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zenopio 17th March 2007 21:07

ICE setup for verna
Hi Guys ,
my frend got a new verna and i want suggestions for the ICE setup for his car . I have been reading around this forum and currently i have the
posted this thread

his budget is around 23000/- and wants a nice ice setup including woofer and a nice amp.........waitin for u replies...

Sam Kapasi 18th March 2007 18:39

Hello Zeno,

Nice car. However there is another thread that exists for the verna, do a search.

For 23K, you can get a nice HU, a set of 6" components for the front and 6X9's in the rear. I suggest 6X9 as this is the stock aperture in the rear deck.

Add to it a 4 channel amplifier and a boxed subwoofer and an uncle called Bob. Ta-Dah.

ramie2400 18th March 2007 19:03

Hi zeno,

In a budget of 23k you can have the following,
Pioneer 6950IB - 8k
Good Rear Speakers 6x9 - 3k - 4.50k
(JBL, O2, Pioneer, Blaupunkt)

A good 4Channel Amp.
Check out Blaupunkt GTA 4 Special(I tried it/rocks) - 6k

Pioneer 306,Alpine,Hertz etc- 3k - 7k

any good original brand - 1k

Wiring Kit - 600 - 800bucks
Labour,Boom box etc - 1500/-

Further you can even add compos.

Cheers ramie

navin 20th March 2007 12:29

I believe there is a sticky for ICE upto 30K. It may help.

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