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Default HELP ---> ICE for HONDA CITY 1.5 (OLD SHAPE)

Hi guys ( gurus/gods/....)

This is my first post on this forum... I am from mumbai... Well i m looking for help from u guys

1) Need OLD 2000/2001 Honda City 1.3/1.5 exi for around 3 lacs (mumbai )
2) ICE for my honda city 1.5 old shape, budget is 35 k ... max 40 k but sticking to 35k
3) I m looking for a JOB where i can sleep and still earn

4) I m looking for a 36-26-36 g/f who can cook and take care of my dog and whos dad is rich

( 3 and 4 are , )

I m total novice to start with..

I want a decent ICE (not perfect... decent SQ and SPL )

Well reading ur forum, i have gathered some understanding.. I have the following queries...

a) Well since i have a limited budget, is grey maal worth its buy? or shud i go for b/w esp for HU , grey maal for speakers is that fine? I liked the SONY MEX-R1 dvd player, it has 2 pre outs with sub out too, it has good power too 4 X 52 watts , the 52 watts is that peak? gettin it around 10.5 k (grey)

b) Well the market is flooded with sony xplod speakers, they come dirt cheap too with b/w.. still i found nobody recommending sony here on this forum...
Is sony not that good ?

c) I cannot have the entire boot for my woofers, it would be needed regularly for carrying stuff, well i was wondering if a single 15" sub with box wud be better than 2X 12" subs in the boot for space?


shud i try free air subs on the parcel shelf, won't that give too much vibrations ( may be rattling of the parcel shelf in the long run ? )


may be a single 12" sub will do ?

Well these were my questions... some ICE i thought for my car... please update me for the current price... i just gathered this from reading this forum..

HU: SONY MEX-R1, 2 preouts with sub out, 4 x 52 watts around 10.5 k (grey maal) read too many posts abt lens getting bad, but the newer sony HU's have they been performing bad as well ?

FRONT: 5" components in the front , JBL HTO 506 ( can i fit 6" in front of old honda city?? ) around 4.5k - 5k

REAR: 6x9" co-axials in the back, JBL HTO-937 around 4.5 k
or PIO 6991 around 3.5 k

SUBS: Well my heart says go for 2X JBL 1200B, but i cant afford..
(2X 6.5k)

what do u think of 2X SONY L121P5 (2.5 k) / PIO 306 C (3.5 k) with
locally made box? ( 7k - 9k )

do u think a single JBL 1200B can be better than two sony or pio's?
(around 6.5 k)

in my wild dreams i think of a 15" sub ( cheaper sony explod ) with
(around 8-9 k)

AMPS: I can't afford a pio 6100f or JBL 60.4
what do u think about sony 554/ sony xplod 444 around 4.5 k
the pio x364 seems underpowered to me... ( around 5.5k )

Do u think i need two amps? ( ofcoz if i m going for 2 subs)

since HU is quite powerful can i use it to run the front speakers (50
watts is good enough right? )

how about sony xplod 4444 powering the rear speakers?
wont a 100 watt channel be overpowered for the JBL/PIO speakers?

I can bridge 2 channels for powering a single JBL 1200B

If i m getting two 12" subs, i plan to buy another AMP, either xplod
222 or 444, u help me how to figure this out

Front : 4.5 - 5k (JBL)
Rear : 3.5/4.5k (PIO/JBL)
Subs : 6.5k/9k/13k/9k(1 JBL/2 Sony or Pio/2 JBL /15" SONY)
Amp : 4.5/2X4.5/4.5+2.5( 1X 4 channel, 2X 4 channel,
1X 4 channel + 1X 2 channel)

Wiring+Fitting : 2-3k

I m very confused, please give me the optimum configuration for my ICE with your expert knowledge, u can also recommend other products provided they fall into my budget

I m really confused abt the amp and subs, the speakers seem fine to me...

I will buy a nevcox LCD later... but thats LATER
Please send in your expert comments....

Note from the Team-BHP Support Staff: This thread violates a number of rules on Team-BHP. Please go through the Announcements section before posting further. PM me/any of the Moderators when you're all set with a post in proper format. Till then this thread is Closed!

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