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anonymous 29th May 2007 16:11

Off topic,
Can someone tell me why am I not able to see the pics on the first page?

csentil 29th May 2007 16:23

tsk tsk !!! Senior Bhpians showing us the way on how to use these models. :-)

Sorry, I like first hand genuine accessories only.

rubin2006 29th May 2007 16:33


Originally Posted by Bass&Trouble (Post 451591)
LBM, can you post some specs of this model please?

Which model the one in between lol:

Ricky_63 29th May 2007 17:48

Wow it's getting hot in here............:p & I thought this is an ICE thread !!!! He he he he

Ricky_63 29th May 2007 17:51


Originally Posted by gunbir (Post 451624)
Well here are some new Audison models... If you want any specs, figures, or numbers feel free to PM me... or ask LBM, he seems to know these things... :p

I am sure those Amps SOUND great.......the heat dissipation from so many amps would be a problem I thought. Or maybe Audison Installers are able to handle all of that:p lol: Next time I will surely use AUDISON amps !!!!!

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