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GTO 3rd March 2007 16:34

ARTICLE: Must-have Accessories for your new car
With a plethora of accessory options available at dealerships (authorised and after-market), choosing the right add-ons can get confusing. Team-BHP enlists the “must-have” accessories for your new car.

Do keep in mind that car dealerships make a killing on their high-priced accessory fittings alone. We recommend buying most of your add-ons from the after-market. However, quality (of product and installation) is very crucial to some accessories, especially the electronic variety.

Interior Enhancement:

1. Mats: Floor mats and a Dicky mat.
2. High quality Sun film: This helps to protect the interiors and occupants from the extreme climatic conditions.
3. Seat Covers: We recommend art leather for its value.
4. Audio System installation / upgrade: If required.
5. Air-freshener: Keeps the interiors smelling fresh. Scroll-type fresheners which fit on the air-con louvers are very popular and effective.

Safety / Security:

1. Remote-locking security system: Not only for the added security, but also for convenience.
2. Steering Grip lock / Gear Lock: Great way of theft prevention.
3. Headlight bulb upgrade: Only if stock bulbs are inadequate. Upgrade headlight bulbs to more powerful ones with the appropriate relay and wiring.
4. Mirror Lock: Some cars require this to prevent theft of standard wing mirrors.

Precautionary Measures:

1. Fire Extinguisher: Can save you and your car in the event of an electrical short-circuit etc.
2. Tyre / Puncture repair kit: A must for highway travelers.
3. Fog lights: They aid driving in foggy conditions, and provide a life-saving backup if the headlights malfunction.
4. Comprehensive Tool Kit: Standard tool kits are always minimalistic, so get one that is as comprehensive as a swiss army knife.
5. Extra fuses: For crucial parts such as the headlight, starter etc.

Tyres / Alloys

1. Tyre Upgrade: Some models of cars come severely under-tyred from the factory. We would highly recommend you to upgrade your tyres to a more appropriate size. You can do this straight from the showroom to get the best exchange price. Link :
2. Alloy Wheels: If the budget permits.


1. High quality cleaning cloth
2. Branded wax polish
3. Car Cover
4. Parking Sensors
5. Child Seat


• There may be some accessories which are car specific. For e.g. quarter glass security grilles in a Maruti 800.
• Team-BHP does NOT recommend Teflon coating for several reasons.

Vid6639 3rd March 2007 16:46

hows about underbody coating? Also the remote locking security system should be a proper security system.

Nowadays dealers make a fool by telling you to go for the so called security system which costs Rs.4500 but only has remote locking and a 2 sec alarm if you lock the door when the doors aren't properly closed.

The sensor security system comes for Rs.6500 hence people don opt for it.

rranjith_kum 3rd March 2007 20:20

a first aid kit ... i think it comes on hyundai cars!!!! but not sure about others

manikjeet 3rd March 2007 22:51

These days First aid kits r standard feature on all the cars donna know abt m800

jobinjv 4th March 2007 08:51


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 384261)

ē Team-BHP does NOT recommend Teflon coating for several reasons.

Why is that. Are there not good brands in 3m. Please throw some light on this. Sorry if a thread exist on this topic. Didn't search

Rudra Sen 4th March 2007 10:08


Originally Posted by jobinjv (Post 384542)
Why is that. Are there not good brands in 3m. Please throw some light on this. Sorry if a thread exist on this topic. Didn't search

It's not the question about brands.

Let's get this thing clear. Teflon or such products come as after-coat. In anticipation that car's shiny surface will be protected from rain, sun, bird droppings and what have you. But what happens when there are small scratches? Very light scratches means they're on protective coating. And there's no way you can remove them. A scratched painted surface can be repaired using rubbing compound/scratch remover and all. Touch up paint can be done also if need be. For Teflon (using this as a generic name here) coated painted body needs to go through a much more elaborate process.

In most part India, temperature goes up more than 35 degrees. Add to that a layer of dust and sand on the car all the time. Due to lack of time and negligence, cars are often cleaned with moist cloth and thereby nicely spreading and scratching a painted surface. In reality your paint is protected but you have fine swirl marks all over the surface. What is the point? Question can be asked as that happens on regular paint surface also. What about that? Answer to that is yes that happens. And itís also easier to remove them through body treatment. 3M, as you mentioned offers fantastic body treatment process.

Teflon coated painted surface can also go through body treatment. But coating has to be removed completely to treat the body. Add re-applying Teflon coat to that exercise.

Itís common feeling in India that once you go through Teflon coating your paint is protected. Right and wrong.

These protective coatings work better in a cleaner environment. Where you have less dust, pollution and cooler climate.

narayan 4th March 2007 12:54


Originally Posted by rranjith_kum (Post 384335)
a first aid kit ... i think it comes on hyundai cars!!!! but not sure about others

comes with the OHC also...all though im yet to open it and see whats inside !!

gkrishn 4th March 2007 20:27


Originally Posted by Rudra Sen (Post 384563)
3M, as you mentioned offers fantastic body treatment process.

Where they do that in bangalore? Sundaram?? they are a big no... any other place???

shyamhegde 4th March 2007 22:34

This is a useful article.

Mobile charger also could be listed under 'others' section.

Liked the fact that *reverse horn* is nowhere mentioned. (Might be this one thing should be written in a must-not-have list )

Note on teflon coating is a very eye opening fact, thanks for that! Thanks to Rudra for the explaination.

I have a question - Do you suggest installing Hubcaps on wheels?

theexister 4th March 2007 23:09

I think another important accessory that can be added is the security film similar to the window film but also offering safety from thiefs trying to break in.
I am getting a Llumar Magnum 200NT security film installed. I was surprised when the distributor told me that no one comes asking for this film except for VIPs. Here in Hyderabad infact I was one of the handful to even ask about these. But due to being a low or non moving item they never procure it as most of the roll lies around after installation on one vehicle. Only in Jan this year has someone has been trained to install these films & even this they arent fully confident. So Im just waiting for their installer to come from Bombay to install this on my vehicle.

It isnt even very expensive. The windows & rear windscreen costing around 6500/- for my Fiesta.

I recommend everyone to get this. Get in touch with Mr. Nagpal of Ambica Auto Agencies (beside Solar Shade on Minister Road) if you want this installed in Hyderabad.

danlalan 4th March 2007 23:19

@shyam...Wheelcovers(hubcaps) actually serve no real purpose other than the looks department..Nowdays all cars come with wheel covers and they look good..Downside is that they trap the heat from the brakes..etc.

theMAG 5th March 2007 00:05

With the crime rate the way it is now, a personal safety device would also be a necessity for those who arent martial arts experts or for females. A revolver would have been ideal if it wasnt illegal/licensed. Pepper spray or a reasonable facsimile would be ideal in the meantime.

theMAG 5th March 2007 00:36


Originally Posted by shyamhegde (Post 384876)
I have a question - Do you suggest installing Hubcaps on wheels?

Alloy wheels. Hub caps are better utilized as fancy dinner mats.

mobike008 5th March 2007 15:04

I personally like the teflon coating,especially on dark colors, it really makes a difference atleast for the cosmetic look of the vehicle.

I made a comparison with my car with a same car of same color not having a teflon coat and the difference is painfully clear ( for the guy who hasn't done it):)

navin 5th March 2007 15:50

I would add a 5 liter can in case one does run out of petrol and a 2 litre bottle of water incase one has a slightly leaky radiator and needs to ferry water to it and jumper cables.

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