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Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
While i remember reading here that the HP pump near the new Cosmos mall in Brookfields were cheats, going by the number of people filling up there, looks like not many know about it.
where is this new mall? where is brookfields??
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Originally Posted by CaliAtenza View Post
where is this new mall? where is brookfields??
Cali : Brookfields is the area you cross when u travel from Kundanahalli junction towards ITPL. Thats the same area where HLL is present. Suddenly seeing a lot of real estate development here owing to the IT presence. Cosmos is a new shopping mall which has opened along this route. Houses a new Ezone, Pantaloons, and more. Not really sure if its been thrown open to the public or not. As for me, it should be a nice place to hang out, as it kinda close to where i live.
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good petrol pump near Sarjapur road or marathahalli

Could you suggest good petrol pump near Sarjapur road (Wipro) or marathahalli?

From above threads, I derived these:
1. Pump opp to Manipal hospital in Airport road
2. Shell at hosur main road
3. one near udupi garden signal in BTM

anything else?
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Can we reopen this thread


Can we please reopen this thread post fuel price hike. The following pumps I hate.

One in the surjapur road hosur road junction near St johns medical college.
One in Madiwala Near mass restaurant. They are currently using the pump us a parking lot.
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HKP & benbsb - why do you say the BP outlet near cosmos mall is a cheat ?

Asking because, I normally tank up there (I live rather close by).

They have big very visible counters in the front, unlike the regular ones that are built into the pumping machines. And never have they started filling without showing me the zero.

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Is the IOC Bellandur pump near Salapuria Softzone/SoBha apartments good ?
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where do i get speed97, which BP outlet is good ? one in BTM layout junction ?
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The Shell pumps in general have been good. Have never had a problem with them.

Otherwise, I normally tank up at
1. IOC Bunk next to Koshys on St. Mark's Road
2. IOC Bunk at the junction of Palace Road and Cunningham Road
3. HP Bunk near the New BEL Road railway over bridge.

Experiences have been good with these places.
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Im new to Bangalore, and its crazy but at almost every pump I've been to so far, they've tried to rip me off. One guy will stand in front of you and will try to distract you. Even if you are looking at the meter the attendant wont start filling till the moment you take your eyes away and look at the guy in front who is asking you questions like 'Bill kitne ka banaoo?', 'Aap kahaan se hai?' (Since my bike is MH registered), and so on and so forth. The moment you look away and then look back, the meter has magically already filled up Rs 100 worth of fuel. This pisses me off no end. Its happened to me at the pump in Agraha, opp HSR sec-1, at the pump opposite Pizza Hut and YoChina in Kormangala, at the pump just after the Silk Board junction at Madivala, and a few more.
The trick is, no matter what, do not take your eyes off the meter till the guy starts filling. He'll realise that the distraction is not working and will start filling the fuel soon enough. I have been to many many cities in India, but this kind of a situation I've faced only in Bangalore. Its experiences like these, and others with the auto drivers (dont even get me started on them!!-for another thread), that ruin Bangalores perception (to outsiders), against what is an otherwise excellent city with very nice people
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We had come to bangalore in 1999, stopped to fill fuel at the Pump close to race course road. We asked them to top it, the meter started and didnt stop till it reached Rs 1500, the car could not take that much fuel. The tank was much smaller. My dad started arguing, first he was laughing at them saying what sort of idiots are you people? You are trying to fool me and being big idiots at that. But then the usual outsider - Kannadiga bull**** started. Everyone started ganging up. MY dad pointed at the Navy Sticker on the car and gave a good warning, all the kannada pride drained out of them and they let us go.
This was even before the IT boom started and the 'outsider' phenomenon happened. The fuel bunks in Bangalore have always been fooling people and they still get away with it.
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Hi All,

I' ve been filling up at the IOC COCO bunk next to the water tank in BTM Layout. Service is good and they dont distract you. well, atleast in my case or maybe because of the team-bhp sticker on my car's back bumper

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I was taken for a ride with the rs 100 filling once but now i have made it a habit to get out of the car (lock it) and then stand next to the pump when the guy starts filling, give him my card/cash and ask him to go and get a receipt this way he is not there to distract me as he is busy with the receipt.
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Originally Posted by adit1329 View Post
cauvery outlet at lalbagh west gate, he has been there for years and his fuel is good.

the worst is DG petrol bunk in bsk-III stage ring road (owned by you know who) sells adulterated fuel mixed with kerosene...
I totally agree ab t Cauvery.

The owner is an ex-colonel or something. I have seen him many times. He carries a danda with him all the time and doesnt hesitate to use it on his employees. They are really afraid of him and rarely try any tricks.

Nowadays(almost for the past year), I have noticed a lot of female employees. They are softer and more polite and less likely to try to cheat you.

I have never been disappointed with this place.
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Nowdays allmost all bunks bad fuel.

I stick to the HP Gojer Service Station near Cantonment. I get the best FE when I tank up here.
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i second Gojer! one of my faves...and FE indeed goes up tanking there! not bad at all for an HP.
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