20KMs from Pragathi. TA also mentioned that he'll diagnose the issue with the brake lamp while there.

Diagnosis and Resolution to the Brake (Lamp) problems: Initially the VW guys couldn't figure out the issue with the brake lamp. Later they were able to track down the error code in the ABS module which caused the ABS to stop functioning along with the brake lamps(there was no warning light however). By evening I was losing hope about finding out what caused the module to stop functioning and mentioned the same to the WW TA. He assured me that he's working with the VW people to find the root cause. They spent considerable time and had to manually follow the wiring to find a short circuit in one of the brake lamps that caused the entire module to get disabled. It was a good result in the end since nothing major was damaged.

Name:  addl2.jpg
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The bulb holder and wiring kit was not in stock. Therefore it was ordered to be replaced sometime later once it arrives.

Fuel filer was replaced as suggested by WW(trusted WW on this)

The other service center charge is for the bumper tray.

Car was delivered on the next day afternoon after pick-up once the VW showroom guys fixed the bumper tray. The ordered part arrived as promised and was subsequently replaced. No additional charges from WW for this follow-up appointment. Only the labour charges were paid after the final delivery(I guess that should be the difference from advance paid).

Name:  addl3.jpg
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What was missed( or not completely resolved ): Replacing the bumper tray and tightening the fender had reduced the rattling that I reported. I was told that whatever remains may need dismantling of panel next to the steering wheel. As it turned out that wasn't the case. The rattling was coming from a lost/loose screw that holds the plastic cladding/cover inside the wheel well. I have temporarily solved it - but ultimately the wheel need to be removed to fix the same.

Other Notes:
  • Snaps were shared for every part that was changed
  • Original receipts from VW service center were given to me.
  • The complimentary car wash and clean was done very well.

Total charges: 7670 (Service with oil change) + 9193 (Addl work) + 455 (Addl work - VW labour for brake lamp) = 17,318 INR

I'm happy with the service and would definitely use services from Wheels Wisdom.

Disclaimer: I've no affiliation with the service provider or anyone from WW. Posted above is my personal experience for which I hold the originals of all proofs given above.

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