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Originally Posted by Anirban001 View Post
Registration will be completed tomorrow.

Am I being unreasonable while delaying the balance payment on delivery day. I want to hold on to the 50k so that they are careful with handling and preparing the vehicle till Sunday.

Please advise.

The entire price of the car has to be paid before registration. Do a PDI before the registration process and make the final payment.

If the accounts team is not working on a Sunday, you will not get a gate pass.

Use your goodwill with the sales guy, give him a small gift and he will ensure that your car is parked in a nice place until Sunday. Get them to park in the basement if there is one.

Congratulations and all the very best. Safe driving.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

Hello Senior BHP-ians. Has anyone ever demanded to see form 22 and Internal PDI certificate? My car shopping woes don't seem to end. Having paid entire amount, this should not be a problem. Yet, my dealer unwilling to share copies of those. The dealer is Shaw Toyota, Pune.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

Dear all, is there any updated version of the PDI checklist PDF present in page 1? I couldn't figure out a way to find it quickly. I have booked for New Ertiga and delivery is expected coming week.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

Is there a similar reference table for Jeep. Checking out the car tomorrow at the dealer before registration and wanted to double-check on the manf. period
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

Hi, I will be booking my Honda City VMT on the 29th of this month. The loan formalities should take 2 days so in essentia, I am looking at having the car delivered in the next 10 days. I have a specific question on the VIN. What is the acceptable month & year of mfg that I can pick up the vehicle at. Perhaps the qn may not be clear. If I book the car on 29th Sep, should I reject any car which is beyond 3months since manufacture i.e 29th June 2019?
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

Dealer is saying that form 22 copy is only available after 1 week of clearing of all payments in case I an going for bank loan. Please confirm if this statement is correct or is the dealer representatives not being truthful.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

Should 1 more item regarding the modalities of FASTag activation be included in the checklist, as now all vehicles are coming with dealer provided FASTag?
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List

A recent experience shared by a Reddit user highlights the importance of doing PDI :

The folks at Popular Hyundai in Ernakulam tried to give us a display model when we had made it clear from the get go that we will not accept a display or test drive model of the car. When we went to sign some documents, we asked for a PDI. Initially they said it's in the yard. But after 5 mins the exec came back and said it's the display car. After a bit of arguing and waiting, we left the showroom and then the exec who sold us the car called and said they have allocated a different car. Lets see how that goes :|
Source : Reddit - Kerala
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Default Re: ARTICLE: Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) & Check List


I have added the checklists in an app called checklist. the android app is here.
Checklist App for Android

The iPhone app is here, although I have not tested the app or downloading as I don't have any apple device.
Checklist App for iPhone

once you download and install this app app. you can import the 4 checklists that I have created

01] Car PDI - Visual & Tactile Inspection (at Stock Yard)

02] Car PDI - Car Features Operation & Engine Inspection

03] PDI - Driving Test

04] Car PDI * After the Drive Inspection

I hope this will be handy rather than carrying papers/ pdf.

Of course ... this uses the original lists as published in this thread so thank you for that wonderful work.
please suggest any improvements that we can add.
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