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Just back from Madhus' after upgrading my Civic's tyres, wheel balancing and alignment.

Extremely nice place. Had called up Nikhil and had an appointment made. Nikhil was not around, but had arranged everything. I just had to announce my name, and they took good care of me. The staff was friendly and courteous.

Had taken my wife along. She was comfortable in the lounge, while I roamed around. Usually auto-garages are very women-unfriendly. This one was pleasantly different.

In around 45 minutes, the job was done, and by that time Nikhil arrived. A nice guy, he explained the numbers (wheel alignment) to me. Left the place feeling very satisfied.

Highly recommended!

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Default My experience

Went to madhus the other day to get the wheel alignment + balancing done. Nice staff i would say, right from the ground force to those desk folks.

Asked if Nikhil is around - no he was not. That young chap checked the tyres and told that they are in a bad shape so you cant balance em, you can only do wheel alignment (i will post pics later for you to check how many more kms it can take)

Anyways, gave the car keys to one guy, he took the car behind the shop to get the wheels aligned.

I asked about tyres from that young chap, he took me inside the office, told others (desk folks) that i am nikhils frnd and looking for tyres.

Those guys were more than happy to help, took out a manual / price list and gave me 3 diff option (size wise) which the spark can take. Gave me the price details and immediately got michelins + yoko for me to see. I was not too sure if i could buy those (spent 6600 already this month on chevy spark) + another 15k - not happening, definately not happening.

Informed that i will check with Nikhil and update them - they were fine by it.

Got the car in few mins, 250 rs bill.

@Nikhil: I need to meet you to help me decide on this. would appreciate if you could take some time out.

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Old 11th June 2010, 02:27   #33
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Positive reviews, owner on board. What else could one want? Its a positive sign when one has to book in advance because the demand exists for quality work and Team BHP members are nothing if not quality maniacs. There would not be queues for a place which did not meet the expectations of its customers.

Way to go, guys. Keep up the good work.

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Old 12th June 2010, 18:35   #34
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Had been to Madhu's today morning and had a pleasant experience.

I have got to give it to the guys working at Madhus. They were very courteous, responsive and quick at the job. My drive feels very smooth after the balancing and alignment.

Good experience, Thanks Nikhil.
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Old 14th June 2010, 15:11   #35
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I had a problem with my swift tyres both front insides totally weared out, and took it to Madhus. Correctly identified as wrongly done alignment at the Maruti's service center and was rectified. Also, had complained of random pulling to the left, which got sorted out courtesy of the above alignment.

I had two minor gripes, they wouldnt do a test drive to confirm the issue before/after fixing. Since my issues were sorted out so mainly no cause for concern. Also the tyre pressure was topped up by them after alignment. Found it to be 45 psi on all 4 wheels when I checked at a different location, had to correct it to the recommended tyre pressure.

This experience was a few months back and since then I had almost covered 5000 kms with no uneven tyre wear since.

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Being in chennai, there's no chance for me to experience the services of madhus. but, i have interacted with Nikhil for the alloys and tyre choices. He was always available and ever willing to respond to all my queries and guided me in choosing the alloys and tyres. A thorough passionate and a wonderful person. Am sure his shop would be wonderful as well.

Keep up the good work Nikhil.
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Nikhil, thanks to the guys at your place for working on the truck's alignment on saturday. As always, a good professional work done.
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Have been a customer for more than 3 years now.

What I like:
Excellent equipments
Trained technicians
Lightning quick service
Not expensive

What I don't like:

Even after so many visits, Nikhil not to be seen in the shop
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Originally Posted by adi99 View Post
Have been a customer for more than 3 years now.

What I like:
Excellent equipments
Trained technicians
Lightning quick service
Not expensive

What I don't like:

Even after so many visits, Nikhil not to be seen in the shop
More so from now on! I'm heading to my hostel in an hour. 2 years away from normal schedule.
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Default A Big round of Applause to Nikhilb2008 and Madhus

Forget everything here guys.

I request each and every member to raise a big toast, and a big round of applause to Madhus and Nikhilb2008

My requirement was simple and unique. But the most difficult thing ever to get.

Tyres for one of my restorations .

Car = 1950 Fiat 500C
Tyres = Nylon
Size = 5.20 x 14"
Specifications = White Wall

1 week is what Nikhil took, and all 5 tyres land up at his shop. Wow... Thanks once again. Decent price and the most important fact was the manufacturing date is 03/2010. Man.....! thats unbelivable.

Many Fiat guys are in awe and shock on this development.
Attached Thumbnails
Wheel Alignment/Balancing : Madhus Enterprises (Langford rd, Bangalore)-dsc05364.jpg  

Wheel Alignment/Balancing : Madhus Enterprises (Langford rd, Bangalore)-dsc05368.jpg  

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Couple of Months back I got a chance to visit Madhus for Wheel allign/Balancing/Rotation for my Scorp.
I was pretty happy with their response and service at my first visit itself.

After the work my car was still dragging to left and I gave second visit. Staff and service techs were very responsive and fixed the issue.

Thanks to Nikhil.
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Old 14th July 2010, 18:38   #42
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+1 to everything that's said here.

I haven't seen this thread before or else would have posted here instead of the Civic shoes thread.

Got CPC 205/65/R15 V rated tyres done for my Civic. All 5 of them.

Icing on the cake was the Reebok giftbox I got for buying CPC. Contained a Reebok watch and sunglasses I didn't even know there was such an offer. So nice of them to pass it on.

I had earlier PM'ed to Nikhil and he had everything ready, though I've didn't get a chance to meet him.

One thing that I felt would make the experience a 120% one is to polish the new tyres when they put it on. Would love to drive out of the workshop with spanking new tyres. Nobody does it, but if Madhu's did it, it would be great. They did clean my alloys, which by itself was a great thing.

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Old 14th July 2010, 22:46   #43
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^^ Why you need to polish new tyres?
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Csentil, thank you for the kind words.

The problem with tyre polish is it is slippery. It will not grip the road well if you apply tyre polish.

Also, tyre polish gives the tyre a fake look. And 99% of people who use tyre polish on the tyres before they sell it are selling used or removed tyres.

So, in the market the big reputed dealers who sell genuine and new tyres never use tyre polish.
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Nikhil, my Xing needs a 10k Rotation, Balancing and Alignment. Can you book an appointment for me, PLEASE?

Hats off to you for being the pioneer in both retail and Machinery segment.
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