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psp62in 16th September 2009 00:31


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 1417885)
Check the car that's allocated to you. If all okay according to our PDI checklist, pay up in full. They can then proceed with the registration (of your approved car only).

We did follow this advice on my recent purchase of ANHC. The advice and the T-BHP checklist for pre-registration inspection were immensely useful. I repeated the list at the time of final (post-registration) PDI too. Both the times I had taken a print with me.
BTW, it appeared that the dealer had seen some other customers following an a similar checklist, so it seems a many other are following T-BHP.
(Also I also realized that Honda follows a similar checklist with the customer as a standard, which is a good practice).

Rahulk76 17th September 2009 14:53

An extremely important advice w.r.t. to tyres

Ramp up the vehicle and rotate the tyres to check out for any runouts / cuts / nicks etc. If you find one, point it out and get it replaced from the dealer beforehand.

I sorely missed out that aspect.

To Reiterate
Get the vehicle ramped up

1. Check all the tires on the vehicle for any nicks inside or outside
2. Check for any runouts.
3. Check all weights on the rims

avsi 6th October 2009 13:19

Inssistence on fullpayment
Had booked a toyota altis on 25-Sep paying 50k for delivery on 6-Oct, since there is no auto-loan involved full payment was required only on date of registration / delivery

On 1st dealership asked for full payment which was surprising so called company customer care to clarify, post which dealership called back saying car is not available and can only get delivered around 15-Oct

Now they are again asking for full payment saying there is lot of rush and to guarantee allotment of cars in transit and delivery full payment is required. There is clear insistence on prior payment, have refused so far

But looks like if full payment is not made now the delivery will not happen. They have however promised to give engine / chassis no. of car allocated

What to do, is this standard practice or is there some arm-twist here, kindly give your inputs urgently so that the decision is made either way


GTO 6th October 2009 18:44

Couple of things here, Avsi, and only your comfort level with the dealer can be the decision maker.

It's only 9 days away. Is there any reason why you don't want to make the full payment? Technically, your payment should be made before the car goes for registration (i.e. becomes your property). As long as you can conduct a PDI before signing on registration papers, I don't see any harm.

avsi 6th October 2009 23:12

Yes GTO there are disadvantages
Let me see what you think:
1. Would somewhat go against your advice quoted in post 108 on this page
2 if they can go back on their word on the deposit amount then a larger sum does not guarantee anything either
Now the solution ask them for the particulars of the allotted car preferably in writing this way the commitment is guaranteed to an extent
Would that work

clevermax 6th October 2009 23:34

Really informative thread I must say.

I will be most probably taking the delivery of Punto tomorrow. I was actually writing the list of items to be checked / asked for from this thread.

GTO 7th October 2009 15:59


Originally Posted by avsi (Post 1517817)
1. Would somewhat go against your advice quoted in post 108 on this page

Hey, there's a workaround. As long as you don't sign on the RTO paperwork until you check the car (PDI), should be all set. No car can be registered in your name until you approve of the same. And worst case scenario (if dealer is still inco-operative), you can get a full refund.

avsi 9th October 2009 17:25

Update: Dealer has completely (politely) declined to give a date saying he has no idea when the cars are coming and he is trying very hard

Since want this car and going to another dealership would cost - prices have increased since booking (not applicable on bookings prior to announcement) really dont know what to do

GTO 10th October 2009 10:50

Avsi, I am getting a bad feeling about your dealer now. Hey, you are in Delhi and there isn't any shortage of Toyota dealerships there. Please choose another one who values you as a 13 lakh customer should be, and gets you the Altis by Diwali weekend :)

Devil on Wheels 10th October 2009 11:38

Safari Gx
Now I am waiting for my loan application to be reprocessed for the Gx variant. HDFC had approved my application for Ex, but I decided to go for Gx as it offered ABS. Plus I would save about 50K on Alloys and Seat covers.

The car is parked at their stock yard and the sales guy said the dealer is not very comfortable with people visiting the stock yard.

However, he did offer to bring the car to the show room where I can inspect it.

Also the sales guy says the car will be registered after it is brought to the showroom.

Please advice, if I should insist on visiting the stock yard or ask them to bring the car to the showroom where I can do the preregistration check, primarily dents or paint jobs done on the car.please:

GTO 10th October 2009 17:48


Originally Posted by Devil on Wheels (Post 1524767)
Also the sales guy says the car will be registered after it is brought to the showroom.

It's actually to your advantage. You don't have to travel to a dusty stockyard and are getting to do your own PDI (before registration) at the showroom itself. Note : Do NOT sign on any papers until you are satisfied with the piece. And make a note of the chassis number of the car you approved.

The only downside is, in their stockyard, you can select another example. They'd have more pieces in the stockyard than at their showroom. Well, as long as the one they are bringing down to the showroom is clean, don't sweat.

IndigoXLGrandDi 22nd October 2009 23:06


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 475848)

Originally Posted by eatmydust
Suppose I feel that the vehicle is not upto the mark, OR in short I'm not satisfied with it, do I have the final word in demanding "I want another vehicle!"

If there is visible damage / repair job to the vehicle, dont sign on the registration papers. Insist on a different car allocation.

Suppose I got the Insurance Done from outside (using Chassis No. and Engine No.). But while taking Delivery I noticed that the Paint Finish is uneven or mismatching or some Dents on Body Parts, Can I get a Different Car or would I have to use "That" car only?

avsi 24th October 2009 18:48

The car is finally here but the thing is from the very next day I had to perpetually travel and just dont have the time to make a considered purchase will have to do it real rushed
Do you think I could cancel the booking simply because I dont have the time (really not even weekend) given that they delayed it so long

kalidas 28th October 2009 14:23

This checklist is really good for people who have never purchased a car.

rhenius 3rd November 2009 12:00

Linea Petrol Emotion Pack - FTA - Things to look out
Hi, have been going through the numerous Linea threads. Makes me feel happy that I am also going to belong shortly to this group of enthusiasts. I have booked a Fox Trot Azure blue Emotion Pack from VST. I happened to read somewhere that there is a checklist which was prepared on T-BHP. Could anyone share the same with me. I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my vehicle at the earliest from VST motors. I am interested in attaching the reverse sensors. From the various posts, I presume that the Xenos parking sensors are the best in Chennai. Any one who would clarify the validity of the warranty after fixing the sensors? Looking forward to great driving ahead.

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