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I remember reading about someone who wired in his laptop with his car. In a E220 I think it was. He fitted a screen in the dash, and the whole setup looked really neatly done.

Can't remember which magazine I read it it though, but it was an Indian auto mag.
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Default ogg vorbis

Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source. this is what the site says.
Actually speaking, vorbis was not created to beat mp3 tech in performance. The goal was to have an audio compression standard which was patent free.
Suppose you start a company which makes mp3 players. You have to pay royalty to the inventers who hold mp3 patents. But ogg vorbis is totally royalty free and open source, which means you can actually modify the encoder source and distribute freely.
Due to large amount of contribution from the open source community, currently ogg vorbis beats mp3 in terms of compression quality ration. For music spawning across most frequencies, for example rock, vorbis 96kbps will give you the same pleasure as 128kbps mp3.
Coming to your second question of flash based mp3 players, the audio makers chose the harddrive route because of the large capacity offered. Flash drives above 2GB are expensive. As for reliablity, hard drives are very very reliable today. You can drop them from 6 feet and they still work. So you do not have to worry about hard disk crashes and all.
Moreover car audio tech is usually slow to take on new stuff in this domain. A car player which takes in flash cards is still a little far away. An example is mp3 Cd player. Its been a long time since mp3 CD players with skip protection were 20$ a piece, but in the car audio domain sub 100$ mp3 cd players have just started appearing.
Inside a car the sterio system has to take prolonged stress of 50+ temparatures, bad jerks and dust etc., So i guess they will wait and watch. Unless the digital camera industry propells CF cards to universal popularity with prices < 20$ for 2GB, car audio tech is not going the flash way.
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get a shara computer for 30K , add a dvd rom and a creative sound card. Connect it to the car and lo you have a car theatre.

my R4000 was worth 65K with everything included. It worked for me in Ahmedabad. but I just think a 12incher laptop amybe loads better than a 15.4 incher that I have. then it will fit properly.

best bet would be a tablet pc.
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