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What car did you buy.
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Hmm.. some food for thought..

It was an interesting revelation to me when I opened a Compaq PC to see most parts were manufactured in Xuang Dong, China.

I think reputed manufacturers have more stringent QA processes that enable good quality products out..

That being the case, I would definitely run a test in the shop.. and if everything seems fine, just take my chances!

4500 bucks is quite a bit to save.. and even if I made a mistake.. well.. the downside aint so bad..
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Hi BHPians,
I would like to add few lines regarding this discussion. I m a person working in Audio / Video embedded systems for last 2 years and out of that 6 months I was in China. Few things I found out in that period of time in China with respect to Indian market is:

There are companies like TCL, Heir etc who make quality AV products and selling out all over the world. These products can be combared to any AV products with similiar price tag. You cant say they are neither cheap nor bad in quality.

But 70% of the Chinese market is flood with non-MNC small time players who will only concentrate in cutting down the price so increasae the selling quantity. Unfortunatly Our country doesnt have any regulation on importing of such kind of inferior electronic goods. So most of these small scale chinese producers are aiming our country as their target. The components used in this kind of products may not be complied to any standards, will not be tested as a whole product in real life.

Using this kind of locally assembled audio systems may harm your vehicle by Short circuits (Yes the low cost MOSFETs are bound to do that!!!!) and hence overloading the electric system. Since most of the new generation cars are equipped with ECU units, short circuits may cause drastic disorders in the Vehicle Management Systems.

Most of the branded products are internally taken care of all these issues and tested on fiel before releasing to the market( Yes...55% of a product develpment life cycle we do that.) For example when your Power Amp pull more power from battery(For playing heavy Bass punches) and there is no proper dampering circuit (Capacitors) attached, and battery is not able to supply the correct amount of current to the Amplifer, the amplifier will detect it and cut off the supply for few seconds. By the time the battery can recover from the power surge hence there is no malfunction in the internal circuits of the vehicle.

Considering all these facts I think spending another 3K is worth for anyone in this world. For 4 K you wil get a decent MP3 player with remote from Kenwood. Why do you want to spend a whole night on lonely road with your family just for the sake of saving 2-3 K ???
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Well said HCP. And I see this is your first post here. Welcome.
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Thank you HCP. As HCP said it is the quality of these products we find objectionable and not the price. If I got an "Haier 9857" that sounded, felt and worked just like the Alpine version for Rs. 3000 I'd jump at it. Sorry Alpine! :-)
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HCL, Welcome to the forum and you have presented your idea in a simple yet striking manner.

Originally Posted by mithun
In the market we can see a number of Car MP3 Players and lots of taxis/old Ambis seems to be fitted with them. I've heard that sometimes you will get MP3 Players for about Rs.1500.
Yeah every darned indi-cab in bangalore has one!!
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why not, if the stuff looks good and sounds good it is worth it....

by the way the stuff like sony, pioneer etc that is sold in places like jc road in bangalore gets the stuff for almost the same price....these are the malaysian kits and they do last long.

HU's are sold from a range starting from 4000 rs...these are available in sp road for 2000 rs.....

i personally do not want a hi fi system in my car, i am happy with a decent sounding system...if i really want to let go i can always go home and switch on my home theater
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Thanks to HotChillyPepper for the wonderful info...

I haven't thought that much about the serious issues pertaining with the Cheap MP3 Players. So I would never recommend these kind of sleazy players to anyone.
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Just as Indian service industry is not inferior to its western counterparts, similarly chinese manufacturing industry is not inferior as well. HCP said it correctly, just becaz the product is from China doesnt mean poor quality. China has become the manufacturing hub of the world and from Lenovos to Compaq's almost all companies have manufacturing done in China. Its just our mind set, that we rather buy a product manufactured in Finland than China. If you buy a 10k MP3 player from China, you can expect it to be as good as a European player in the same price band. For 1500, what can you expect!!! Europeans cant even make a player for 1500, due to their high labor costs, at least Chinese products give options to poor people as well.

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