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gamerno1 22nd February 2007 03:22

2002 JBL Lancer SFXi
Hello Fellow BHPians

After months of saving, finally got my new ICE

1 Pioneer 8850
1 JBL GTO 607 6 1/2" Components (front)
1 JBL GTO 937 6x9" Coaxials (rear)
1 JBL GTO 75.4 4 Channel Amplifier (for speakers)
2 JBL P1220E 12" Power Series Subwoofers
1 JBL GTO 1201.1 Mono Amplifier (for subs)
2 Original JBL Wiring Kits
1 .75" MDF Box (around 0.9 cu. ft. for each sub)
1 Bosch 65 Ah Battery
1 Soundstream 1.0 Farad Capacitor
1 Dynamat Extreme for Front 6" (Trunk Kit coming in a few Months)
1 Satisfied Man (with the ICE ofcourse)

Everything except HU (grey) & Capacitor/Dynamat (USA) bought with bill & warranty.

I Would like to thank everyone who kept chipping in with all the info via PM.

'iraghava' for some detailed info about most Speaker brands available in India.

'Tool'. We sat on MSN till 6-7am discussing our love for Car Audio & other Studio Stuff. Got to learn a lot from him.

Special thanks to 'Sam Kapasi' who called up the MA Car Studio guys & made sure everything happened smoothly. Thanks Samirji, i owe you one :)

Digicam Pics to follow in a Day or 2. As of now, poor quality cell-cam pics (TEASER?)

Taking her out for a spin now along with a Lil Jon CD. Its fun disturbing the neighbours sometimes :p

mclarenracer 22nd February 2007 03:55

wow that is one list. how much did it cost you in total.

moralfibre 22nd February 2007 07:39

Congrats on your setup Gamer. I liked your choice of equipment.

hydrashok 22nd February 2007 10:30

You went all the way in one go, huh? Hats off for your patience. And that's some good stuff you've got there. Congrats on the setup. Waiting for pics :)

esteem_lover 22nd February 2007 11:14

All this for 1 satisfied man ? LOL

How much for the 8850 ?

iraghava 22nd February 2007 18:24

Congratulations Govinda fan!!! You got some real lovely equipment there!! Now go out for a drive, play some "Aunty No. 1" songs & disturb the neighbours :p Looking forward to listening to your setup next time around, till then enjoy the music!

P.S. Another surprise coming up soon!

Sam Kapasi 22nd February 2007 19:57

Also, the only man yet (I think) on TBHP that has the Power Series Subwoofers. Mate those are heavy beasts of burden and I hope you got a good box for those.

gunbir 22nd February 2007 20:33

Used to have 2x 10" JBL Power series dual-mag subs in my car some 8 years ago. They were nice. Gamer, you have a nice system, am sure it hits HARD! I guess you know by now, you're gonna be needing more damping. :p

amit_sound 22nd February 2007 22:17

hey man congrats on the setup!

Happy Listening!

revtech 22nd February 2007 22:54

congrats on your setup dude....enjoy it to the fullest....

Mugen_Power 23rd February 2007 00:08

Congrates for your setup and do not forget to post more pics.

blueraven316 23rd February 2007 02:38

Congrats Dude, Enjoy your setup !

Talking about powerful subs by JBL I saw Anwar Install 2 JBL W12GTi subs in different swifts in the last one month, the sub is a monster and some thunderous SPL coming out of Ported Fiberglass enclosures,

Now I have couple of confusions about this product,

This sub is a Dual 6 Ohms sub with a output of 700 RMS.
The sub both times has been paired with a 1201.1 mono amp and has been wired in parallel. The result is an Impedance of 3 Ohms
Now the amp churns out over 1100 RMS. Ideally any 700 RMS sub is supposed to blow with so much power but this one does not.

So How ?? Also the amp is 2 Ohm Stable but sub is at 3 Ohms wired in parallel so what is taking a beating ? I think the sub.

So what amp is Ideal for this sub ?? If not a 1201.1

I know 3 of these subs can be wired in parallel-parallel to combine with a JBL BPX2200.1 amp which is 1 Ohm stable.
The A3000GTi is also an option but then is it too much juice for 3 of these subs ?

gamerno1 23rd February 2007 03:18

thanks moralfibre, amit & revtech
@ mclaren - the entire mrp came upto 1.5lacs but i did get discounts which i will post in a full list later
@ hydra - yea bro, been saving for a few months now & was hoping i could do it all in one go
@ esteem_lover - 17k for the HU
@ ishan - Mods, please remove the 'no1' from my nick because it reminds him of his favorite bollywood hero :p
@ Sam - i guess so. Even Asif was telling me that it was the 1st time they installed the power series subs in a non-demo car
@ gunbir - hell yea bro. & imagine, i even have a spoiler to back all that vibration!!
@ Mugen - pics coming up soon..
@ blueraven - i was having a similar issue. with the 1220Es rated at 400rms each, it was coming to 800rms. Sam adviced me to go for the 1201.1 over the 601.1s & set the gains properly

Sam Kapasi 23rd February 2007 09:55

Hello children -

Tu mera tu mera tu mera gamer no. 1 :D

Yes, I advised you to go for the 1100.1, because of the construction and sheer power of the amplifier. You did and you have (internationally) a world class sub-amp combo.
I did advise the more powerful amplifier, simply because when you use a subwoofer (ANY), more power is better bass quality.

Also you were using Power series (High excursion) woofers, in sealed boxes. Though a sealed box delivers faster and accurate bass, the sensitivity of the woofer is greatly lowered (as opposed to a ported enclosure).
Hence it seemed the the 601 would not deliver up to your expectations.

@blueraven: The GTi series woofers are competetion based car amplifiers. They are entirely based on the Dual Differential Concept, carried forward from the JBL bass transducers used for PA and theatre applications.
Even the amplifiers (from the 2200.1 upwards) are designed by the Pro Engineers, electronics by Crown and Speaker tech by JBL pro.

The result is a driver (GTi) that is almost impossible to blow under correctly installed circumstances. I hope that answers your question about the use of the woofer.

A 700W rms woofer will run beautifully on a 1200W amplifer, if the crossover settings are correct and the power supply is strong enough.

A 2200 does run 3 woofers @ 1 ohm. I know which installation you are referring to lol.

The GTi series amplifiers are well, monsters and totally impractical. A3000GTi (JBL does have this in stock in India) is priced at a little under 3 lac rupees and I do not think most cars here, have a power supply to run it. The 6000 toh is a complete "Statement - because we CAN" sort of amplifier. ANyways at 5.5 lacs, who the hell is gonna buy it?

Autophile 23rd February 2007 10:39

Anyday 1201.1 is way better amp for the two JBL Power Subs than 601.1, the extra power is worth every penny.

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